Friday, July 3, 2009

a week of boredom.

one class per day and no lecturers around. how awesome is that? from monday to friday, u can do whatever you want, sleep whenever u wish and watch any muvies u isnt it?
but that was i called as a week of boredom. woke up at 6.40am each day and headed to class before 8am, it was all useless. all for nothing. no lesson to be attended but still we hafta drag ourselves to class, stay back there till 1.30pm and do nothing. what to do, student's life is not all cakes and ale ryte? *sigh*

class tym without lecturers. fbook, muvies, sleeping and etc.

and yeah, been here in jail for like a fortnight, few changes have been made by the hep, for they think that it may help students feel homey being here. oh wtf?

1) minimizing the 'kad keluar masuk' size. they think its cuter (orange in colour) & handy & has ability to stop trainees from going out illegally. -_-"

tiny and trendy..?

2) new batch of KPLIs, unit j will be having their class at 10am. soo not fair..!

3) be in class at 7.45am, no late comers (ade sape kesah ke..?)

whatever it is, RULES are made to be BROKEN. pis! :)

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