Tuesday, June 30, 2009

snap snapss.

updates for the day, here are some snap snapss of tuesday;

fogging scene takes show.

an insane trapped nako.

lost in tanjung rambutan.

books borrowed from the library.
just for a leisure reading before nodding off in fine evenings.

butterscotch, nips, junk food and fruits.
oh i'm eating healthy! :D

tempting juices and drinks, only at selma :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

upper east sider quote.


it's running 2am now and yet i'm not feeling sleepy at all. just poppin' to say hi to my bunny blog tho i know i got class as early as 8 tomorrow but who cares? why waste precious time dreaming when waking life is soo much better right?
Nanyte world :)


Saturday, June 27, 2009

u shut up.


yesterday you were my bestfriend.
whom i shared things and cried with.
but one day has changed you.
turning to a new stranger, you are an alien to me.
why i can't seem to know and understand you anymore?
why i can't see through you like i always do?
why there is barrier that keeps us apart?

friend comes and goes but true friend remains.

you might can't tell but your actions can't lie.
and it really hurts me when you say things that i don't like..in front of the people, which in the reality you too are just abt the same. or even worse.
i take it as a mistake, my mistake and my bad.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

a Thursday.

hmm..ok, what happen today eh?

1. woke up wif drowsy and dizzy head at 6.40am, went hit my morning shower and dressed up. and dozed off again after charo was ironing her baju kurung in my room at 7.10am.

2. not really feeling well today, last night i dwelled for sleep as early as 11pm after consuming some actifast. class started wif mr earnest's lesson. oh i don't like when he says, "last night mahatima text me and says she want the class to have a test..." which means there will be a test. on the dot! and he will expect you to answer all A to Z. ok skip!

3. i texted amer while i was in the class and he too caught a heavy flu and bad fever. no wonder i was feeling like demam too, he was trying to transmit me viruses all the way from intec to ipoh. oh poor my sayang you fall sick. lucky he had went to see doctor yesterday, get well soon yea :) and sayang, it's not funny when you said it wasn't H1N1 fever. i mean it ok?

4. no lecturers will be around for the next 2 days which is a total good news! and it's like the whole english dept won't be around wif us..hehe. oh excludes mr earnest and mr lim. damn. still got ss class then.

5. i dozed off all day long after class ended at 1.30pm. only woke up at 7.25pm and went straight for shower. headache really killin me man. thanks to actifast, it did help.

6. can't wait for the GDO! :)) girls day out tmrw wif BFFs, gonna hit cinema for transformers and drag me to hell. just can't wait! tehee..

7. no mood for revising. there will be a ss short test tmrw. and i prefer blogging instead. thank you.

8. bloody full stomach and heavy eyes; the best reasons to sleep. guess i'll be off to shut my eyes for the friday next after posting this entry, ss? ah, i don't give a damn on a simple test ;p

9. need sleep. need sleep. need sleep.

10. i really need to SLEEP.

wishing tmrw gonna be a better day. (tho it starts wif a f***ing assembly) good night world and stop get sick ya sayang.

*sorry for cursing too much :p

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

super lembap mcm snailpig.

2 3 days lately i'm totally bengang+marah+saket hati with celcom broadband connection which is over bengap. sucks la weyh...huahh. assignments will be comin in next and plis la jangan terus begini lagi. i pay the monthly bills, no late payment at all pun and i really don't think i deserve such service. apa dosa saya..?! just now sue came in to my room, together with her lappy. i wondered why and rupa-rupanyer broadband die pun sama galong! hak. she's even worse for she couldn't even dialed up the connection. me at least bole la nk connect and chattg and surfing but it's like waitg duit jatuh dr langit la if i facebook-ing.
i tell ya what celcom, plis la cepat2 repair anything that would make the service smooth balek like dolu2. if not, i join parti MAXIS.huh.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

mov audition.

to find a talented actor or actress to stage a play isn't that easy i tellya. comes screen test, filtered by audition and vetted by the witty judges. like any other so called program rancangan realiti tv in malaysia, our mov play too need talented heroes and heroins. will be staged at taman budaya ipoh in this august, the audition took place this afternoon and script writers are all now pulling their heads and teeth hard to come out with our script.

judges were the lovely ms jennifer and madam suguna. both said no word nor critized the candidates (fuhh~) but it seems like our cohort is lacking of guys stock..huahh, EXTINCTION! to compare with our previous seniors, they had this advantage which enabling them to stage a perfect mov! no doubt if Bassanio gotta be acted by a girl for this next mov. but then it will be no fun of having a fake Bassanio, who should be a guy. T_T" but what to do la kn..? too bad.

ok, next is my part.the part that telling you; me too went gedik and out of the blue decided to try my luck for Jessica's character, the daughter of the Shylock. and out of no where, after half an hour the audition was going on, i came with the idea of singing rather than reading out loud the archaic text that i even didn't understand at all. and so i wrote this few lines;

"I never see the world outside of me,
and i am too scared to believe,
oh thy love, come and please set me free,
for i know love will last eternity..."

silly. oh for God's sake it's sounds soo silly! but this was just the only thing that i could figure out at that time. taken out from the phantom of the opera main song, i plagarised the melody and mingled up those silly words above and with last touch of my own interior conflict that i created myself. after taking few mins meditating at the back of the room, i stepped in front, blinking like an idiot and began with a croaking voice. i was too nervous and so that i ended up my silly audition abruptly..LOL

anyway, it was fun acting like you are a world-top-superstar though you aren't but who cares la kn? :) for my own satisfaction, it was worthwhile and yeah, no harm trying! yeah!!

Jessica & and her heart, Lorenzo

Saturday, June 20, 2009

in the twinkle of an eye.

time passes so fast that i'm now in my very last day at home. tonite at 8.30pm, i'll be leaving tganu for going back to the UK Prison, fully guarded by the HEPs. now at 5pm, still i haven't pack anything yet; it shows how reluctantly i'm leaving home. haven't done my mov, haven't finish my grammar reading. and crap! got mov test on monday. oh i really don't wanna go back there!
everything has came to an end in a twinkling. *sigh~

how i hate packing...

my sayang cenna (real name husna but i think callg her cenna instead of una is cute ;p) has already off at 3pm, when i was soundly dozing off for eating too much at lunch. when i woke up and went downstairs, noticing that she has gone, a sorrow dissapointment creeps in me, blaming the evening sleep for missing to see my cenna sayang. now i hafta wait for like another two or three months more before i could see her again. :(

and by the way, congrats to my friends who are going to the IPTAs as early as next week.

happy studying u guys:
dayah bering_utim shah alam_islamic banking
kema bolop_utm skudai_remote sensing
lemi lonjong_utm skudai_elct. engineering
dinie cool_ums_math and physics
zul jeliyan_usm_science and education
yaya kmkn_uitm_farmacy
dilah genius_upsi_edu
sakinah pious_usm_medic. wah!
nani kecik molek_usm_biotech
mimie darling_utm_accountancy
syafiq kmkn_uitm_it ape ntah
amir lynn_uitm_fisiotherapy
zila braniac_usm_forensic wowwow!

Friday, June 19, 2009

the best thing about me is you.

this for my sweetheart;

What can i say to let you know,
That without you my days were cold,
Now that you are back i feel that warmth,
Like when i held you in my arms so close.

All i ever wanted and needed in life,
I found it in you when i looked into your eyes,
You made me understand,
What true love is the moment you held my hand.

I wanna be and ride with you,
I hope you want that too,
Baby your my life and it's true,
I just can't help it but fall in love with you.

Anytime and anywhere,
I'm always gonna be there,
Showing you all my love and that i care,
Because only with you i know life is fair.

I promise nobody is gonna break your heart,
Not as long as your with me and holding on,
Our little world will never go dark,
Cause you are my beautiful, shinning star.

Baby our love will never be done or gone,
It can't seem to stop, it goes on,
It will be something nobody could ever sing along,

"i love you soo much!" XOXO.
Because we are more than a love song.

Love Myspace Comments

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

a gay day.

omg.omg.OMG. i just cant stop freaking out. today is the happiest day ever! it's just an ordinary wednesday, got nothing to do with someone birthday or something special in particular but im just feeling GAY :)
i got 2 LEVIS jeans and most important, i got new HAIRCUT! and it was lady gaga haircut style, i guess it's kinda similar to wanie darling tho i requested the amoi a different one. but nevermind then, i just love the way i look now with my new hair! oh oh! :) when i went back home, i spent like two hours in front of the mirror with a comb and my hp..haha. you know what girls do right? and i just cant stop smiling and perasan extra cute in front of the mirror! :D
for now im not broke, i got money, dad just bought me 2 new Levis and im soooo happy. HAPPY and so much gay. hope this day wont end and the happiness remains with me for the rest of my life.ahaks.

Monday, June 15, 2009

be alert!

ok. this is not a joke. it is soo real and if you keep feeling comfortable with what you got right now, im sorry that i gotta say this, big BIG probs gonna await for yaw!

"nako you gotta do something!!"

yeah. i should see things beyond what my nakes eyes could see, scrutinize em all and then i'll know where do i stand. what is getting worse are my rusty grammar and my poor lame language. oh god. really gotta do something with it. i realize and it's a truth that others are doing much much more better than me, not in just the previous mock exam but the others tests too! T_T"

perhaps i was not in the group of people who had to resit their l.des papers but that doesnt mean i can be satisfied with what i had. it's scaring me to see my other teslian friends are pulling out hard fixing their grammar and vocabulary in this hols and yet, i remain numb like it doesnt bother me at all. for god sake, yes it does bothers me but im like alah, xpe kot.later i'll work hard la. nah, this is the soo not attitude that i first and foremost gotta get rid of before stepping more future to run along with them.

third sem means a bit of relaxation from exams but assignments are still there to be completed. a fat NO NO for extra fun at jj and ipoh parade, where there all my money goes (i cant resist shoppg!!) but twice or thrice a fortnight will do i think :) hee.
and yes, i'll try to get my ass sits on the chair and get myself more and more revisions or at least deal with some reading to spice up what im lacking of. ok go you go nako! yehaa~

Sunday, June 14, 2009

last night.

hi :)

today is sunday. a school day for my sisters, a working day for my parents and a holiday for me. im kinda bored really, now waiting for my sisters to come home from schools and tv programmes just a boring stuff to deal with. i've been in hol for almost 2 weeks ++ and there are still few days more to go before i end up letting myself trapped in ulu kinta jail for the new sem. thinking of new sem, it reminds me of madam suguna's quiz and her whatever tasks that she assigned for us to do in this break. i mean this SHORT SHORT break..haihh. hoping this new sem she won't be over excited with her so called night classes and feedbacks. i guess i've given her a REAL feedback before we all went for the hols.hah. when people crossed your border line, sometimes we need to let them know right? ok, enuf talking abt that.heh.


last night i couldnt sleep. i off for bed around 12.45pm, took off my contacts in its case, put some whitening lotion (i kelam ok.) and shut my eyes restlessly. i was waiting for his msgs actually, and predictg where he went missing for the whole day really made me felt even worse. i didnt know what had cursed me last night but i was abt to text him, favourg for a fight when suddenly he appeared in a msg saying sorry for not textg me on that day. well, lucky that i was a bit snailed in typing that msg, imagine if i sent that sms fers and later he replied.aiyak.die la me meh. but her dissaperance for the whole day really sadden me like a cloudy cloud abt to burst into its tiny rainy droplets. that silly kind of feeling bothered me until i heard my sister alarm next room at 5.30am. oh my! look at how many hours did i wasted sombering like hell in the middle of the night! frankly i could hear rosters from the next village (ahak) started to waking ppl up for an early business and i realize that i gotta sleep. i didnt count how long did i took to fall into my dream (a mix up of nightmare n sweet dream) but i woke up when my phone beeped around 8am and it was him. without replying, i think i deserved some more sleep and then istraight away dozed off.

* my sayang SI GEBU gave birth to her fers children..err, i mean kitten yesterday. 3 little new kittens to take care of..ohh i like!! no doubt, im a good hot momma ok? :D

* i was joing my fam watching a tv stuff called apa tu..jgn lupa lirik i guess and couldnt stop smiling mcm org 3suku when i realized Stacy, newbies from AF brape ntah wore da similar wedges as mine!! EXACTLY THE SAME i tellya! hahaha. and all of a sudden, i felt like am one of the top malaysian star too ;p poyo je kn

Thursday, June 11, 2009

: pixels of da day :

oppss, i missed out some pics larh. nah, here they are.
the view of ppl and things around me this week..!

bosan2 lepak lam bilik abg. here are his stuffs. the right one is his no 4 hp.

aniq fahmie, my cousin's fers son. now in sarawak..comel kn?

my future kak long. black vs white.

ok, i sayang this budak soo much! her fav are apple vitagen and the toblerones :)

gone and DEAD.


dear bunny blog, i knw u've been missg me lately for i less writing to u in these past few days.i don't knw.EMPTY...here, in my mind there are a lot of stuff to b spilled out but when it comes to writg, im speechless.numb.no words come out as they are all gone and dead.

what u need to knw are:
-now im BORED.being stucked in the middle of hols and end up nowhere.
-and now im bloody FULL.but the desire to eat keeps on hauntg me.
-im gaining weight.ah, shit. this means FAT. can't resist food for the whole week.
-sometimes im thinkg of mov and the gals. can't wait to see em all, bitchg around at malls and photo whoring together like we used to do but...haihhh..
-i sigh alot these days and i dont knw.things keep bothering me and sometimes i feel soo fucked up.
hoping im comin back to write wif a bttr mood.


Monday, June 8, 2009


ahh..nothing much to say really

but just this:

"gendang gendut tali kecapi, kenyang perut suka hati.."

notakaki: im bloody full ;)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

: 101s TRUTHS :


1. Last beverage: the juice from up and away
2. Last phone call: my dad. abt an hour ago (i ank yg baek ok?)
3. Last text message: si sengal amer *oppsss~
4. Last song you listened to: my heart_paramore (listeng) oh! oh!
5. Last time you cried: hmm..last nyte i guess? sobsob.


6. Dated someone twice: hmm..twice? *thinkg*
7. Been cheated on: yup too many times. what to do, i'm too naive.
8. Kissed someone & regretted it: i kissed and NEVER regret.haha
9. Lost someone special: yeah, when i was i f4. my adek alif tersyg. sobsob.
10. Been depressed: in time of ww1 wif si sengal and when pms. (inevitable)
11. Been drunk and threw up: hell no.


12. black. oh yes!
13. white. balance.
14. red. tis is si sengal pnyer colour. i like white, black ONLY.


15. Made a new friend: yes. ALOT and thx to fbook..hee
16. Fallen out of love: oh yaw. mubin...
17. Laughed until you cried: like at ALL the times when the gals are around. oh, mish my sayangs.xoxo!
18. Met someone who changed you: this year? hmm..si bf kot.
19. Found out who your true friends were: yeah. real frens are hard to find. *sigh.
20. Found out someone was talking about you: hurmmm..x prasan la plak. ah lantak, dose dorg tanggung!
21. Kissed anyone on your friend's list: no.
22. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life: about 60 %
23. How many kids do you want? so far in mind 3 kiddos. if yg fers extreme noty, then i cut jd 2. penat mao jage weyh..haha
24. Do you have any pets: mestilah. saye syg si GEBU saya. miaww~
25. Do you want to change your name: na'ah. my parents knw da best and i like it.
26. What did you do for your last birthday: cryg like hell until my eyes got swollen cuz broke up ngan si sengal. next day, hooked up balek. silly kn?
27. What time did you wake up today: oh awal sgt! 6.35am then x tdo2 da until now :)
28. What were you doing at midnight last night: replying my abg fathi msgs.
29. Name something you CANNOT wait for: to have my own PORSCHE..
30. Last time you saw your Mother: just abt a min ago. she popped in into my room, askg what am doing. "mak, jgn rsau.nurul x hilang larh..hehe"
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: eatg and sleepg habits. and yeah, i cn b damn emo at times..i wanna CHANGE!
32. What are you listening to right now : the sound of my bloody full stomach.haks
33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom : nope.
34. What's getting on your nerves right now: earth is getting hotter. it really bothers me man!
35. Most visited webpage: fb and my blogs...ym? skype, the least.
36. Whats your real name: nurul nakiah bt abdullah
37. Nicknames: nurul, kak nurul, nako, nakayo n nakiah.
38. Relationship Status: taken. hiks :)
39. Zodiac sign: aquarius
40. Male or female?: female but wishg i could be a boy when my dad wont rely on me having my own license.pehh.
41. Primary School?: sk pusat chabang tiga, sk kampong tengah.
42. Secondary School?: mrsm pdrm, kulim and mrsm pc.
43. High school/college?: ipgm ipoh
44. Hair colour: auburn.hahaha
45. Long or short: if u ask me i'll say TOO LONG. mcm banshee.ahh serabot!
46. Height: 154cm kot. alahai, i rse rndah diri kalau u tnye psl height.
47. Do you have a crush on someone?: gah hahaha yes but it wont last long. the longest is 1 day.
48: What do you like about yourself?: nothing much
49. Piercings: i was pierced but not wearg piercings.haha
50. Tattoos: a temporary one wif the name of si sengal.
51. Righty or lefty: righty


52. First surgery: a no-no.
53. First piercing: 6 years old kot
54. First best friend: my chubby jiran yg i x pena nk taw name ape. kids dont bother names, they just play.
55. First sport you joined: netball
56. First vacation: tak ingat dowh
58. First pair of trainers: banyak sgt. can't remember


59. Eating: nope.
60. Drinking: nope. but kinda thirsty.
61. I'm about to: pee. honest ni but mls.
62. Listening to: brape mao ulang soklan ni hah? PASS~
63. Waiting for: my phone to beep. *cepat la si sengal.


64. Want kids?: holy yes. tanak merempat kt old folks sbb tade anak mao jage.
65. Get Married?: primary priority..haha
66. Career: i'm thinking of finishg my contract wif kpm, have my own tuition center, get bored and be a lady of leisure..ngee


67. Lips or eyes: eyes for sure. tho ppl say it SEPET~
68. Hugs or kisses: hugs cuz im a way too short to kiss guy.hahaha
69. Shorter or taller: taller la meh.
70. Older or Younger: younger
71. Romantic or spontaneous: spontic? (romantic+spontanous) ;)
72. Nice stomach or nice arms: stomach. i don't like being fat!
73. Sensitive or loud: sensitive
74. Hook-up or relationship: relationship
75. Trouble maker or hesitant: trouble maker. that is soo me.


76. Kissed a stranger: my kisses mahal ok.
77. Drank hard liquor: neslo kaw lagy best kowt? haks.
78. Lost glasses/contacts: often facing difficulities wif my contacts and end up going to class wif red eyes.damnit.
79. Sex on first date: oh i prefer sex afta marriage..err, kn? kn?
80. Broken someone's heart: yeah..and im so so soryy....
82. Been arrested: nope!
83. Turned someone down: ermm...yes. sory too.
84. Cried when someone died: yes. mesti larh especially mlm2 when u tringat kt org yg u syg tp telah tiada.
85. Fallen for a friend?: no comment. hihik


86. Myself: sometimes when dealg wif silly things.
87. Miracles: yeah tho it dont exist.
88. Love at first sight: yes if it happens to me.
89. Heaven: yes
90. Santa Claus: no
91. Kiss on the first date: yes but not me
92. Angels: yeah..


94. Had more than 1 boyfriend at a time: yeah, i did. but guilty kills dowh.
95. Did you sing today?: awal2 pagy lagy.
96. Ever cheated on somebody?: white lies are soo much often.haha
97. If you could go back in time, how far would you go? da very fers day at mrsm pc, then go find amer and say, "bole sayo gewe nge awop dop?" ahaha
98. If you could pick a day from last year and relive it, what would it be?: the day when i said that i'm all his
99. Are you afraid of falling in love?: nope. i love taking risks
100. Posting this as 100 truths?: no..it's 101 ler...
101. Have you missed somebody?: yes... and i'm missing him badly! HUGS.


woke up at 7++ wif bloody dizzy heavy head (sbb jrg sgt wakey awal tym hols), cepat2 i searched for my phone. slalunyer bawah katil. tido extra ganas sgt mungkin ;p

and sighed. NO MESSAGES.


moody balek. hilang mood mao wakey awal. like a lazy FAT cat yg sdg kenyang balun friskies 5kg, i rolled back on bed, hoping night will come again.

"nurul, bangonnnn.....!"

adeh.damn.mak da panggil kt bwh.ish la.

today i da janji wif my mom nak tolong dye kt dapur. abg long and his wife (new married birdies..shweet!) gonna come and we'll have a makan2 together wif fmly mak long.

my part is buat pegedil. taw? x? taw? hah, taw x? cehh.
bcuz im good at making uli2 stuff (keju.) so mak x kesah sgt biar i wat keje sorg2 while being watched by si gebu. tym khusyuk2 shape-kan my pegedil chomel, then phone beeped wif an mms. si sengal da bangon. sent pix muka bru bgn tdo yg x chomel langsong! haks. HUGS!
nah, here is pegedil yg nako buat dgn tekun dan kerja keras ;)

: uneven distribution :
the biggest is nako pnyer. medium for married birdies, abah, mak, mak long and abg.
smallest tu adk pnyer, ok?

oh mak da pnggil makan. mak long da sampai agaknyer. sooo damn lapar la u, breakkie x mkn. and bau soto dr bwh..ahh ahhh, scrumptious ya amat! gtg, eat fers okayh..hee.


Saturday, June 6, 2009


i don't understand YOU.


YOU larh.

why? why..?

the bigger effort i've put on to get near to YOU, the harder it'll be.


*sighing lagy*

BROADBAND ku mencari.

aku bangun tanpa mandi lagi dan trus capai lappy cabuk ku kt meja tepi.

tnpa bukak dua belah mata yg masih mengantok, butang switch on di tekan dgn rakus.

broadband. oh ya, di mana broadband? mane mane mane...

mslh! broadband x jmpe. slalu aku taruk tepi lappy je before tdo. aishh..smlm umah aku ader kne break in ke?

*carik lagy*

mate still blur, x nmpk pape..contact lens masih tido lagy dlm case nyer. power rabun aku 1000++, imagine je la ape sgt yg aku bole nmpk tnpa mate palsu.

dgn rmbot serabai, muke baru bgn, aku trus bukak drawer carik broadband. xde jgk. adoii.. mane ni..?

last2 aku give up then rembat tuala gi mandi.

***15 minit kemudian***

fresh sket. mcm kambing bru kne ujan. time mao sikat rambut, aku bukak drawer nk amek comb.

tanpa melihat ape yg aku carik then aku capai 1 objek solid berwarna hitam dan trus pegang utk menyisir rambutku.

objek hitam. 2x6cm. sial.

tu la broadband mangkuk!
muke aku agak bengkek. tady carik cam ape je, tp x jmpe. skang mate pn x tgk bole lak jmpe. grrrr....

moral: nk buat pape keje pn, igt, mandi dulu dan mulakan dgn bismillah. pis! :D

Friday, June 5, 2009

*what remains and what NOT*

nothing much really to brag abt but this is all abt my former school of mjsc pc. i went there to take my sijil spm and steppin' into that school made me felt like i was taken a way back to my schooltime, somewhere in past 2006. nostalgic ouh..

ppl change. so do places. and when new thing comes, does the old one remains? i left pc wif bunch of memories to be remembered on and a total fun to be laughed at. but yes, changes we all need. and what for? forgetting the past or makin things better?

ok, nako sdg mengarut. back to the topic; what remains and what not in my prev school. up from the new giant buildings, new astaka (tis time bkn kayu and kalis terbakar ok ;p) and new spacious office, everything seems to be all brand new. but as i scrutinized the atmosphere nostalgically, yet there are still few things remained as exactly as what i saw on my very last day.

no. 1:
it's funny to see all the new stuff there when suddenly u saw ur name still pasted on the board : the curriculum board. hello? da dkt 3 tahun pn masih x bertukar kah? it's either the new police cadets are moving numb or they can't afford to forget me..ahaks. syahmi, thirah, solah, ben dan semua ajk kadet polis sesi 06/07, jgn risau..your names are there too! :)

: aku masih di situ :

cover walk from ds + hostels to academic blocks pn x brubah. nothing change. same. btol same. most probably semua calon2 spm merasai ke-gementar-an yg same bile berjalan menuju ke dewan exam time nk amek spm. TAKOTT weyh..

: dua makhluk halus yg BESAR di cover walk :

no. 3:
the field. rerumput mantain hijau but cones trees kt tepi2 pdg da d tebang. ouh, kenapakah? pokok2 itu sgt chantek dan saye sgt sdey mereka sudah tiada. DEFORESTATION. *sigh*
eveb pokok chomel itu da arwah, the greenness and the smell of dry grasses still remind me of what kts gang love to do once upon a time. Justify Fulllpas bdak2 guys pc meninggalkan pdg bola dgn titik2 peluh mereka utk makan di ds (euww) muncul lah beberapa kenit berjalan masuk menuju ke tgh pdg smbil membawa tray berisi lauk pauk dinner dr ds. padang adalah tmpt bebdk kts mkn smbil snap pictas and makin videos for fun. mkn d pdg pada waktu petang yg hampir malam mmg amat menenangkan. bunyik je azan, kami cpt2 anta tray. (ore oyap anok daro x molep derak tym ngorib..hee)

: padang-tempat kts mkn dinner :

: astaka terbakar. sape pnye angkara? hmm, masih menjadi misteri.. :

*the journey of taking the sijil spm*

Finally, dapat jugak aku jejak kan kaki ke my 'old skool' school : MJSC PC afta the office renovation completed. and here it is, the sijil spm suda berada di dalam genggaman ku. yeba yebaa!

Below are the details of my so called trip to kb:

time of departure_supposedly 10am on 3rd june 09'
time of arrival_supposedly 1pm on the same day.
and it supposed be a perfect journey.

but what had happened were...

1) bad omen suda kasik sign awal2 pagy lagy when i lost my bus tcket. i only realized it when the bajet macho conductor bas started checkg the tickets and when he saw me teraba-raba poket smbil tersengih mencari da bloody tcket, suddendly all eyes were on me. he shouted kuat2, "haa, kalu xdok tiket dok leh naek! turun! TURUN!" and i was like FCUK! malu weyh..!

2) mls mao tanggung malu, i strode out from da bus and went missg in the crowd. then kne bli tket baru which was i thought maybe dpt bas laen but then tgk2 dpt bus yg same tp seat plng blakang. oh no!! double FCUK di situ.

3) perjalanan yg memalukan.sgt.but nvm, i don't give a shit on it..huh! afta been trapped in a daily kb jammed, eventually the arrival time came.fuhh..!

4) it was almost 3pm when i was walkg sensing fr a fast food restaurant. ade A&W, KFC, PIZZA and ahh MCD and yes, mesti lah mcd! :) but blom pn smpt aku menyusup masuk ke syurga burger itu, rains GOD showered me wif blessed. lapar dan basah.sgt irony.dan sadis juga.

5) at 6pm (and yet it was raing still), dinie c0ol pn dtg menjemput ku. but dtg jemput dgn sekaki payung. i thought it gonna be a car, at least. xpe lah, maybe she parked her myvi somewhere la kan (ish, x baek btol aku bersangka burok). ntah ape jadi ntah pastu, lepak kt ofis tabung haji until 10pm and blah ke rumah nyer then mandi and TIDO kepenatan slps trajedi yg memalukan.
and oh ya! forgot to tell. there were two cuties in her house which i think damn worth to be mentioned. sape2 yg lihat mereka pn akn terpesona dgn kechomelan mereka yg amat itu. here are the ROSSA and ROMEO. (then what hppn to juliet? romeo kawen laen agaknyer..hmmm)

the ROMEO.

the ROSSA. she got a perfect shining gold colour eyes and she rules! haks.
woman's power ok! XD

si gebu yg masih tiada bernama. the most probably reason for why ROMEO gotta leave JULIET and stay wif ROSSA..hmmm

the next day_4th june 09'

ahh..agak malas to wakey.major lazy.al maklum la air-cond bilik si dinie sgt masyuk..huahua. but then tringat tujuan utama dtg ialah utk amek sijil spm (minor : jmpe amer), so i gagahkan diri utk wakey and hit my thursday shower. this time xla extreme sejuk cm smlm kt umah. rush punyer rush sbb da lmbt (janji ngan bdk2 ni mao jmpe kt kbmoll at 1pm), i missed my breakkie. nvm larh, diet DIET :)

exactly at 1pm, si nako ini maseh terpinga2 di steseb bas kb sebab lupe mcm mane mao ke pc..aiseh! bru kua skola x smpai 2 tahun, da nyanyuk..nako nakoo.. when jema and kema smpai and we joined, trus amek prebet a.k.a kereta sapu ke kb..eh, pc.

lame x berjumpe, kecoh cab itu kami gegarkan dgn gelak ketawa riang gumbira and gossipg around.GIRLSS.mmg lumrah bergossip.ahaks. the top listed gossips were:

a) the prev pc reunion.

"awop g dop jema?"
"dop. baso maem sayo nok g. awop kema?"
"sayo dop. nako pon dop g jgop."

: menyedari akhirnya mereka bertiga mempunyai persamaan, then mereka kembali ketawa :

b) ide and his new gf.

krg igt knp ide yg jd tajuk perbualan but i remembered mentioning the gurls about him. yah, he fished a new girl! but this time he's kinda really into this gurl la. hanya bual2 biasa, tentang berapa lawa gf barunye itu dan probability brape lame mereka akan bertahan..ohhh, kami mmg suka meramal!

c) warden dan bekas warden pc.

wardens.ahah.ppl that we, KTS members hated the most.terkenang kembali the time when we gotta chased here and there by the wardens..miss the school time sooo much lah! among the culprits who made we lived miserably in pc were:
-mrs. saliza-
-ms. noraini-

and now those who remain hauntg the students are:
-ms. noraini-

the rest da kne transfer sana sini d seantero mrsm.haks

kdtgn kami bertiga di sambut dgn jelmaan jedi di balai menanti..he asked what made we came and jema said she missed him damn much that she couldnt stop thinkg of him lately.she's soo lying..haha..but who cares kn? then nmpk pak cik lam burger bergaya dgn kereta baru..wah wahh! sudah maju beliau skrg! "Pcik Lam, ABC Jagong satu!"

lps amek sijil, kbtln bas city link merah ketot lalu then kami pn trus naek nk g kbmoll. si ne kcik da bising tnye ktorg kt maner sbb die da smpai fr almost an hour++. jln pnye jln bas ketot merah itu, smpai kb at 3.25pm. adess, i'm dying to go to kbmall meetg wif the guys but i gotta be here back at 4pm! tket balek tganu x smpai lagy 1/2 an hour maa..! iskh2. oh amer, dimanakah dikau ketika itu? T_T

ww1 x tamat jgk and i waited fr my bus, hardly waving gudbyes to kema and jema..dorg wakilkan diriku berjumpe ne kcik, dinie and keba di kbmall..sory guys, next tym ketemu lagy yea..sob2.

my journey back home was lucky enuf as there was no such humilatg incident again.all went smooth (not that smooth really : jammed an hour kt kb) till i finally reached KT at 7.55pm.
perghh, damn exhausted dowh! balek2 umah terus attack nasi 2 pinggan..hahah.

MRSM PC : dulu.kini.dan selamanya...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

*hari ini dalam sejarah*

ni bukti nako bgn awal.(eh2, saye ade lam pic ni la..haha)

it's 8.14am. omg! what?! 8.14am..? mmg hari ini dlm sejarah. nako never woke up such early like this when she's on hols.NEVER.

but yes, it's shity true..saye bangon awal hari ini dunia! haks. bile dgr ayam berkokok at 7++, i woke up and headed straight for shower.giler sejokk dowh! ades.xmao bgn awal lagy.and then went down for a quick breakkie (and i spent like an hour eatg : but it's still a quick one :p) and went upstairs findg myself staring in front of the mirror.org ckp kalu nk taw chantek o x kne tgk muke dpn cermin pagy2 kn.(eh, that one afta woke up la nako.dush2!)

so bosan nk tnggu my dad dtg pick me up, i decided to facebook-ing :) and guess what? keba da on9! KEBA okay! he buzzed me thru ym and i was like wth la mamat nie wakey awal gler.adoii.rupenye die kne tdo umah atok dye smlm and just went home.wow! a good son and a good grandson.haks.so gurls out there, keba is NOT TAKEN lagy.go get this 2 in 1 guy NOW! haha

well at fers i was purposely online fr facebook-ing ONLY but then i saw kak nabila (my senior tesl) posted her blog url at home and here it is; i end up postg a new post.hee
at 10, i'll take off to kb wif kema bolop (pis!) to go take our so clled sijil spm. plan mao stay 3 hari but then world war 1 wif si amer x abes lagy so i dcide mao stay smpai esok je kot.maximum.or unless if he suddenly appear in front of me roses and choc, well..hmm period of stayg maybe akan d pnjgkn..? but i knw it's not gonna hppn.he's off to besut today.huks.

so cukup ckp psl itu. and btw, ana thx alot ALOT cuz u be my fers follower! huhuk.terharu la ana.utk penghargaan, i'll try to mention ur name as much as i could whenever possible okie?hihik.ana, bring me back few TOKCHAs from sie ok? wish could meet u at kbmall tmrw larh.

p/s: next postS will be available afta im back frm kb.mls mao heret lappy 5tan ini ke sana.

Monday, June 1, 2009

a new start :)

fuhh..finally! what a start ouh. i've been postponing to be one of the bloggers like years ago.hahah. and now, the urge comes and i won't hesitate no more..lets start blogging! yeay~

well for the very fers post, there's nothing much to say but do feel free to check out my blog and explore what in it..haks~