Saturday, June 20, 2009

in the twinkle of an eye.

time passes so fast that i'm now in my very last day at home. tonite at 8.30pm, i'll be leaving tganu for going back to the UK Prison, fully guarded by the HEPs. now at 5pm, still i haven't pack anything yet; it shows how reluctantly i'm leaving home. haven't done my mov, haven't finish my grammar reading. and crap! got mov test on monday. oh i really don't wanna go back there!
everything has came to an end in a twinkling. *sigh~

how i hate packing...

my sayang cenna (real name husna but i think callg her cenna instead of una is cute ;p) has already off at 3pm, when i was soundly dozing off for eating too much at lunch. when i woke up and went downstairs, noticing that she has gone, a sorrow dissapointment creeps in me, blaming the evening sleep for missing to see my cenna sayang. now i hafta wait for like another two or three months more before i could see her again. :(

and by the way, congrats to my friends who are going to the IPTAs as early as next week.

happy studying u guys:
dayah bering_utim shah alam_islamic banking
kema bolop_utm skudai_remote sensing
lemi lonjong_utm skudai_elct. engineering
dinie cool_ums_math and physics
zul jeliyan_usm_science and education
yaya kmkn_uitm_farmacy
dilah genius_upsi_edu
sakinah pious_usm_medic. wah!
nani kecik molek_usm_biotech
mimie darling_utm_accountancy
syafiq kmkn_uitm_it ape ntah
amir lynn_uitm_fisiotherapy
zila braniac_usm_forensic wowwow!

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