Wednesday, July 29, 2009

oldy snapshots.

Look what i found, old old skool pixs; all are a way back in 2008.
Have a look at the some oldy shots..enjoy~

mjsc pc : where all the memories began

i saw u

so called da girls night; a night before taking spm result.

ainu; the engineer-to-be

GDO blast afta taking the spm script.

the girls-next-window; find me if u can! XD

graduation day wif BFF

people call us THE TWIN.

off to Penang wif Fateen, met a-million-gurl-would-die-for-guy while in the bus. a forget-not day! ;p

half faces look slimmer. the better!

bajet bagus je i tengok org cmni kn?

Moving into college's life...

tesl raya gathering wif beloved seniors. u rawk guys!

my tesl family :)

pangkor fever.

seronok kan budak baju merah tu main kejar-kejar? :p

up & downhill cycling part.

Lastly, nako's alert for all gurls:


Monday, July 27, 2009

happiness is all that matters.

currently in a very VERY good mood :))
thanks to people around me, friends especially..they are all awesome ppl :)

let's smile to the world :D

hey, take this chance to say anything u like to me. anything; either it's bad or worst..ahaha
cuz i don't mind, at all :)


take ur pick.

i don't mind. REALLY. ahahahaha

oh lyfe is great, isn't it? :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

something is missing in me.

ever feel like something is missing deep inside u?

ever feel like u are sailing too far away from the main land & when u get lost, no one could hear u?


do u ever feel like just wanna let go everything & be where u belong for the rest of ur lyfe..?

this is the feeling i hate most. missing my parents, my family.
cuz when this feeling haunts me, i couldnt help but to cry my eye balls out & screaming my heart loud; hoping that i could be back at home. seeing the faces that i miss damn much.

desperately wanna go back home :'(

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

july 22.

July 22
- isn't an ordinary Wednesday we ever had in this whole year of 2009. The 2nd eclipse of the year which is visible in Asia will has its way around 8.23am to 9.48am, today. This total solar eclipse has the longest duration of the century which is about 6 minutes 39 seconds. However, Malaysians will only be able to observe this special phenomenon of about 3% to 18% of the eclipse process from main cities all around Malaysia.

The last time i experience observing the eclipse is when i was 10; together with my whole family. It was the clearest eclipse ever occured in Malaysia & i remember using the brownish film taken from my eldest sis's camera as my so called proper eye protection from the excessive ultraviolet rays..hohoo

new moon swing

Wish i have a chance observing or at least seeing this special eclipse from the window of my class today cuz if i miss it, i will need to wait for year 2132 to come for the next longest duration eclipse of the new century..arwah daa time tu kot :s

Friday, July 17, 2009

the hike.


Starting from Aug 1, Malaysians will have to dig deeper into their pockets for the fare hike; which is understandably the most unhappy change for permanent public transport users, including ME. Really don't understand why government should do this. nonsense. Economic climate now is unstable & why the government want to kill us? Blame the bus operators for they can't manage properly which answer why they are making a loss. duhh. If the rumour does happen for real, i think BPG should increase the our allowance too..baru la fair kn? and now my new bus ticket will be something around what, rm67 ++? die.die DIE. better naek flight balek KT. huh.

So people, do u really agree with this new unscrupulous hike? such a burden definetely for those who rely on cabs & buses. wonder how much kinta taxi will cost me to JJ afta this.


p/s: mak, bole x nak jadi driver taxi je? kaye jugak kan?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

bestie and hang out.

HI. a big hi for a better day :)

Went to kl on last friday with azil..tehee. departed exactly at 5.30pm from college and it was a very last minute decision. around 9pm ++ we reached pudu and waited for Qilah to come and fetched us. cuz it was kinda late at night and i asked azil to just stay along with me at Qilah's house instead of taking public transport to intec. it was a definite awesome to meet my bestfriend again and have a long talk together, catching up stories that we both missed up while we were away and laughing at each other as we recalled back the old school time we had since we were in form 1. then watched ink heart together with azil until we dead asleep. and the most happy moment for me was when i was the fers wisher for her sweet 19 birthday. YEAY!! sorry matrid, u lambat :p later at night, we had a little more chit chat and off for bed. saturday got plenty to do!

the next day, went out with the burfday gurl and azil to sunway pyramid. and had a lil shopping. not really little actually :p oh shopping! shopping! soooo HEAVEN i tellya :) i got myself a new gorgeous blue Blair-Waldrof-like dress, 2 inner Ts and a cute whitey Pop Soda baby tee. spending money was soo great! i should have do it often..hee As for a special burfday gurl, she deserved a treat from me on that day. we went home at 6.30pm and have a short rest (from spending money) and later at 8pm, me, azil and together with Qilah's family went out for her burfday dinner celebration at Korean Seafood Restaurant, somewhere in kl. oh for God sake, it was makan paling heaven untuk abad ini. if only i could bring tinie along, oh it would be more fun.


On sunday went to klcc. and did some more lil shopping..hee Went to fetch matrid at hentian putra fers before they sent me & azil back to pudu. nearly 10.21pm, we reached medan gopeng and walked in back to college at almost 11pm.

Though i went back to ipoh with almost a zero bucks in my account, but hey, who cares kn? i had so much fun & the most important part is i spent the two splendid days with my bestie!

my BFF :)

little arini, si pembuli dolphin.

nako & azil.saturday.sunway


*i've snapped alot ALOT of pictas & safely transferred to my lappy but don't know where they go missing :(

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

don't talk to me.

You will never understand me. NEVER.
Don't even try, cuz i just know u can't.

i hate u.

too much to say, but later.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

boy talking time.

i'm going insane. yes. yes. yes. but i love it. oh it's weird. i think i'm falling in love. AGAIN! woot woot! hahaha. girls, it's a boy talking time!! :)

this time is different. it's like a fairy tale u know. when i was a little kiddo, it so happen that i met this guy named ahmad najib suhaimi. we went to the same school and became bestfriend. he got the charm of possessing any girls to turn them crazy over him. undeniable, he's a major cutie! but after dad has been transferred in 1998, i changed school. that was the last time i saw this little najib. and the last time we heard from each other.
12 years later, i found him. thanks to facebook. jejak kasih woo..sobsob (nangis2 sikit; touched :p) and he is currently in um and has moved to subang after spm. soooo happy to find u najib. and of course, he has turned out to be a very prince charming!

btw najib, i expect u to be taller..hahaha

dun get me wrong, love for him is a platonic one

long lost najib :D

p/s: miss to catchup your 12-years-missing memories.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

don't know.

we can't be able to feed people satisfaction at all the times. and yeah, we too can't expect people fulfilling all our needs by doing things just the way we want it to be done. but at least, make an effort for not letting people to hate u.

1. stop being bossy. u know we never like it.
2. show at least a little commitment. we dont want much from u, just do your part and u are done.
3. we give and take to one another. but u; u take others but never give yours. oh hello, plis stop being selfish. u are not living alone in this earth.
.respect others' view. u and i are not identical homosapeins. we differ in what we think and how we handle certain things. if others can respect what u do, then why can't u?


later. really not in mood.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


oh hi.

i'm supposed to read mov summary now (tomorrow got presentation) but malas :p Wonder if ainuddin si higuain has done his formulated questions ke blom. my part, done already :)
ah, malas la mao pk sal homwork. skip skipp!

esok is monday. mmg larh u stupid! and lets see what are waiting for a new monday. hmm.. (while usha2 timetable utk monday) okay, tomorrow got numerical literacy, language description, english study and language description (2 hours ok.) really miss mr murugiah, we haven't got a chance to meet officially in class and crack some jokes like we used to. and yeah, madam parames too. she was away to US for almost a month and wonder if she is back here or still masih di sana. and the best part about monday is; there is NO SOCIAL STUDY period! a BIG hooray for that! :)

oh yesterday went out with charo, wanie along with azil. went for jj at 2.45pm and met up with arshad and abe long there. these 2 manusia said they were totally broke but had their lunch at kenny rogers. wahwah! i didn't know la sejak bile kenny rogers jd cam food court :p

after this nk iron baju for tommorow class. just in case esok wakey lmbt. i tend to oversleep on monday morning cuz the 2 days before monday, i mmg dead asleep till noon. weekend kn? :D
and mesti staring lame2 dpn almari, decide nk pkai ape. oh i really hate this part.

enuf for now.
goodnight people.
starting fresh tomorrow. maybe.




alot to tell but dont know how and where to start.
later i guess.
but i will leave u with one question:

"how many times in life have you met & seen & deal with annoying people?"

think abt it.


Friday, July 3, 2009

a week of boredom.

one class per day and no lecturers around. how awesome is that? from monday to friday, u can do whatever you want, sleep whenever u wish and watch any muvies u isnt it?
but that was i called as a week of boredom. woke up at 6.40am each day and headed to class before 8am, it was all useless. all for nothing. no lesson to be attended but still we hafta drag ourselves to class, stay back there till 1.30pm and do nothing. what to do, student's life is not all cakes and ale ryte? *sigh*

class tym without lecturers. fbook, muvies, sleeping and etc.

and yeah, been here in jail for like a fortnight, few changes have been made by the hep, for they think that it may help students feel homey being here. oh wtf?

1) minimizing the 'kad keluar masuk' size. they think its cuter (orange in colour) & handy & has ability to stop trainees from going out illegally. -_-"

tiny and trendy..?

2) new batch of KPLIs, unit j will be having their class at 10am. soo not fair..!

3) be in class at 7.45am, no late comers (ade sape kesah ke..?)

whatever it is, RULES are made to be BROKEN. pis! :)