Wednesday, June 17, 2009

a gay day.

omg.omg.OMG. i just cant stop freaking out. today is the happiest day ever! it's just an ordinary wednesday, got nothing to do with someone birthday or something special in particular but im just feeling GAY :)
i got 2 LEVIS jeans and most important, i got new HAIRCUT! and it was lady gaga haircut style, i guess it's kinda similar to wanie darling tho i requested the amoi a different one. but nevermind then, i just love the way i look now with my new hair! oh oh! :) when i went back home, i spent like two hours in front of the mirror with a comb and my hp..haha. you know what girls do right? and i just cant stop smiling and perasan extra cute in front of the mirror! :D
for now im not broke, i got money, dad just bought me 2 new Levis and im soooo happy. HAPPY and so much gay. hope this day wont end and the happiness remains with me for the rest of my life.ahaks.

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