Monday, March 15, 2010

the dots.


The-dots for nako abdullah is never means more than an effing boredom.
and this is what I loathe most.
I'm not burning myself, still.
Flames that alighted in ashes once upon ago is now sparked my will out.
and here I am again and again trying hard to find little twigs and pebbles to start over, but often I tumble and lost everything I've found.
Shaking faith always keeps me wondering
that I'm going to go nowhere but fall.
Falling deep under my own jet black nightmares that I'll never reach to see sunshine again.
I need to hold on tight but just didn't know where and who to.
and even if I found one, deep down, something there is still missing.
missing and I feel incomplete to move on.



Din Hilmi said...

english kamu sgt complicated sampai x paham langsung.. ngee :D

: nako : said...