Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Because eating is a chore.

Won't care if people gonna call us losers but tummy's all that matters to us noww! lol. To cure the boredom we're currently organizing 'One cake, One day' campaign bahaa.

It's day 6 now (screw the essay we couldn't care less) :D

Day 1

Lemon cuppies with strawberries x

Day 2

Choc cake with extraaaa choc sauce :D

Thankss chef Zil xx

Day 3

Apam balik Coventry :3

and this one was for minom petang :)

More coming up nexttt! Be anticipated! lol

Day 5

We skipped day 4 and went classic instead for Day 5. Friday's always meant for Banananana cakeeee! :D

Yeah it might look hideous but no kiddin the taste was kickin' goooooood! :3

See. Within 10mins half of the cake was gone lol.
Thanks chef Erna! :)

Day 6

Weighty issues were the main concerns by Day 6. We started to feel like we've been gaining kgs after those cakes and cuppies and fats.

But by 8pm each three of us had eaten at least 3 of these:

Vanilla Oreo cuppies

Because eating's our forever chore.