Friday, March 19, 2010

it's time.

Friday has came and I'll be leaving home so soon.
Oh why-the-heck am I still feeling reluctant even I've had a splendid 3 weeks of holidays?
Yeah I shouldn't but right now I just couldn't to.
Leaving home will mean I gotta be ready for torture and punishment days cause I paid no attention to tasks and assignments I hardly finished none. Read my lips, people. N-O-N-E.
Haha! Also gotta start saving again after spending so lavishly last weekend I was nearly declared myself broke. huahh.
and it's about time.
time for me to finally jump back down to my reality world that no fun will exist for sure. how I hate it, you can tell from my words I'm sure but that's the sickness of being real - you gotta face it.

undo my yesterday please, would you? *sad face

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