Monday, March 8, 2010

letter to a friend.

Dear love,

I'm writing this to let you know how I hope you will get better soon.
I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you right when you needed me but you know I'm always there for you, aren't you? :)'s okay.
Cry sweetie cry.
Pour your tears out.
Spill your pain away.
No worries everything's going to be alright.
Everything's going to be just right...
Have no regret in your life, love
Things happen for reasons
Yes your world crumbles into pieces
But that's what make you stronger inside.

*Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed. Maybe they need to run free until they find someone just as wild to run with. Darl you are one. Sometimes someday you'll find the right person I assure. Just stop looking for it, let love find you. At times people don't see what they need to see when they start searching. So stop looking around and let it all comes to you :)


intan said...

reading this make me calm and optimist

: nako : said...

when one door closes, another opens :)
but if the closed one suddenly unlocked when the another opens, guess u are smart enough to decide which one to choose.

DoDu@HaHA said...

how if you're forced to closed to door you had opened before.. and the only choice left is... find other door.. ?

WANKRAI said...

show me the right door please...i'm kind of lost here...

: nako : said...

dodu: well i believe the door were closed for a reason. no you don't find one for you might mistaken entering a wrong door again but, perhaps all you can do is wait, in the time being enjoy your every minute of it. at times, the long wait is worth waiting for :)

abe: etea is a torch bearer ;p

DoDu@HaHA said...

hope it will worth the waitin... ;p

ellisa said...

hahaha.. tibe2 etea is the torch bearer.. haha