Monday, June 15, 2009

be alert!

ok. this is not a joke. it is soo real and if you keep feeling comfortable with what you got right now, im sorry that i gotta say this, big BIG probs gonna await for yaw!

"nako you gotta do something!!"

yeah. i should see things beyond what my nakes eyes could see, scrutinize em all and then i'll know where do i stand. what is getting worse are my rusty grammar and my poor lame language. oh god. really gotta do something with it. i realize and it's a truth that others are doing much much more better than me, not in just the previous mock exam but the others tests too! T_T"

perhaps i was not in the group of people who had to resit their l.des papers but that doesnt mean i can be satisfied with what i had. it's scaring me to see my other teslian friends are pulling out hard fixing their grammar and vocabulary in this hols and yet, i remain numb like it doesnt bother me at all. for god sake, yes it does bothers me but im like alah, xpe kot.later i'll work hard la. nah, this is the soo not attitude that i first and foremost gotta get rid of before stepping more future to run along with them.

third sem means a bit of relaxation from exams but assignments are still there to be completed. a fat NO NO for extra fun at jj and ipoh parade, where there all my money goes (i cant resist shoppg!!) but twice or thrice a fortnight will do i think :) hee.
and yes, i'll try to get my ass sits on the chair and get myself more and more revisions or at least deal with some reading to spice up what im lacking of. ok go you go nako! yehaa~

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