Monday, September 26, 2011

Quick updates on Jakarta & Bandung :)

Day 1:

Bff got lectures in the morning so I had a super looong sleep till 2pm :D Later we went to Tanah Abang for some shopping and really everything there are all dirt cheaaaapp! Bought telekung for Mom, batik & songkok jawa for Dad and big brotha.

The best milky yummah cendol in the world! Serious paling sedap ni.
Rp 7000 sajaa :DD

Bajai and my very first experience it in. I didn't quite really fancy it initially but guess it's way better than riding an angkot in Jakarta.
And the sodding congested traffic, you can't get away from it. T___T

The most expensive coffee in coffee's world history!

Day 2

We left Jakarta as early as 6am for Bandung only to know that our booking was cancelled and we had to wait for another hour before we could board the next coach at 8am. Fortunately the VIP shuttle was soooo cozy and the service was uber splendid we really enjoyed the 3 hours journey! We planned to cover the whole Bandung so Qilah hired a sumpir (driver) for 2 days and as soon as we reached Bandung we straight away went to Tangkuban Parahu in West Java.

Late brunch at Tree House's English restaurant :)

An hour drift up to the mountain and we were finally there. Yeays!

The scenic Kawah Ratu which last erupted in 1983.

Day 3

It took 3 hours per journey up to Kawah Putih so generally our 2nd day in Bandung was all about travelling on roads lol.

For a super awesome breathtaking scenery like this, I don't mind if it takes more than 8 hours of driving really :') Worth itttt!

Sangatt cantik. Subhanallah :)

Due to the strong sulphuric smell and high acidity we tourists were not encouraged to stay more than an hour in here. But really after 20mins in there I almost threw up on our way down down the mountain...

Rumah Model - Spree heaven in Bandung yaww! Naik sawan tengok Guess, Armani Exchange etc semurah Rp 99,000! *fainted*

Dinner at Paris van Java - the coolest tempat lepak ever! :D

Day 4

We always saved the best part for the last so we reserved the last day to be spent in Trans Studio Bandung. We were so thrilled for roller coaster rides and fun fun funn that we could hardly sleep on the night before LOL. 1 to 10, I'd rate Monday for 11! Hahah! Nothing else could beat a day out with bffs in a theme park not even a hot cuppa on a hectic morning! :)

Skinny anchovy who was soo eager for her roller coaster rides :P :P

Kong's climb. My 3rd rock climbing for the year heyhoo! *proudd*

Bajet retiss jadi pembaca berita lols.

Nah, YOU MUST TRY THIS ONE. Hahahaha. 5 star saya kasi, both audio and visual.
Britain's dungeons are worthless nothing if to compare w this one.
Kami hampir histeria, anda.?

p/s: Twas fun! It made my summer!! Thanks bffs :))

Friday, September 9, 2011


Seronok dapat jumpa kawan.
Seronok tengok orang kawin hihi.

Okay itu je, seronok :)


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Raya 2011: Just because I couldn't be bothered. lol

Cobwebs and spiders. Again. Haha! Sorry lama tak update. Mostly cause I just didn't feel like it to, ideas and blogging mood came by but never stayed. It's been weeks if my memory serves me right since the riot catastrophe in the UK and I'm yet to wish my followers & silent readers a Happy Eid Mubarak & Happy 54th Independence Day for our beloved Malaysia. Happy Merdeka Raya everyone! :) Apology for my wrongdoings & lets pray for a better Malaysia in future! InsyaAllah :D

So talking bout raya, all in all it was okay. I mean, it got quite bored initially, particularly on 1st and 2nd but thing got whole better by the 3rd Eid; everybody was home on Thursday. Us sisters didn't get to have a proper family pictures on raya morning cause elder sis and big brotha were at their in-laws' but at least we had some photos taken. Albeit they weren't that satisfying. LOL. And I couldn't be bothered to have another album added in facebook (I already have loadsss) so I think it'd be wise to just upload fews in here. Just for a light viewing. :))

Eid Mubarak 2011
Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia

First batch satays. And I had them for the first time after 12 months on my 1st Eid 2011. Nostalgic much? ahaa.

Day 1 Eid's menu: Satay + ketupat, carrot rice, laksa & briyani. Yumssy!

This year for raya we didn't have an official theme colour cause we just had one recently for big brotha's wedding in June. So why bother having another when the prev one still fits you perfectly we should go all savvy, no? :3

Nah. Now this is what I called a proper one. With me inside. Haha.
Seriously sister your cam skill needs a major improvement see those imbalance bright tones around? X___X

Iman with akak & abang Taib in Taiping. I just can't take my eyes off him, shooooooooo cute! lols.
Macam Emmet Kak Shaa! I love him. More than everyone does :)

Cenna & little Amer, the siblings. My heartbeats! My favorites! Always have and always will.
Besar-besar mesti santek ni :DD

Reserved the black kebaya for the 2nd day. :) And that's my devil sista, the rookie nurse student ahaa.

Anak-anak dara Encik Abdullah & menantu. :3
I'm the shortest (and fattest!), just so you know. tsssk. *tutupmukalarimasuksemak*

3rd Eid: From JB to Taiping to KT, my Iman's finally homeee! Yeayss!

With Kak Nor, sister-in-law xx

That debap boy insisted on playing fireworks at 10pm haha! :)

And in my frickin entire life I never had a cat who grows as fat as this one ever:

My little Garfield.
The laziest cat girl on the whole Universe! LOL

p/s: I might not have much photos snapped this year (not as much as last year's) but I think I'm glad I've given yet another chance to spend my summer in Malaysia with my loved ones. I treasure my every lucky second being at home, with them my family and friends. and the fluffy cat :D Thanks Allah! :')

Yeah, I know. The side printed date sucks right?
Ugh. Pardon those lame photos.

ttfn! xx