Friday, December 31, 2010

Recap 2010 (Gaya cakap Juek muahaa :B)

: 365 Days of Memoirs :

#1 Final Semester Foundation (Jan - May)

#2 Final Exam (May)

#3 Annual Dinner

#4 BTN baju sekolah woooh :D

#5 Pre departure Social Gathering (May)

#6 Ms TJ's wedding (June)

#7 Honeymoon & Reunions (July)

#8 Ramadhan (August)

# 9 Rayaaaaaa! woohoo! (September)

#12 UK Departure (October)

#13 Coventry - Present


2010 was awesome but 2011 shall be better! :)

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Berbaloi tak tido arini, skyping with family sampai muntah tehee. Since 2am waktu sini sampai 7am muehee abah, mak, siblings take turn 1 jam sorang LOL. Then sistas lunch di dapur saya suruh dorg biar webcam on macam tu ja sebab nak tengok kucing kesayangan tido atas sofa :DD

Besok devil sista masuk college di Sg. Buloh (3rd college fyi banyak songeh kan makcik tuu? hahaha) so family off to KL till new year. Guess kena la skyping untuk 3 days terus before dapat tengok muka dorang lagi :)

Safe journey semuaaa! xxx

Less than 48 hours to go for 2011.
New resolution? Well um I'll think about it. haha

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

screw the angst Asia needs peace.

Twas just a football match for God's sake people, kalah menang adat bertanding kot. In case you forget the fact that when you and your people suffered from tsunami disaster years ago we came with warm hearts and spent billions and billions ringgit helping you out and now hate Malaysia.? duhh.
After all we're the only Muslim countries in the Southest Asia. Does it worth fighting with the same people you share your religion with.?

"Indonesians hate Malaysians, North Koreans hate South Koreans, Chinese hate Taiwanese, Indians hate Pakistanis... Dear Asian friends, where's the love?"


C'mon people grow up would ya?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

happy born day little trifle sponge! :)

July 2008

Minggu Orientasi:
Alya punya room mate budak BM. Jadi saya assume room mate saya amek course BM jugak. 2 hari saya sangka room mate saya budak PPSMI. Bila jumpa sesi LDK, saya terlopong. Betol lah orang cakap malu bertanya tersalah orang.

Kami satu kelas. TESL B.

Masa tu muka semua macam budak-budak maen lastik burung lagi. Pakai seluar atas pusat kain senteng singkat. Prabu cakap lompat kami lompat, disuruh meniarap kami meniarap. Budak hingusan kata orang. Muka seposen macam budak sekolah menengah tunggu result PMR.

Yang ni macam budak form 6 atas. LOL

Husna Mohammad bukan jenis koyak kertas pastu campak merata-rata. Bangun tidur cadar mesti kejang bantal kemas bersusun. Semester pertama malu jugak lah nak tunjuk tebiat semulajadi bangun lambat, meja bersepah, kerja tak buat sebab room mate saya ni rajin gilaa kott. Memang padan la dengan title bekas Ketua Pelajar SHAH. Perfectionist woot wooot! Sepatotnya kitorang elect dia jadi KU pertama Tesl kan kann and strett sambung sampai abes foundation. muehee :D

Macam enggang dengan pipit, dia suka kaler ungu saya suka kaler gothic. Kalau pergi Selma mesti dia suka order nasi goreng cendawan dengan jus oren. Bila bab assignments saya stay up tak tido malam dia chillex je tido lena sebab semua dah settle. haha. See the difference tahap teras mantel bumi? :) Selalunya dia la motivasi untuk saya buat kerja sebab semua benda dia siap awal.

Setahun bersama (eceh macam pakwe makwe tehee) kami share secret same-same. Bila makan sambil bersembang boleh terlajak berjam-jam. Dia suka kancil merah saya suka orang Kelantan. Banyak cerita kami kongsi especially pasal family, kawan & bfs. Tapi lagikan lidah boleh tergigit inikan taulan sebilik ada masa kami masuk rehab juga. Ada satu hari kami tak bercakap sebab takde sape nak mulakan perbualan so buat laah hal masing-masing sampai malam. Dua-dua ego tanak cakap padahal mata maen intai-intai kot cermin tengok masing-masing buat apa. Bila kantoi baru la gelak malu tak terkata macam budak-budak retard. Mutual silence, kami special sebab orang lain takdeee :DD

Saya selalu rasa down sebab bila dia sedih saya hanya mampu bagi pinjam bahu sama telinga je nak bermadah pujuk memujuk saya tak berapa nak master. Padahal bila saya sedih dia selalu kasi motivation kaw-kaw macam jampi buat saya happy balik. Ada sekali saya rasa terok gila sebab tak jadi roommate yang baik pastu tulis surat chenta senyap-senyap selit atas meja study then lari-lari keluar bilik sebab malu bila dia baca haha macam cilakak jee.

Sebab birthday dia 26th Dec so last year jatuh masa cuti sekolah. Wish pun through mobile je and hadiah kena mail. This year, still musim sekolah tapi extra special sebab tengah snow and bukan di Malaysia tapi UK yeayyyy! :)

To little Sapphire:

20 years ago God gave a gift to the world when you were born; a person who loves and cares, who sees the best in every person she knows, who sacrifies times on others rather than herself, who encourages people and lifts them up, who touches each lifes she enters and makes a different in the world. I may not be able to return the price of our friendship nor to offer you what your heart desires most, but deep within, may the love you have shown to others return to you multiplied and wish you all the great things in the whole universe. Thanks for walking in when others walked out.

Another year is added no you're not getting older, just getting better! :)

Bon anniversaire love! xxx


Saturday, December 25, 2010

my 25th dec.

While one whole world celebrates 25th with Christmassy dinner & Santa sneaking into houses leaving gifts, this year, it could be the biggest day for someone. The wedding.

Back when we were total nuisance, Christmas day was when we had a day out by ourselves, just us, had a ride on the bus, lunch at Pizza Hut, went to Hock Kee Seng, spent some money and got back by the evening. Twas fun, especially when you were 12 and you didn't know how to order a pan of a pizza in English. haha. It's always been a bonding time, often hang out with siblings and cuzzies. Every year, in Dec, I'd always been waiting for the 25th. Not for Christmas, but for our bus ride to town.

This year 25th might be a lil bit different, no bus ride, nor pan pizza, but a marriage. and I'm not there for my fave cuzzie's wedding. Saddening, yeah that is. But we skyped though. Home fulls with everyone! :") The chatters, the laughters. Aaah how I wish am the other side of the screen right now really.

Dear cuzzie, congratulations on your wedding wish you half of the beautiful things in the world, the heart that finally beats as a rythm. The another half, I'll leave for me. LOL


nosy, shuhh.

Things happen.
Never question if you don't understand.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Piss off.

No London.

Sebab? hmm. panjang cerita malas nak cakap.
Bas bodo. bangang.

We could just wait, we could, for another half an hour, or so but...if it's meant to be not for us then it just never will. One hour and half (I think twas 2 hours) waiting with temperature -19. Last time I checked, my kitchen fridge was -11. Heh?

Had a terrible frostbite that I hardly could walk and twas fucking painful. I don't have the word to describe the painful-o-meter it was. Just fucking throbbing. and I'm not in a good mood for some silly-I-think-you-might-wanna-laugh-at jokes. Piss off. Talk to the hand.

I don't mad at people. I don't. But I just wrathful at something. Something that I can't figure it out what exactly is but I know it's not the girls. No, not them. My toes are still hurting you see so yeah perhaps the pain will subside when it's gone, no?

Lets hope so.

Throw me your moron jokes again and you shall get whacks for free. Mind you.

Snow ball fighttt! :D

Had a pretty productive Sat I'd say; woke up at 10am, did laundry for the week, cleaning up room, went for assignment discussion in Warwick Art Centre, library dating & the best part - snow fight with coursemates and guys.

Room fulls with snow flakes and pants got wet. Twas fun though! haha. Thanks guys lets hope for another snow ball fight after we're back from London, Ireland and Scotland.
Have funnnn! :))

Off to Tocil.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Winter break 1st week.

Glad that he comes back, the snow. It's been a fortnight since he left and pouring gets heavier than ever, with freezing temperature of course. Loathe the rain though everything just gets wettier and gloomy you should see Rootes and uni campus at night. Dead. I'd think twice before end up cooking in kitchen after midnight even if am effing hungry. I just don't dare. Empty hostels (or in this case uni hall) and ghost stories are forever inseparable, no? :O

Wareham was fun. I mean adventurous. For a moment I thought I was there for a hiking trip rather than staying with a foster British family cause twas just Josephine, Dilly and me. Dilly's a dog mind you LOL so technically it was just the two of us. Not much like a family but had good companion of Pam and Marion, Jo's neighbours who too are doing HOST program.

The tricky part was changing trains, I often have this pathological fear of missing trains you see, bet all of us do, or perhaps the nervous feeling on being on your own in new places. What more if you're dealing with British public transport, scary innit? Like what if I end up in the wrong train and get lost or missed my stop and don't know where the heck I am now? Really twas a definite nightmare but hey, get your arse a train ride to some places you don't know, travel all on your own, get stuck in between and you'll come back just alrightt trust me! After all it's the experience that matters most! I survived travelling to and fro and guess I'll fret no more :)

And yeah dealing with dogs? Well that's a different story. Never expect I'd handle dog upon my Host visit last weekend really. Read me, NEVER. Cause Jo said she doesn't have any but cats so I was okayy should be cool with just cats. The day I arrived at Swanage and saw Dilly ran towards me for a pat on her head I was totally freaked out. You should see my face haha! Marion was there too so she thought am scared of dogs that she suggested Jo to bring along Dilly for our beach and hiking explorations on the day after. You know like giving myself some get-to-know-your-bestfriend-time kinda type. Brilliant ain't she? :l So that was how I had my first doggie friend, bloody Dilly. LOL. Ayee good girl she is, though at times sorta annoying. You see we can't handle dogs when they're wet so this Dilly she just loves water and often got wet when we were in Studland beach swimming and she would want me to pat her still so yeah, there went my curses for I had to keep a distance from her while she kept approaching =.="

She looks like a boyfriend, doesn't she?

Jo's really into nature and against the idea of animal abusing. She runs her own Save Cats Welfare Home and does lotsa voluntering stuffs, like selling Christmas cards and fruits jams for stray cat funds. Sometimes she even makes flap jacks and shortbreads to be sold and the money gained are used for helping abused cats to get their new families. Amazing innit? :)

I posted my first dinner picture via Andriod on FB and when I got back in Coventry everybody kept asking had I been eating only veges while I was there. haha. Well yeah Jo's more into healthy eating habit, no sugar in drinks but milk; veges are our main course but she does turkey and salmon still. Surprise surprise am turning into another Jo when am back in here for I start taking brussel sprouts, boiled potatoes & carrots and I'll heat up my plates before dining time LOL. See how influential a foster mom could be? tehee.

Four hours by trains from Coventry, I'd suggest Swanage & Wareham for those who fancy hiking and nature walking if impressive scenery is what you treasure most :) No kidding it's worth travelling and surely you'll have an awesome trip seeing the breathtaking countryside view and crystal blue sea like these:

Cliff jumping gonna be tremendously awesome wohoo! :DD

and oh, don't do this to old people please LOL

Josephine, Dilly & I at Studland beach.

Jo taught me Mom's best turkey recipe and today I wanted to experiment it out so I bought a whole chicken from tesco. Thanks for the fabulous glueless briyani, mash potato with gravey and stir fry vege I had a splendid Christmassy-Eid like dinner tonight muehee. Heaven!

Breasts down and you'll get the best moist roasted turkey! :DD

Briyani tanpa gam (Erna), mash potato with gravey (Azil) and stir fry vege (Wawa)

Sleepover at Tocil tomorrow and shall off to London till Tuesday :)
A week of winter break just burnt doing no assignments tsk tssk.

Later lovelies, good day! ;DD