Thursday, June 11, 2009

gone and DEAD.


dear bunny blog, i knw u've been missg me lately for i less writing to u in these past few days.i don't, in my mind there are a lot of stuff to b spilled out but when it comes to writg, im words come out as they are all gone and dead.

what u need to knw are:
-now im BORED.being stucked in the middle of hols and end up nowhere.
-and now im bloody FULL.but the desire to eat keeps on hauntg me.
-im gaining weight.ah, shit. this means FAT. can't resist food for the whole week.
-sometimes im thinkg of mov and the gals. can't wait to see em all, bitchg around at malls and photo whoring together like we used to do but...haihhh..
-i sigh alot these days and i dont knw.things keep bothering me and sometimes i feel soo fucked up.
hoping im comin back to write wif a bttr mood.


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