Wednesday, July 29, 2009

oldy snapshots.

Look what i found, old old skool pixs; all are a way back in 2008.
Have a look at the some oldy shots..enjoy~

mjsc pc : where all the memories began

i saw u

so called da girls night; a night before taking spm result.

ainu; the engineer-to-be

GDO blast afta taking the spm script.

the girls-next-window; find me if u can! XD

graduation day wif BFF

people call us THE TWIN.

off to Penang wif Fateen, met a-million-gurl-would-die-for-guy while in the bus. a forget-not day! ;p

half faces look slimmer. the better!

bajet bagus je i tengok org cmni kn?

Moving into college's life...

tesl raya gathering wif beloved seniors. u rawk guys!

my tesl family :)

pangkor fever.

seronok kan budak baju merah tu main kejar-kejar? :p

up & downhill cycling part.

Lastly, nako's alert for all gurls:


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