Wednesday, July 15, 2009

bestie and hang out.

HI. a big hi for a better day :)

Went to kl on last friday with azil..tehee. departed exactly at 5.30pm from college and it was a very last minute decision. around 9pm ++ we reached pudu and waited for Qilah to come and fetched us. cuz it was kinda late at night and i asked azil to just stay along with me at Qilah's house instead of taking public transport to intec. it was a definite awesome to meet my bestfriend again and have a long talk together, catching up stories that we both missed up while we were away and laughing at each other as we recalled back the old school time we had since we were in form 1. then watched ink heart together with azil until we dead asleep. and the most happy moment for me was when i was the fers wisher for her sweet 19 birthday. YEAY!! sorry matrid, u lambat :p later at night, we had a little more chit chat and off for bed. saturday got plenty to do!

the next day, went out with the burfday gurl and azil to sunway pyramid. and had a lil shopping. not really little actually :p oh shopping! shopping! soooo HEAVEN i tellya :) i got myself a new gorgeous blue Blair-Waldrof-like dress, 2 inner Ts and a cute whitey Pop Soda baby tee. spending money was soo great! i should have do it often..hee As for a special burfday gurl, she deserved a treat from me on that day. we went home at 6.30pm and have a short rest (from spending money) and later at 8pm, me, azil and together with Qilah's family went out for her burfday dinner celebration at Korean Seafood Restaurant, somewhere in kl. oh for God sake, it was makan paling heaven untuk abad ini. if only i could bring tinie along, oh it would be more fun.


On sunday went to klcc. and did some more lil shopping..hee Went to fetch matrid at hentian putra fers before they sent me & azil back to pudu. nearly 10.21pm, we reached medan gopeng and walked in back to college at almost 11pm.

Though i went back to ipoh with almost a zero bucks in my account, but hey, who cares kn? i had so much fun & the most important part is i spent the two splendid days with my bestie!

my BFF :)

little arini, si pembuli dolphin.

nako & azil.saturday.sunway


*i've snapped alot ALOT of pictas & safely transferred to my lappy but don't know where they go missing :(

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