Sunday, June 26, 2011

A year and Malaysia.


I was in the middle of packing my stuff when I have this urge to write something in here. Prolly cause I was bored. or just feel like to. or..... I don't know. Whatever it is I really couldn't care less I just loathe wadding stuffs in boxes and luggages knowing that I gonna take em out back at the end of the day. Energy consuming & such a waste of time ugh.

To those who wished and thought that am already in Malaysia, my bad really. But it doesn't matter anyway cause I'll be there in few days time so yeah. Thanks for all the lovely wishes I'll surely miss everyone in here :) (I already did!) x

Btw I'm pretty excited bout moving into our new house this coming september! *hyped up*. Though of course I've learned loads of things while I'm in IH and awesome flatmates just heighten my reluctance to leave. Well, good things always come with goodbyes kan so yeah now it's time for a new experience catching and missing buses for morning lectures. I swear I never like getting on Coventry's busses but there's no harm trying for a new routine, isn't it? The way I see it, it looks more like a challenge rather than a burden for me - to be on time for classes and everything. I can't dismiss the fact that it gonna be super tedious at the beginning when I'm about to get used to it but then again momsy says alah bisa tegal biasaa :3

I do have some pictures to share but the connection seems to be bit erratic and snappy so perhaps later. To those who are going back soon, I wish ya a safe journey home. Don't risk having an overweight cabin luggage when you can always have a bag pack on shoulders or another hand luggage for extra souveniers LOL. For those who are staying till Oct, have a pleasant summer and enjoy travelling around, I'll see you guys in 3 months time :DD Take care! xx

p/s: I wonder what a single year brings for Malaysia, can't wait to see the difference (as if there's any kan haha!) Anyways I bet KT still hasn't gotten any cinema till now ughhhh =.=" But that doesn't mean I'll miss my Harry Potter in July! :DD

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Whassupp? :DD

Soooo, what did I missssed? Hahah! I slept like a boss the whole day and yeah now it's time for some fun. Lets start with um, some movies for breakfast? Or games? Or a morning walk around campus? Or Costa? Aaaah, too much choices I can't even pick one :DD

But anyway since the frickin exam's over, here's a brief note on how I feel about it:

Paper 1 : ORACY (14th June)
Regurgitation for the whole 3 hours.

Paper 2: CULTURE & CITIZENSHIP (15th June)
Well, to be honest, I sorta screw the esssays up (big time) cause am never good in writing one especially when it comes to free writing evaluating opinions etc etc ugh. And I always have this examism syndrom where at least I gonna spend the first 15mins or 20 just doing nothing and stare blank on my answer booklet. and twas 2 hours so I submitted my essays without an ending for the second question. Hahaha!
If you ever see how a fat arse snailpig crawling out from a drain one morning and think it's pathetic, nahh, I write even slower than that. Come to think of it, I wonder how I even passed my PMR and SPM cause I never finish writing my essays....

Paper 3: SLA (16th June)
Of theories and half regurtating. I survived.

Paper 4: Sociolinguistics (17th June)
If Jack Ripper could kill 10 people in 60 seconds, this one can hang ya dead within 1. Killer paper that is, at least for me. Cause its that hard I didn't get myself composed to read and revise the night before, 2 hours of Gossip Girl at 4am sure did help. Went into the exam's hall with a blank slate I didn't even remember what sociolinguistics was. But yeah, it's all over now I'm glad that I don't hafta date books and papers anymoreee! :) Grades, scores, results and whatevernots I couldn't care less cause am just feeling awesome atm hahahahaha!

Good day everyone! x

Monday, June 13, 2011

First year summer exam.


Hi. Esok saya start final.
Doakan saya dan rakan tesl year 1 & 2 yang lain yeah? Semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan & cepat-cepat lah habes exam sebab sememangnya saya dah tak sabar nak balik Malaysia end of this June ni!

Ok bye! :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

28 days away :D

No, it's never too early for a place called home :)