Sunday, July 5, 2009


oh hi.

i'm supposed to read mov summary now (tomorrow got presentation) but malas :p Wonder if ainuddin si higuain has done his formulated questions ke blom. my part, done already :)
ah, malas la mao pk sal homwork. skip skipp!

esok is monday. mmg larh u stupid! and lets see what are waiting for a new monday. hmm.. (while usha2 timetable utk monday) okay, tomorrow got numerical literacy, language description, english study and language description (2 hours ok.) really miss mr murugiah, we haven't got a chance to meet officially in class and crack some jokes like we used to. and yeah, madam parames too. she was away to US for almost a month and wonder if she is back here or still masih di sana. and the best part about monday is; there is NO SOCIAL STUDY period! a BIG hooray for that! :)

oh yesterday went out with charo, wanie along with azil. went for jj at 2.45pm and met up with arshad and abe long there. these 2 manusia said they were totally broke but had their lunch at kenny rogers. wahwah! i didn't know la sejak bile kenny rogers jd cam food court :p

after this nk iron baju for tommorow class. just in case esok wakey lmbt. i tend to oversleep on monday morning cuz the 2 days before monday, i mmg dead asleep till noon. weekend kn? :D
and mesti staring lame2 dpn almari, decide nk pkai ape. oh i really hate this part.

enuf for now.
goodnight people.
starting fresh tomorrow. maybe.


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