Wednesday, December 30, 2009

sickle rambling.

Had an adrenaline rush.
Now that i final-l-y realize the fact that in 3-days-time i'll be back to college, i found myself butchering "the slave's dream" as early as 11am; which is surprise surprise,
i never give a damn on so called homework.
Irrevocably, it happened.

For those who haven't eat a thing yet, here's the Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's lunch.

The Slave's Dream

Beside the ungathered rice he lay,
His sickle in his hand;
His breast was bare, his matted hair
Was buried in the sand.
Again, in the mist and shadow of sleep,
He saw his Native Land.
Wide through the landscape of his dreams
The lordly Niger flowed;
Beneath the palm-trees on the plain
Once more a king he strode;
And heard the tinkling caravans
Descend the mountain-road.
He saw once more his dark-eyed queen
Among her children stand;
They clasped his neck, they kissed his cheeks,
They held him by the hand!
A tear burst from the sleeper's lids
And fell into the sand.
And then at furious speed he rode
Along the Niger's bank;
His bridle-reins were golden chains,
And, with a martial clank,
At each leap he could feel his scabbard of steel
Smiting his stallion's flank.
Before him, like a blood-red flag,
The bright flamingoes flew;
>From morn till night he followed their flight,
O'er plains where the tamarind grew,
Till he saw the roofs of Caffre huts,
And the ocean rose to view.

At night he heard the lion roar,
And the hyena scream,
And the river-horse, as he crushed the reeds
Beside some hidden stream;
And it passed, like a glorious roll of drums,
Through the triumph of his dream.
The forests, with their myriad tongues,
Shouted of liberty;
And the Blast of the Desert cried aloud,
With a voice so wild and free,
That he started in his sleep and smiled
At their tempestuous glee.
He did not feel the driver's whip,
Nor the burning heat of day;
For Death had illumined the Land of Sleep,
And his lifeless body lay
A worn-out fetter, that the soul
Had broken and thrown away!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


for those who welcome me;



thanks for being supportive. :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


i might be missing for a week or two.
in here.
and i might keep the blog private, temporarily.
currently is sailing through the rough oceans.
and i need time for that.
damages might occur to the half-wrecked ship,
and the sailor might be dead drowned down the sea.
which ever it is, i would like to keep it all to myself.


Friday, December 4, 2009

:the wedding:

link: :kenduri & kendara: album.

Gladly the big bro wedding went on smoothe-l-y :) The akad nikah thingy was held the night before the big day (semalam larh tu). But the journey was OMG why so jauh sangat? and the road are macam ular kene palu..haha. Cyes pening dok dalam kete. Anyhow, it was worth tiring to see the glowing faces, esp the Mr. Raja Sehari. *wink.

Highlight; For the first time, Nako was totally kicked her face off the cameras and that had made the wedding becoming much more happening. lol

Here are some glowing faces & big smiles I'm talking about;

dem. ade jugak my face satu. ergh ;p

So that's how it rolled. Next Saturday, the another kenduri at auntie's house. Can't wait! :)
Congratulations to the new married birdies.

Korang bile pulak.? kekeke ;p