Friday, January 29, 2010

friday night.

Friday; 29/01/10

0701: Bukak mata. *senyum :) mimpi hari ni elaun masuk. bukan 1, bukan juga 2 tapi 6 bulan sekali gus. Dengan penuh harapan palsu, terus capai towel pergi mandi.

0815: Assembly. Nak aku cakap jugak ke part nyanyi lagu Negaraku, Lagu Perak & lagu maktab yang slow macam peti tv takde suara sampai papa Su bagi extra lecture lepas assembly.? Tak kan.?? Skipppp!

1045: Makan nasi ayam di cafe. *Makcik kenapa nasi ayam hari lain takde? sebab serius sedap.

1301: Jumpa mumy di lecturers' hall. First meeting fer the week. haha *mentor mentee

1345: Blok sunyi. Cina India balik kampung sambut Thaipusam. Kenapa? Alah, kau cakap 1Malaysia kan.

1400: Forty winks. *wink wink ;))

1745: Mimpi lemak manis diganggu. Apelah. Kedengaran suara Arshad, Abe sama Wanie buat kecoh di parking lot bawah blok D. Mesti baru balik Giant. Tadi belek The Star nampak Giant buat offer CNY.

1746: Mata hilang kantok. Thanks to makhluk bertiga tu. haha. Belek hp hitam tepi bantal empuk nampak macam ada sms. Mengamati. Bukan macam tapi memang. Dari si sengal. "* nak gerak gi kem dah ni ***, kat PD. Then isnin * g BTN kat Klang pulak :( Mesti tgh tido ni kan? ;p Tc ***" Tekan-tekan pergi message details, tengok received pukol 3.10pm. hahaha. Selamat dah kau sampai kalau nak wish selamat jalan pun. *Skip.

1830: Jalan keluar pergi makan sama budak2 tak berapa nak tinggi. *kecuali ErnaRamli. Jalan selangkah dah mula fikir-fikir mahu makan yong tau fu dengan tomyam ayam dekat Jambu. *meleleh. Ahh kalau bab makan kau jangan challenge pasti aku menang. haha. Jalan lagi. Limpas padang hoki. Wah nampak ade budak lompat-lompat training futsal. haha. Bagus2. Macam kenal; team yang masuk semi-final rasanya. *maaf, aku rabun.

2030: Perut bapak tegang; kenyang super kenyang. Alhamdulillah. Maghrib dah setel tapi mandi..? Oh malas. Orang cakap kalau mandi time kenyang nanti kau buncit. Mitos tapi aku percaya. Hold on. Cucuk broadband, online. Facebook dulu; tiada yang menarik. New tab; Blogger & Myspace. Baca blog Hanis Zalikah sambil mulut terlopong2. Oh ohh! Kalau aku nyah pun aku cakap die cantik. Serius weh. Scroll down. Baca lagi tapi menyedari hati sedikit jealous tengok photoshoot menimbun minah tu.

22.13: Class teacher Lala pun dah habis. Kedengaran teriak2 suara garau Wanie di luar bilik aku. Masih malas nak mandi. Sebab macam dah terasa sejuk. UK. Sarah ngan Tia sorang2 datang bilik aku discuss grammar; menambahkan keseganan kerana masih belum mandi. Mandi, perlukah aku? *sigh. SEJOKK.

22.15: Masih berfikir. *Weh nako kalu ko belum mandi macam mana mau start buat keja.?" Toleh kanan, heater macam senyum. OK okay aku mandi. tapi dengan air panas.


p/s: patut tengok video the annoying oranges. SERIUS annoying wa cakap. haha. Ko google je kat tenet; youtube pun bersepah ada. HEY APPLE! Hey, hey Apple! :))

Monday, January 25, 2010

school experience.

Persoalan sape dapat sekolah mane dah terjawab. haha. List sekolah untuk school experience weeks dah pun keluar. Habis la Kak Long, Jammy, Phani sama si Alya; dapat sekolah hebat korang ;p Aku dapat sekolah sebelah kampong je; SMK Tanjung Rambutan. hahaha
Tak yah bangun awal2 naek bas trap lam jam pagi2. Syukran..syukran.. Ingat lagi last year kak mek ngan kak dell depan bilik aku kene bangun awal giler gara2 aktiviti ni..hoho

So 2 minggu gak la ktorg bakal "bersekolah" balik. Buat report apa tak tahu lagi. InsyaAllah 01/03/10 ni start bende alah tu..

Senarai sekolah yang terlibat dan cikgu2 nya:

SMK Convent, Ipoh: Phani, Alya, Jammy, Min
SMK Wira Jaya: Wanie, Tinie, Chibby, Abe Long
SMK Tambun: Norma, Una, Izzul, Dayah
SMK Perempuan Methodist: Kak Long, Ain, Ch'ng, Rinie
SMK Raja Chulan: Tia, Shahril, Ma Vin, Ira
SMK Gunung Rapat: Kak Siti, Kak Qis, Higuain, Kak Nad
SMK Tanjong Rambutan: Arshad, Charo, Nako, Erna
SMK Bercham: Wawa, Amy, Baby, Azil

*the rest tu tak ingat school la..eheh ;p

Okay, later la update. Now gotta go back to books; tadi lepak cafe lame giler :DD

ttfn :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

bha. patot lah.

It's pretty early lagi so I would like to post another, so here it goes.

hahaha. patot la..I notice 2 comments in my shoutbox, from DinH rasenye. At first tak paham kenape, thought he was the one yang text me regarding my lost jackass entry so I left the comment after him. So tady after my first post of the day, I blog walking tengok my coursemates punya updates. And I bumped into few blogs which I would say pretty interesting. Nah, I would minimize the use of adj in here because I could assure you might misinterpret me. The probability is high so why taking risk making things complicated, kan? :DD

Okay, let's get back to homo sapiens business. This is not an entry for me to justify myself that I'm on the right side, nor either judging you are in a wrong way. We're neutral okay? :) But this is where I'm going to clarify why or at least reasoning why we, the seniors felt the way we shouldn't few months ago. Thousands of apologies to the juniors cause somehow I know you guys will be offended reading my welcoming party entry of which I myself would feel the same way too if I was in your shoes. And also, for the such inappropriate remark saying that "we are different" kind of thing, my bad. Really. So the welcoming party, let's recall. The BBQ, little gathering that we had, firing one another with water balloons - that was fun and yet tiring for some of us. Because most of us had spent the whole day preparing the food and stuff before the party began, leaving 3/4 of us at least, weary and restless to immerse in the party at night, so we did expect something from the juniors. Seriously. Expectations as in terms of respect and participation. The participation wasn't that bad though, you guys did come in front and took part in the game series but what was frustrating; the respect we got from most of the juniors. If you ask me, or even the other seniors, most of us would agree on the same basic reason, a consensus. Perhaps you didn't notice the flaw but at the end of the day, we uttered the same similar complaints; respect. But that was simply pertaining to that event, only on that particular night. fullstop. So there goes my entry, which I reflected basically based on that night, based on what I had seen.

Might be 2 reasons:

I) Perhaps we shouldn't blame you on the first place; you guys were too many, couldn't be controlled with only Jamie and Alya leading in front.
II) Perhaps we were too little, couldn't simply turned things perfectly as we expected to be and organized things well.

whichever it was, without cooperation we expected to deserve, and a little respect from some of you, it ended up being an unpleasant experience for some of us, including me. So I would say that
everything I wrote was initially referring to the event, not more than that.

But that was then. I believe that as time passes by, everything turns out to be okay and most of us, if not all, are getting along with each other now. What was being written is what I was feeling at that particular moment and surely things are changing. No such disappointment in present :)
It's either to forgive and forget or the other way around, I'll leave it to you, okay? Chill.

Once again, sorry my apology if I've offended some readers, in particular. And yeah, also cause I prefer to write in English; but no harm doing so right? It's an individual choice. Yes, writing in English doesn't guarantee that you're a good English teacher nor a proficient English speaker. But by judging ones who write in English to have low patriotism and think high and mighty of themselves; I couldn't agree on that basis. For those who adore fancy writing like me, I found writing in English is a way for improvement; an interesting one :)
Guess the fear entry as well should be removed to avoid further misunderstanding. in future. Frankly speaking, the reason being I put in the warwick form picture in my entry is purposely only for my self-motivation; not for showing off or saying that "Hey, look I'm going to UK soon" , stuff like that. hoho. Now I realize how things can be ridiculously interpreted at times. :S

Nah, let by gone be by gone la kan. But after all it's funny really. hahaha. So let's roll it up here, at this point, knock knock on the gravel; case is closed ;p


ohh day.

Oh I suppose to do my L.DEV assignment now, but malas ;p Guess I deserve a lil lil break after a whole tiring replacement class today. Hey it's Saturday okay, what-da-ya expect.? haha. Btw, had fun during the L.DES class with that social expressions kind of thing, really.

In the verge of going back home; 13th feb got one whole week holiday! big YEAY for that. still lot of days to go tho ;p Sabar okay.?

Weight isn't get any lesser. *sigh* I mean I did try to cut out my meals and food intake but it just didn't turn out to be a success like the one before. why? I wonder.... Drag my ass to field in the evening? Naaahh, not a very good idea. idts. I should but just couldn't. Simply because I prefer staying up late at night and a short sweet nap around 3 - 5pm would do. short ka tu? ngeh ngehh~ This sem will be pretty busy wif books, homework and classes. Yaikss! Big days await on may >.<" *looking at mobile. Arghh, Sunday already; 1.12am. Another one day wasted doing nothing. Really in a big L mood now. L.A.Z.Y Thanks the evil L, you've made my day ;))

p/s: I found blogging is a way to express my feelings, my thoughts and my ideas. or in other words; putting my every bit of details from my virtual world to you know, visual. Somehow somewhat if a person out there feels offended with what I'm trying to share, well that's too bad. People come with different ideas, germinate different views pertaining something. Now that you are in my world, excuse me, you can't simply point your finger saying I'm wrong because we are contradicting. This is my piece of expressions. what I feel. what I think. I might be wrong, you might be right but after all, I write my blog from my very own viewpoints.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'm made of wax, Larry.
What are you made of?

-A Day To Remember-

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

tak banyak.

Entri kali ni
tak banyak isi nya; sekadar meng-update-kan apa yang perlu.

#1 Semalam assignment SS, hari ni L.DEV. Menyusul pasti L.DES & ES. Setakat ni semua nya individual; tak ada lagi nak group2 macam sem2 lepas. Bukti semua nya dah tak se-senang macam dulu. Bukti sem akhir ni bukan untuk main2 macam selalu. Words requirement pun da naek dari 1000 jadi 1500. Tensi dah terasa sebab tarikh submission dekat2 dan tak lama.

#2 Aku rasa apa yang aku lihat tak salah. Semua orang dah berubah. Tak ada lagi lepak2 di cafe atau kedai makan 2 3 jam lepas kelas. Tak ada lagi jalan lenggang2 waktu malam isi masa lapang atau petang semata-mata nak beli goreng pisang. Pun tak ada ponteng kelas, buat2 tak tahu kalu cakap pasal kerja sekolah. Rata-rata semuanya dah rajin, serius dan matang. Sekali kilas fenomena ni buat aku cuak. Buat aku seram. Mana tak nya, semua dah start pulun, bersungguh Tinggal aku ja yang terkial-kial mau cari rentak. Tapi bagus sebenarnya kalau mereka dah benar2 determine dan all out macam tu. Healthy competition; semua nak yang terbaek. Paling tidak, aku termotivasi sama.

#3 Hari first sem 4 masa mula-mula dorg tabal aku jadi ketua unit memang aku menyumpah-yumpah. Serius cakap. Suka2 hati approve cakap aku nak, padahal nya tidak. Sebab nya aku tak suka buat benda kalau terpaksa. Atau dipaksa. Tambah pulak benda tu melibatkan tanggungjawab untuk org laen sama. Lagi buat aku ketat. Memang nekad mau back off saja tapi esok nya bila aku pandang cermin mau pergi kelas; hati cakap why not give it as a try.? challenge yourself from no one to be someone. Lalu aku biar saja sampai hari ni. Alhamdulillah, Allah masih beri aku kekuatan untuk jalankan tanggungjawab yang harus aku tunaikan dan kawan-kawan juga banyak membantu. Trimas semua. Setidak nya jika dulu aku pasif dan lebih gemar tengok pensyarah dari jarak paling tidak 20m, sekarang aku dah interact dengan mereka, biar pun atas urusan tertentu semata-mata. Juga masa terluang aku juga sudah sedikit terurus; kurang hibernasi dan banyakkan revisi. Alhamdullilah.

#4 Aku akui kebelakangan ini aku kerap depresi. Frankly sebabnya dari si bf. Tapi lepas semalam, setelah aku fikir dan telaah semua benda, rasa macam aku ni ja yang over emosi. Lumrah wanita, tapi kadang2 macam aku ni terlebih pula. Masih sukar nak terima dia akan fly march ni tapi aku kena positif. Kalau orang tanya apa aim aku untuk tahun 2010 mesti aku jawab nak excel final dan join senior2 aku di warwick sept ni, so sama juga dia kan. Study is the main priority.

#5 Kewangan. Kami di Malaysia pun tau sakit kalau elaun tak masuk, inikan senior2 di UK. Setakat ni elaun jan memang di beku until feb sebab budget 2010 baru dibentang awal sesi persekolahan ari tu, bak kata pengarah. Baru nak masuk 3 minggu, tapi poket dah makin susut. Banyak benda nak dibayar sem ni, terutamanya untuk nota2 dan photostat bahan. Kadang2 duet makan sehari lagi sikit dari bayar benda2 remeh camtu. Serius. Kalau dulu orang cakap kalu tak makan ko boleh jimat money tapi skarang semua dah tak boleh pakai. Kalu tak habis duet mengalir untuk isi perut, pasti hal2 lain kikis dompet ko punya. Kewangan aku dah nazak, sampai la hari ni. Tapi nasib baek tadi petang kakak aku datang lawat. Kebetulan dia balik perak Paling tak, dia hulur jugak dua keping not hijau buat sara makan. Fuhh.

Setakat ni tu saja lah yang mampu aku update. Tak banyak tapi cukup lah.


Friday, January 15, 2010

..fading fairytale..

he is going. SOON.
and going to leave me. so SOON.

which I was happy for.
but now,
I know I couldn't take it on the first place.
smiles, joyful tears upon hearing your happy voice;
I'm sorry I faking it.
guess you knew it's a hard punch on me.

5 years; isn't a sheer boundary to get rid of.
yesterday was so alive.
but so SOON, the fairytale is gonna fading away...

absence makes heart grows fonder;
I wonder...

Friday, January 8, 2010


It was July 14th, 2008.
and now it's Jan 8th, 2010.

How would I escape?
Where could I run to?

Tell me people,
"Will we be able to make it through.?"


Seniors, we know how you felt.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

when school begins.

Now that everyone is back in Ipoh, let's kill some fat.

It isn't a great feeling when school time begins and holiday comes to its end. *sad face

Friday, January 1, 2010

a lost jackass.

I never had a thought on how my new year hours should start.
hot guys..?

Ahh, those are lame. Not my cup of tea.
I never celebrate new year, frankly speaking. To which society nowadays might think I don't know how to socialize, too scared to face the future or I'm just another dimwit kind of type.

Whichever it is, I do not apparently CARE.

So to say last night, there was a little moron got lost on his way back from a new year celebration, and ended up texting me.

He started off with miss calls and sent me a text message asking me who am I.
I hesitated to reply but bunches of miss calls drove me insane, REALLY.
I fackin don't like strangers who come out of no where and ask me who am I; mind you.
It's like HELLO, you are the one who text me and now you are asking me who am I??

Pissed off, I replied:

"Who's this?"


"Org la, xkan kambing kot"

Heh. *panas suda*

"Mind to let me know where did you get my num?"
"Yellow pages."
"Duhh. Like seriously.?"

I was in bewilderment, does yellow pages includes hp numbers.?
So I text Akhbar "Max" Fathi for a confirmation using my another mobile.

1 minute
5 minutes
7 minutes reply..

Knowing he was out for his new year celebration with friends, so I decided to reply the stranger.

"Cause it sounds funny, really. U should have figure out something better for a reason instead of a yellow pages."

He replied;

"Haha. Ttup jew lah kamus tepi tuh. Wat malu jew."

and I was like...?
He thought I was checking the word in dic that it took almost 8mins to reply?
Gosh, I never met such pathetic jackass.

"Heh? I dun need any dic, FYI."
"Like seri0usly.??!"

omg. *panas ja*

"The only word that u know? ahah. Poor u stranger. Oh I dun give a damn on who u are."

Heh. was half-satisfied.

"Watchout ur words u!"
"Will do, no worries. But mind urs fers and I'll mind mine. and oh, thanks for the lil fight. U are no good, honestly speaking. Try with the dic next time."
"Arrogant shithead!!"
"And do u have problem with that mr.?" reply....

Full satisfaction.
It took me about few minutes to calm down and delete the messages in the inbox.
What an arsehole.
oh what a new year!