Wednesday, December 8, 2010

If Santa does exist will he grant me my only wish?

Semua benda buat mau nangis. On lappy, selak langsir, minum coffee. Makan nasi lagi la. Teringat rumah. *sigh*

Throwing a long look outside the window.
Santa you must be pissed I haven't behave well this year but grant me one wish and I'll be forever nice - I want to wake up knowing that I have my family next to the Rootes construction area so bad.

Would you? :l

I'll be off to Wareham to spend a weekend with a British family.
Hopefully could get something I've been longing for - the feeling of being close to the beloved ones. :')



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: nako : said...

Iyaa. alone. nervous wooh haha. moh join ;)