Tuesday, December 28, 2010

screw the angst Asia needs peace.

Twas just a football match for God's sake people, kalah menang adat bertanding kot. In case you forget the fact that when you and your people suffered from tsunami disaster years ago we came with warm hearts and spent billions and billions ringgit helping you out and now hate Malaysia.? duhh.
After all we're the only Muslim countries in the Southest Asia. Does it worth fighting with the same people you share your religion with.?

"Indonesians hate Malaysians, North Koreans hate South Koreans, Chinese hate Taiwanese, Indians hate Pakistanis... Dear Asian friends, where's the love?"


C'mon people grow up would ya?


safiya yahaya said...

stupid isn't it? and they call themselves a civilised nation. it's time we think more about peace rather than fighting for small matters.

: nako : said...

yeah they might mistaken knee cap for brain I think muahaa.
or perhaps, they'll never understand what peace means is :l