Tuesday, March 2, 2010

i learn from them.

3rd DAY of SBE.

No update for yesterday, nothing much really; I observed 3 Cemerlang and 6 Ekonomi students and invigilated Form 4 addmath exam. Monday was pretty boring, all watching and listening to what teachers taught, jotted down field notes. Exactly at 1.20pm, I went home. But today is something. I didn't have any plan on what to do for the whole Tuesday until I came to school at 7.15am. So I waited for staffroom to be opened, wandering around taking pictures of classrooms where students were bugging to be snapped too and went back to staffroom. Feeling today is going to be another boring day, I brought along my laptop. Well facebook could diminish my boredom - at least ;p

3 practical teachers from UPSI become my friends today. Not that I didn't bother senior teachers here but you see, I practically need
someone who are more or less around my age, so that I could easily walking around to get to know school building, have brunch and plan what to do together. For the fers time in my SBE history I went to teacher cafetaria to eat; sounded pathetic but yeah, true indeed..hahaha. Before this tade geng ;p Thanks to Kak Yati, Kak Jihah and Kak Laila for including me wherever they go :) I feel no longer like an alien.

The best part is that today have to invigi
late another f4 class, English paper -- Sains Pertanian Class and took care another relief class of 3 Budiman. Invigilating wasn't that hard, just asked them to send the papers early & gave them an early break; they would be happily leaving the class ;p

The 3 Budiman inhabitants were a real tough thing to deal with; the last class of f3. I planned to play game with them, wanting to have a role play but it turned out to be I was the only one who dumbly acting in front of them. They never listen; not to any teachers and hardly seated. All
they would do is running around, kicking each other legs while the girls formed their own group; gossiping. The fers 15mins I was struggling to make them seat, screaming my voice out and another 15mins to make them shut their mouths up but to no avail. >.<"

The boys are the ones who topped school's discipline's list, so you could imagine how they behave.
They dislike books, they fear English and they hate learning. But if you could tackle those who lead the class, the problematic students; they will make the others listen to you. Glad I managed to tame Anas, the class gangster-star ;p He's cool; if his friends failed to listen to me, he would go kick the girls and punch if it is a boy. And walla, it did work. Everyone listened to me; with the help of Anas :)) My role play thing; of course it didn't work out. They are all too shy to act out so I didn't want to force them. Almost gave up to teach, suddenly four of them came to me and said, "Cikgu, kami reti shuffle." while the other said, "Cikgu jom ah shuffle, tak boh blajo arini." Without waiting for my permission they straight away went in front and started to shuffle. The rest cheered as if that was the only thing they are interested in and I was like, wow! Totally amazed! They are real good, talented! I found out that four of them are part time shuffler; they took part in every shuffle competition in Terengganu district and even won the second place in previous year competition! Seriously I was surprised! I gave them treat for their little show; although were just 4 bottles of 100 Plus from kooperasi, they did happy, what more me. Before I left to staffroom, they asked me, "Cikgu nati Sabtu ni mari la Mayang Village. Ade shuffle competition, sek ni masok cikgu. Cikgu ade baru sedak sket." Definitely I'll be coming :) So I gave my phone number, asked them to text me the date and time. Then I walked to my table, smiling to myself without I even realized. It might seem so micro that people can't even see how special they are. I made a mistake by judging how naughty they behave without realizing their hidden talents. These kind of kids, they might hate learning but don't you ever label them as silly or dimwits who you have to spank them hard to read. They are more than you ever expected. Never give up on them cause they will always show you the way if you are willing to gamble on some patience. Anas, thanks for the assist :))

1.27pm: Waiting for KO-KO meeting at 2pm; I join police cadet, my only fav uniform body ever since I was 13

^^Walaupun saya tiada berpakaian uniform, kepakaran saya terserlah ketika membuat air oren ;)

Selasa adalah hari yang paling memenatkan; 2jam kawad kaki >.<"


rOse thiRa said...

gud job :)

meyh.. x pasal2 i feel neves plak :0

: nako : said...

ahah..baek prepare cikgu rosethira, ngeh3 ;p

intan said...

enjoyed reading this :)

: nako : said...

girls, hows maktab anyway.?
*started missing epo..haha ;p

mcjust.lol said...

erhh..we are preparing for mock exam~
current mood: EXAM MODE

btw, good progress! =D

: nako : said...

oh ya, the exam -_-"
good luck okayh.?
all the best and dun fall sick with the hot weather :))

DoDu@HaHA said...

cikgu jual air oren ke cikgu???

: nako : said...

cari pendapatan cuaca panas; laku dik oii. try buat kat warwick..heheh

Din Hilmi said...

nak melawat la miss nako next week.. ;))

: nako : said...

eh ni bukan skolah berasrama penuh nak maen lawat2..hahaha