Saturday, December 13, 2014

A year and over hiatus? Well, hellooo!


Really it has been awhile (I mean a WHOLE lot while) but I guess ever since I got back in Malaysia I was too caught up with stuffs of schools, life-socials, schools and more of schools that I couldn't be bothered to spare some time to leisurely write, just like I usually did when I was in Cov.

Guess that's pretty much expected, no? Ha.

Well let me just roughly sum up what have you been missing out on (more like what have I been up to lol) for these past years, in forms of pictures :) Hopefully they'll justify my absence cause I really wish I could've come back much sooner and write more. So yay feast for your eyes! *throw snapshots*

Dec 2013: 

March 2014:

June 2014:

Dec 2014:

Haha guess that's about it? Till then! :)