Monday, November 29, 2010

Snowing again tmrw, innit? :)

SLA's due tomorrow! hooyeah no more barfing over O'Grady green book and sleeping with phonetics papers under the sink. Culture and citizenship porfolios can always wait, can't youu? heheeee. Another week to go and there goes Term 1! Heck yeah time flies freakin fast I've been here for almost 10 weeks! :)

I've experienced my first snow last weekend - waited all night long from 12am and gave in at 3am, it only snowed at 4am =.=" Screw you snowy flakes but I had fun though despite the chillness. For tomorrow, I gonna believe in the weather forecast, it gonna snow for the entire dayyyyyyyyyyyy!!! hahahaha.

Had fun in Oracy and Culture class today. Reading homeworks? Well yeah scratch that off please fun here means watching movie, getting pink coloured handouts and making noices in lecture room. While others had 2 hours of lectures on Monday, I had 3 today. Woke up at 8.50am thinking I was dead late for Lynette's class. Arrived, nobody was there. It took me awhile to digest what had happened and only that I realized lecture only starts at 10am. @____@

Coming an hour early is better than not coming at all, innit? LOLL Good job nako!

Twas a light snow last Sat, hoping tomorrow's heavier I wanna build my own snowmannnn! XD

ttfn, eyes on SLA!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

First snow.

Counting to 12am Nov 26th.
It might gonna snow tonight :)
Yes I'm in International House, Tinie in Rootes and Nancy & Charo far in Westwood; but all of us, staring wide open out to window now..counting.

Hopefully we could see the flakes of winter for the first time in UK tonight :)))

Monday, November 22, 2010

Chester ;D

Woke up knowing that I've wasted half 3/4 of my day for just sleeping. :O Yeah didn't get to see the Sunday sunshine I really should stay all night long after the long nap. pfft. Took a shower and felt real hungry went to kitchen they said they didn't see me for a week! One of them went on saying "Oh my Nako I almost wanted to post on your wall have you been to another hall you were missing for the entire week!" HAHA. That's why I love my flatmates - they are bunch of crazey people ;DDD

Wanted to tellya bout Chester trip guess you've seen the pixels in facebook, no? Nevermind. I insist on telling you what I found and learnt yesterday anyway LOL

Chester (fancy the name of Chester itself it kinda give me sort of good feeling haha) is basically situated in Chesire, close to border of Wales and the city is actually lying on a river called River Deel it's among the oldest historic cities rich in medieval buildings. It takes roughly 3 hours by bus, and faster by trains (I think) but you'll need to change trains twice, which, to me is rather troublesome you might end up in Isle instead LOL :)

Coventry - Chester on map :)
See dekat gila dengan Liverpool and Manchester kan? We only knew this when we had lunch in there bila belek-belek maps while waiting for food =.="

The journey was pretty boring though all you'd see were grass, country farms and barns and twas a foggy morning so we utilized the three hours to the fullest for sleeping before reaching Chesire. I found a "Tiredness can kill; Take a break" signboard along the highway but the bus was moving fast I couldn't snap one think that would be useful for my reading in room later haha.

Country barns.

Snapped another signboard instead - this was after 1 1/2 hour.

Twas cold in Chester, colder than Coventry in daytime guess it's due to its geographical location in western of England. Then the arrival time, photography-ing started! tehee

Rodee Car Park. See the bridge? That's the Gosvernor famous Bridge :)

We didn't really study the map to where and which places to go so everytime we walked passed by some interesting places we'd just drop in and see what's in there.

Gosvernor Museum

Sherlock Holmes family version LOL

Alaa sayang jangan la merajuk ngan I, sorry okay janji I tak buat lagy dah.
Ape sory sory? You naik lorry la!

Gemok kan pompuan tuu? :O

How I met your father's head.

Guess what Nemesis is! ;D

Back in 75 AD, Chester was ruled by Romanians and they built a fort called Deva across River Dee - the city of the Chesire itself. It's fasinating to ponder on how Roman people in those days could build up a vast fort (the biggest in 4th century) with just wooden and bricks without having any special arch in partiuclar. The fort, however, which was named after the goddess of Dee, was then suffered outbreaks of fire in late 1125 and 1278.

Some gothic architecture and Victorian medievals:

That's about it (tiba-tiba malas pulak mau sambung tulis connection macam slow lampi-lampi sikit tssk) If you're searching for a place away from hustle and bustle, Chester's the one :) Go for river trips you'd see the sceneric views across River Dee and the three famous bridges. and of course, you could always extend your trip from Chesire to Liverpool and Manchester; it's worth travelling there really muehee!

more pixels in here.

ttfn ;D

Saturday, November 20, 2010

babai misery!

Hectic days has ended! wohooo! *wave wavee* It is really - the most frantic week ever since I got my arse here in UK. tssk. Now that missy Friday's here, HOWDY LOVELY WEEKEND!!! ;) Heck there are still workloads waiting, and assignments cramping but at least I'm done for this week, this bloodaaay week. phew. No you don't have any idea how much I've been waiting for this one to come - I missed lecture, running late to seminars, I smelled, skipped meals, mobile ghosting, lost track in time and to cut it short, everything I did, everything it sucked =.="

Enough said lets welcome a new week then lets hope we gonna have a better one shall we? tehee Had a feeling it will really. :))

Yeay tomorrow off to Chester with wondergirl Erna and catwoman Azil! ;DD
Pixels next post okay?


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Esok raya :l

Esok raya. Walau hanya raya haji tapi kalo kat Terengganu memang meriah macam raya puasa cuma lebihnya ada orang naek motor hon depan rumah kasi daging Qurban :) Awh rindunya nak tengok lembu kambing cuak-cuak before kena semelih. Rindu nak makan pulut berinti mak sedara aku buat. Rindu nak BBQ lahap daging panggang ngan relatives. Rindu nak makan sup gearbox dengan rojok kateh. Rindu nak balik rumaahh! :XX Tapi terpaling rindu bila dengar takbir raya laa. tskk. Selalunya kalo semayang raya kami ramai-ramai kumpul then jalan pergi masjid surau. Sini, semayang raya jam 8. Dah la besok class start 9am sampai petang. Tuesday memang hari paling hectic la. aiseh. Macam nak gi class pakai kain semayang jela biar Ollie terkejot haha.

Oh Paramore di Birm pon besok, tapi besok hari raya, class pulak sampai petang. So tak pergi la kot, sorry ah Hayley saya ibu tunggal anak 6 sorang spastik banyak gila commitment. Kalo bukan besok maybe may-be saya pergi.

Rindu rumah, besa la tu kan. (tak jugak) Takpe serunding pun ada lagi, nasi himpit pon ada lagi berbaki at least sambil-sambil webcam bola la sumbat makan. Oh ya, maybe mau try bikin almond london dengan Una and Tinie malam ni so 4.30pm japgi nak gi Tesco hihi :) Tapi memang cari nahas la pergi Tesco lepas maghrib (sini maghrib 4.30pm LOL) cause sejuk gila kotttt. =.=" Demi biskut raya, I'll do whatever it takes. and oh pagi tadi rerumput semua da frost, today suhu -2. It's snowing in Vernon, Glasgow, and even in China. Guess the flakes are coming to Coventry soon (end of nov). Can't wait! muehee.

pixels from Xuelin ;DD

This one are some random snapshots from MSA Deeparaya last Friday :)

Thanks Et for the pixies LOL

So it's Eid Adha here tomorrow :( Guess malam ni bertakbir la sensorang dalam bilik sambil tengok slide show raya huahuaaa.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Home is where the heart belongs

Charlotte kenapa la kaw tanya aku awat tak balik reading week ngan Christmas ni kang da tak pasal-pasal aku rendu rumah. Huwaaaa :"( Sedih. Sedih banyak tahu taakkk? hmmph.

Last week memang sumpah gila, homesick tahap gaban level 1101. Bukak pintu nangis, on laptop nangis, pegang kertas nangis, selak langsir nangis, masuk jamban nangis, teguk air masak nangis. Time shower pon sempat lagi drama 2 baldi air mata. Sengal gile. Nasib baik duduk sorang kalo ade Una 1 bilik macam kat Ipoh dulu memang lama dah dia terajang aku sket-sket tayang drama. haha

Seumur hidup 20 tahun tulah sakit-rumah paling terok aku rasa. So far. Bayang la 7 hari macam tu, seksa jugak hidop. Bukan saja-saja ko minta nangis, tapi memang keluar dengan sniri, macam takde dam langsung. =.=" Da bile nangis, apelagi..layan la kann. ahahaa

Anyway tadi skype ngan mak, abah, devil sistas and CENNA! yeay!! Before tu skype ngan akak and anak buah, Iman. Oh nakal sungguh la budak tuu rase macam nak tumbuk je pipi tehee XD
Skype rumah almost 3 jam, woot woott! Bahagia tak terkate ohh. Cenna mintak aku balik (memang mauuu! sobbs) tapi aku cakap aeroplane cuti sebab sekarang musim hujan pastu dia sondol-sondol webcam squeeze nak masuk lam skrin. haha. I lap you lah Cenna Omar si budak gigi rongak! :))))) Dia minta belikan baju pink, kasut pink, scarf pink coklat wah wah kemain lagi order eh nanti Kak Nurul mail okey? ;D

Oh mak tanya raya haji, huwaa sayu je hati ouh teringat takbir raya subuh hari pastu satu family gi semayang raya sekali. tsk tskk :"( Sabau jela hati. Mak abah nanti raya haji minggu depan WAJIB skype tauuu, saya rela stay up sampai pagi nak tunggu kita video call ;DDDD

Gedik kan budak ni? muehee ;P

Oh jam 7 japgi ade majlis terbuka DeepaRaya MSA, yok iron baju kurung now! hihi :)
and btw henfon cikai aku rosak masuk kuah tomyam semalam. Now dah jadi berhantu credit habes sebab dia automatik akan call abah aku. Kenapa abah bukan ayang bukan atok? Sebab abah nama first lam directory henfon :) Semalam tak pasal-pasal abah bangun tido jam 4pagi sebab henfon berantu tu call dengan sniri time aku tido. LOL


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

jokes for today LOL

more in here; no offence guys hihi

Aren't these cuteee? tehee
Found this at Poster Sale today in SU, eff now I'm regretting for not buying it! *slap forehead*
Oh bought few other posters instead;

My must go dreamland ;DD

Anyone for MU posters or Audrey Hepburn? Let me know I could grab some next time :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

wet week.

Date: November 8th, 2010
Day: Monday
Temperature: 4°C

I like it here when it's sunny and breezey like this;

Not wet, windy and gloomy like these...

See, boots basah :X

I loathe wet days in here really, super cold and you just can't go out wandering around. Aye it's raining, but the feel is never the same; everytime it rains I'd look outside my window pane and sigh. It's unlike in Malaysia when it's pouring and you run out playing in the rain with laughter. It's just different from those days when you got back from grammar classes and got drenched all over you ran and giggled with your friends it was fun. Here, you hold an umbrella and it slips through your fingers everytime you try to lift it up you can't even feel what's in your hand. You make coffee when you got back from lectures it goes cold damn fast when you are about to drink it up. You think you're room is stuffy you open up your window and end up shivering under duvet in layers of coats with socks on it sucks.

Heating doesn't help much.

Smoking? perhaps. LOL


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Notthingham Games

Sorry been busy with practices and stuff I played netball for Warwick in Notts Games 2010, which just ended up an hour ago or so. We lose to Manchester though, twas a real killing match between king and queen, we won the first place last year but guess we shall wait for Warwick Games this february to grab the league trophy back. Go Red Warriors! ^^

Notts Games is the biggest Malaysian sports meeting in UK, like ever! ;D I could tell how grand this meeting is by just looking at the people waiting outside the sports centre, let alone in Port Land Food Court! Friends from different uni meeting up; that's the best part besides getting to stomach lotsa Malaysian foods like murtabak, paprik, nasi lemak and stuff ;) Met Ana and Idzni in there, been searching for them since morning only later at 6pm in football field we found each other haha. Notts's a real BIG uni, no kidding bout that :O

We didn't win, that's fine though. There's always be another time next year, but the experience and excitement meeting up friends and cendol? Awhh that what matters most. :)

It's good that reading week is here. Finally. woot woott! Recovering phase baby. Got few bloody wounds and bruises from the match and surely whole body will ache when I wake up tomorrow. :( These legs, I've been streching them way too hard than they could flexibilize. Sorry lovely, am totally worn out I need a real rest, and reading week comes just PERFECT in time! ;D

Till then, hello lazy week! LOL

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Aku hambaMu yang lemah :"(

I was about to off for bed when I'm writing this.

It's been 2 days I've been crying under my duvet at night, homesickness. And much thanks to Ollie's EAP essays, it's getting even worse. He asked us to write an email home, and there goes my tears running like streaming water.

I am hopeless.

It was before am writing this, that I wanted to put back my plate and spoon in the kitchen so I went in there and saw Charlotte, Carl, Tom and one of their friends; having a conversation. Their friend, the guy seems to be an American, his accent. Well I couldn't be bothered much cause he appears to me as a nuisance, he's been drinking in there with others for an hour ago. But what stroke me most is when he said;

"...that's rubbish. total rubbish. I don't even care to pray, to read the Quran and fasting that are all rubbish."

Carl went on saying, "Oh you're a Muslim but you don't pray, you eat pork, you drink and you don't fasting during Ramadhan?"

He took a glance at me, cause he knew that I'm a Muslim. I know he didn't want to offend me cause all this while all my flatmates do respect each of us regardless of who we are, what religion we have. He gave me a guilty look for he was talking bout my religion but I wanted to listen more. I wanted to. I wanted to know what that arsehole would say, to them. Caused it got me on my nerves, every single words that he uttered. terribly.

'...the thing is, that Quran, it was written like long time ago and it's kinda ancient. Dude, who the hell wanna follow those rules anymore? I couldn't care less.."

Ya Allah.
Ya Allah.

I wanted to cry.
I wanted to scream.
I wanted to stab him right on his chest. or at least, punch straight on his face. I had enough, he had gone overlimit.

For God's sake I wanted to object everything he just said, every lies he had uttered.
For God's sake I couldn't hold back my anger bearing with such insultions he threw onto my religion, his own religion and for God's sake I really wanted to tell Carl, Tom and Charlotte what divine Islam really is but instead, I bursted into deep tears. I didn't have the courage.

Shivering, I banged my door shut, feeling hopeless and I cried over my floor.

Shame on me.
I am real useless...

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku sesungguhnya aku lah hambaMu yang hina lagi lemah. Terlalu lemah sehinggakan aku tak berdaya walaupun untuk membela agamaku, tidak mampu untuk berkata tidak terhadap tohmahan dan hinaan yang mereka lontarkan apatah lagi berkata benar kepada mereka yang tidak mengetahui. Ya Allah aku tidak mampu untuk menegakkan erti Islam sebenar kepada mereka. Ampunilah dosa-dosaku Ya Allah, teguhkan lah iman ku dan tetapkan lah hati ku agar aku mampu menghadapi ujian Mu ini dengan tabah. Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, sesungguhnya hanya padaMu aku memohon pertolongan, hanya padaMu aku memohon perlindungan...

I call myself a Muslim and announce Islam my religion, but this one, I didn't have enough courage to speak out the truth for I'm weak, and total hopeless. :"((((((

nov be good to me plis.

Pumpkins, halloween and little kids in costumes are over. Fallen autumn leaves, they are degrading too. Soon enough, it's winter, and soon enough, it's now November.


Same date on the same day in the previous month I was home. At home.
30 days passed and now how I wish things are turning back to what it was before. Really.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Why homeworks exist?

It's Sunday. Cepat betol. Like, cepat gilaaaaaaaaaaaaa. =.="

Revising SLA, but then ended up confused again :l
  1. What's the difference between voiceless lateral /l/ and voiced one? I didn't see any difference between clear, please and slow, slim. Aren't they just same? :OO
  2. What about liquid l and dark l that we learnt in the previous seminar, are they included in diacritics too?
  3. And does liquid l is the same as voiced l (lateral) or similar to voiceless l? *confuse*

See. Much confusions kan? :(

Now that it's getting dark earlier in here time seems to fly by even faster, which is, for me, very much depressing really T_____T (Wakey jam 2, pukol 5.30 dah malam mana la tak sekejap siangggg haaa len kali bangun la lambatt lagiii.)

Gah suddenly it feels like I have so many things to do within so little time that left. Macam ini...


  • Culture & Citizenship
  1. Portfolio W1,2,3 (cool even 1 pun belum siap sokay malam last before W10 still adeeee ;DD)
  2. Reading for W5
  3. Lynette Andy
  4. Andy
  5. Andy

  • Sociolinguistics *headbanging*
  1. Reading from W1 -W4 (2.5% ja masuk otak yang laen jadi hablur)
  2. Bilinguilism family tree (if only I have French Spanish granpa baru la semangat mau tulis. hmmph)
  3. Reading for W5 *Are you with me?*

  • Oracy
  1. Reading W5 (sayang Peterrrrr)

  • SLA *swoonnnn*
  1. Phonetics right-up handwritten essay.
  2. Readingggggsss.

  • EAP *oh Ollie =.="
  1. Diagnostic test (essay & mcQs)
  2. Paraprashing questions
  3. Why Ollie whyyy? that testt, tanak buat boleeehhh? *smooch*

Oh autumn you shall be missed.

SIGHHHH. yok nako mari bekerja!