Monday, January 31, 2011

Oh Muhyiddin tolong laahh...

Hati saya tak tenang. Bukak new tabs pasal assignment berlambak-lambat tapi tak terbaca sebab bimbangkan kawan-kawan & nasib rakyat Malaysia kat Egypt. Bukan nak kata saya ni over concern tak bertempat tapi really saya risaukan keselamatan mereka. Terbaru saya baca news pasal keengganan Muhyiddin untuk membawa balik students kita dari sana, katanya buat masa ni takde keperluan untuk berbuat sedemikian. WHADDAEFF? Govt UK, India and USA dah hantar pesawat, jet pejuang untuk selamatkan rakyat depa kita boleh dok buat statement macam tu. Alahai rasa macam nak cabai mulot manis awak Pak Yassin. *Sabau-sabau*

Tapi sesungguhnya saya tak paham kenapa awak enggan beri bantuan kepada pelajar kita disana dan saya bukan lah hanya seorang yang berfikiran sedemikian. Beribu-raban ibu bapa dan rakyat Malaysia lain lagi berpendapat yang sama. Agaknya nak tunggu ade yang mati kena tembak dulu baru sebok nak hantau kapal dagang jong inai jet pejuang ke sana eh? PLEASE SAYA HARAP AWAK CONSIDER BALIK KEPUTUSAN ITU...sob sobsss.


Nasib Egypt.

Jadi baiklah saya tulis entry betul. Dot dot bawah tu saje je tade keje tadi.

Honestly saya baru tahu pasal apa jadi di Egypt beberapa jam yang lalu. Since 2 3 hari lepas da ade senior-senior tweets di Twitter pasal Mubarak and riots semua tapi ingatkan semata-mata pasal politik so saya tak ambil pusing sangat. Tapi tup-tup keadaan jadi makin parah and things are getting uglier than ever now. Macam darurat zaman komunis dulu-dulu, makanan dicatu, tableh keluar rumah, letrik dipotong. Dan update terbaru dari seorang rakan thru blogspot berkata:

tadi baru dpt call seorang kakak thn 4,
dia kata skg mmg 24 hrs xblh keluar rumah.
kalau nk beli brg2 or mknn kene mintak tlg ikhwah/mushrif yg telah ditetapkan utk setiap rumah belikan.
and mana2 akhawat yg duk sorg2 kene pegi duk rumah org lain.
and pasal banduan and rompakan tu, polis pesan kat diorg supaya xbnyk guna lighting sgt.supaya nmpk mcm rumah tu xde org.sbb polis suspek perompak akan target rumah student malaysia."

MasyaAllah :l Agak-agak kalau kita perempuan sorang-sorang trap sana apa jadi agaknya? :O Seriously saya harap kerajaan kita evacuate Malaysian students cepat-cepat. Of course it will take time cause I've heard that airport pun kena bakar tadi petang but at least mari lah kita sama-sama doakan keselamatan sahabat-sahabat kita disana.

I read this on Facebook, for those who don't have any idea about what's happening in Egypt now, you might wanna click here.





Tuesday, January 25, 2011

keep calm and carry on :)

This is just one random pop out entry that I didn't even think of to write one LOL
Suddenly got no mood for bloody Oracy. heeeh

I know it's been a hectic week these few days or month if that matters, for most of us. Double the hectic-o-meter for those MSA people and choreographers and yeah add up with assignments, tests, seminar works etc it feels like barely able to breathe, life's sorta messed up with too many stuffs to do within so little time left. Should've seen my room and how I organized myself over the past weekend, I bet you'll mistaken roomy for kilang sampah >.<"

and I'm yet to finish my Oracy assignment, which is for now I really couldn't be bothered at all HAHA too bad sorry Peter but yeah screw that I'm soo not into writing academic stuff tonight! HOOOH :B

Okay tamau cakap banyak all I wanna say is that...


Yeah I know attending practices could somehow be troublesome especially when they take up most of my leisure time but hey, that's when I have fun laughing at silly things, jumping like I'll never gonna fall off and dance like nobody else's effing business :DD You could, if you want to, have fun instead of feeling like being forced to come by just letting your positive vibes out and stay positive at all the time! Well at least up to 3 4 hours till the practices end LOL

I used to have this kind of notion like "ugh! I got practice today it's 3 hours in a row hafta walk to Westwood and awesome I got tonnes of works to do don't feel like going :l" and yeah that was what I got - boredome, tiredness and no fun. Well wise man always says, "Don't wish it was easier, wish you were better!" :) Just take chances in everything you do, stay optimistic and with God's will, you'll be just awesomee!

I owe my B.ED Tesl friends so much for making my days special and of course, cheers to my new comrades Charo (ini ayam lama haha), Menix, Low, Dan, Landon, Rui Zhe, Hui Ern, Michelle & Nad (ayam lama jugaa :P) for making the 3 hours practice we have each day super fantabulous! :D

: Neck excercise recommended by Low, bagus untuk pinggang katanya hahaha :

: Awak-awak urang asli :P :

: Ini before kami kena halau practice tanpa kebenaran hahaha! :

MNight 2011 wohoooooh! *patriotik tiba-tiba*

Friday, January 21, 2011

We'll find the way.

Even if you tried to keep yourself busy and all packed up trying not to bother bad thoughts and people around you, sometimes you can't run away from being fucked up and feeling all alone. You keep denying but sooner or later the feeling still comes you just can't. You think by running all the way from Westwood to your place seeing only dark clouds and shining moon it will soothe your heart out though needless to say you did feel way lot better after making a call to Malaysia talking to your parents.

But you can't always bug people with your problems or randomly scroll down your directory calling your friends telling how sucks your day is you can't expect they are forever free for that, can you.? On the first thought I'd think talking to Dad is the most comforting solution, or perhaps calling someone you called bffs would be helpful but then again you can't always be dependable on others they have their own practices to attend, assignments to be done and businesses to mend, no? :X

Awesome. Now it feels like you're a complete loner in the whole world. Nobody to talk to, have to keep up with things, restless you haven't done a thing for yourself, family isn't around to pat your shoulders and say, hang-on-there-and-keep-carrying-on but yeah, you forget that there'll always someone there for you to talk to. Someone whom you often forget when you have laughters and feel needed when you have tears.

Nature of a human being, we only seek help and guidance when we feel burdened and saddened. I don't say this is okay but true it's truee, we only seek Him when we're troubled, sicked and despaired. Aye, we keep forgetting things. We keep forgetting Him. In fact I did it too :l My last few steps before entering the hall, I remembered the Dhikr. (See how awful I was >.<") I might have walked myself hundreds of steps all the way from Westwood thinking how despaired I was and how bad my day had gotten but that was about it. The very few dhikr I said before getting myself into IH, they made a change. I felt refreshed. Relieved as if half of the burden finally been lifted away to the ground and pooff, they went missing :") If you ask me to explain I'd say I don't really know how to reason cause perhaps it's just in my mind but I'd rather to believe that maybe, it's a God's gift for those who remember & praise Him he'll offer you peace for souls and remain you directed in any circumstances :)

The Prophet reported what its Allah s.w.t had said: “That which remembers Me in itself, I will remember him in Myself. That which remembers Me in an assembly, I will remember him in a better assembly. ” [Quoted by Bukhârî]

I don't intend to say that hey you've gone a wrong way lets change cause I might have gone off to the wrong way either but it's good for us sometimes to share things and keep reminding one another. We're all busy with stuffs, aye I admit but perhaps in between lapses we could do dhikr so that we don't get too engaged and absorbed by the world activities and that when you get stress up, you know there's always someone there for you offering you strength. The simplest you could do when you're in the middle of hectic days is to put on some dhikr or nasyid in your mp3 player and listen to them. I prefer full volume :) You might be thinking aaahh what that's for I'm not into nasyid nor Islamic songs kind of type but blimey, we don't know when we gonna need them, we will but we can't tell when. If Adam Lambert, Kesha, MCR, Bruno Mars and Korean songs can make up your playlist so why can't them? :") Just few and they will cause you no harm, trust me. InsyaAllah it shall soothe your soul calm and indeed, to some extend it gives you the elixir for the day :)

You might have your own fave list but this is one of mine:

Everytime you feel like you cannot go on
You feel so lost
That your so alone
All you is see is night
And darkness all around
You feel so helpless
You can`t see which way to go
Don`t despair and never loose hope
Cause Allah is always by your side

Insya Allah 2x
Insya Allah you`ll find your way

Everytime you can make one more mistake
You feel you can`t repent
And that its way too late
Your`re so confused,wrong decisions you have made
Haunt your mind and your heart is full of shame

Don`t despair and never loose hope
Cause Allah is always by your side
Insya Allah 2x
Insya Allah you`ll find your way
Insya Allah 2x
Insya Allah you`ll find your way

Turn to Allah
He`s never far away
Put your trust in Him
Raise your hands and pray
OOO Ya Allah
Guide my steps don`t let me go astray
You`re the only one that showed me the way,
Showed me the way 2x
Insya Allah 2x
Insya Allah we`ll find the way

Sometimes I know you know it feels like you are missing something deep within
you feel so far away from Him
that you are so much sinned.
Trust me, always turn for Him.


Monday, January 17, 2011


First week of the second term and there it went. Poof! and I, awesome-ly stucked in here doing nothing. Should have written up those to-do list for weekends anyway, no matter how a rememberer oneself could be, sometimes, at the end of the day there'll always a thing left out undone.

The worse is yet to come. How would I suppose to catch up with everything.? :OO Gah hectic days are coming soon, MNight practice etc. But at least I know it's gonna be fun, surely :DD

Just as I thought, first week and body clock is somehow made improvement. Not in a good way am afraid :l Well yeah albeit I managed to get my eyes shut after 1 or 2, often at 4 to 7 I'd wake up with no help of alarm. When clock stroke to 8, I'll fall asleep again. That answers why I was late for SLA. and moreee if it goes on continues >.<"

and oh speaking of which, I sorta loathe our seminar sessions for the entire week, don't really have exact reason but prolly cause the rooms for this term are somehow less spacious and ain't ideal for discussions.? Izzit just me who feel seminars are dead boring and more or less like a lecture.? hmm. First week and everything is being a bitch now, awesome huh? :OO Connection am talking about, freakin slow it almost made me cracked up. at least not just me. heh

I know sometimes people need humours and day off from something but why everything hafta be in facebook? Don't you think it's just too much dramas in one place.? You might wanna consider having twitter or blogspot if you haven't had any. AND MAKE IT PRIVATE.


Monday, January 10, 2011

term 2 starts!

Can't wait for Week 6 to come.


hahahahaha :DDD
So soon kan? :P

Alrightoo lecture starts at 10am besok nakiah. JAM 10.
Bukan 11am or 9am, savvy? :)


Monday sucks
but yeah wish everyone
a good start! :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

best tak best kalau flatmates korang pulang.

Memang bagos kalau uni ade orang, tak la sunyi macam jirat cina tapi bila dipikir-pikir balik ade jugak yang kurang umphh nya seperti...


1) Bila mana waktu puncak around jam 6.30pm ke atas kitchen mesti ramai orang. Tak tambah dengan budak luar merangkap kawan kepada flatmates korang lagi. Baru balik uni lepas 2 bulan tak jumpa, paling paling pun kena buat little gathering kat kitchen catchup stories makan spagethi. Bila dah ramai kena la take turn memasak omaigot sorang sorang masak bukannya macam rebos air panas sekejap. Huaaa. Now aku dalam waiting list tunggu cooker since 8pm. Nasib baik ada roti boleh makan buat alas perot. dan GoGo.

2) Tak paham apsal baru balik uni dorang berebot nak buat laundry. Basoh baju kat rumah la wehh tu pon nak kene ajau ke? Haiyaa. Nak buat laundry pun kene take turn jugak. 1 pusingan mesin usually takes up prolly bout 45mins, drying 50 mins. Bayangkan kalau kau teralpa termiss 1 minit dan dan orang potong queue kaw. Hah. Nak menunggu lagi 2 jam.? Hawau.

3) Tengok mat salleh minah salleh tarik luggage masuk uni memang best, itu bermakna uni sudah kembali berisi, yang kaw tak keseorangan lagi. Tapi tapii perlu di ingatkan bahawa pulang nya penduduk Worik bermakna lectures dan skolah akan bermula tak lama lagi. Tak lama lagi. Tak lama lagi. Gah annoying kan? :l

4) Flatmate first balik kaw akan excited gila-gila nak mampos sebab boleh godek story cuti winter & new year. Dalam kes haku orang itu ialah Simon, Luke & Chu Young. Tapi bila semua yang lain dah balik mati nak tanya 'How was your holiday?" to each and everyone. Tak tanya kan nanti macam awkward pulak sebab memang flatmares aku memeng suka bercerita. If sorang ambil masa 10mins nak describe what he spent over the past 3 weeks, bayang kalau kaw ada 12 flatmates (well minus 3) dalam uni. Mampos. Nak selamat masak time kitchen sunyi dan simpan meals lam bilik sampai jam 2am baru basoh pinggan hauhau.

5) Reason paling simple is that makin ramai balik makin cepat tissue toilets habes. hmmph.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

santa must have been missing me :)

Jan 4th was dissapointing, so went the 5th (tho packages arrived in loads) and today finally it's here I've been hugging it ever since got collected from the post room this evening :DDDDD

Bet you know what thing am talking about ayee? :)
It's been everywhere in fb, all around twitter and up about skype; me bugging on the same thing over and over. Sorry bout that tho, can't resist LOL. Now that the thing is here, lets dig it out! Lets! Lets! *dancing*


That red squared mail box definetly sucked. So yeah nothing for me. Skip.


Woke up with a real good feeling. I just knew it's gonna be the day. Hit late morning shower and went down euphorically. Guess what? I got plenty!! HAHAHA.

See these:
Santa must have been missing me that bad hee, jackpott! XD

Little cards to big boxes. Can't just tellya how surprising the excitement was! :DD

What's in here? Throw me your best guess :)

Unwrapped the tiny one to biggy boxes, but but..nothing fancy my eyes I was expecting something more, something extra special. Just...none :(
Guess afterall, it wasn't my day huh? :l
Wednesday went dull after that. I hibernated till midnight.


Not hoping much, yesterday taught me a lesson - never let yourself attached to a thing, learn to let go *eceh* =.=" Woke up at 12 thanks to the noisy drills and hammering coming from Rootes construction area, I slept well yeh. Took a glance at the mobile twas 12.02pm. Should I or should not? What if it'll never arrive? Won't that be more dissapointing? Well trying is better than nothing so yeah straight from bed, with blanklet, I ran down. Was hoping there wasn't any but got 2 instead. Perhaps just perhaps, this time, with a brighter luck. Dragged ass to shower and walked myself to post room *finger crossed*

Something special worth waiting for, no? :)
Big hurray for the patience, and disenchanted no moreeee.!

Sugarcanes of the day! *waveee*

Abah's handwriting. He used to write me letters using anakanda ayahanda and those of archaic words when I was in Form 1. Back then I'd hide away upon reading em, but now am wanting those moments moree! Miss him, damn bad.

From Kay Tee all the way to UK, I'd die for these little diamonds:

Sikit punya besar 'Malaysia' tu kann? ahaa

Live stock for 2011. I won't die starving I suppose :)

and my fave sweater too! Weather's getting warmer and guess it's time for sweater's on, flauxy's down. Don't feel like buying new as yet so this one is so gonna be the best sweater ever.

So random but it's true, they don't have agar-agar in Tesco. They don't even know what agar-agar is, do they? :OO
So, Azil, amacam? :)

I drink this like running water, so yeah, they are so gonna tagging along :)
You have no any idea how happy I was to see theseeeee!! hahahaha. Summer you'll get yours soon! XD

Souveniers just in case I got another HOST call. Is that possible.? ahahaa
if nope then kasi Marcos, Thad and Carl. Savvy! :DDD

I skyped while opening those boxes, talked to Dad and sista tho too bad, Mom wasn't there :( It's just feel great to talk to em while rapping the brown wrapper, feels like you're mom's lil Bobbie got your first christmass pressie and they watched you smiling. You know the fact that you are thousand miles apart you can't get a hug but blimey seeing those faces you missed most just gonna make your day.


I got them something from here as well, something usual but hope they find it special :) Handbag for Mom, shirt & pyrites gold for Dad (grabbed this when I was at Wareham), more shirts for big bro and sistas, perfumes for elder sista, bits of chocolates and of course, pink tee and Blair's headbands for Cenna heartbeat. Others hafta wait am afraid, wait till I come back this coming July aye? :)

Accidentally dropped my heart in it, now all over falling from head to toe for home. hee
Boxes with loves.xx

Room all meesed up when I sorted out parcels last night. Wrapping was fun! :B

Eh? haha. Didn't mean to buy these on the first place tho. Only that one night when I was browsing thru some sites I saw the freakin awesome cut off discounts. You know better I can't handle this no? Forgive me but can't resist! Why yellow green not striking red? Easy, sebab tu ja offer! HAHA
Nancy it's your turn now you can curse me like tomorrow's the last day we'll ever met :l

What else could I say?

murid-murid, sapa mau balik angkat tangan.? *rolling*

Rindu mak,
rindu abah,
rindu big bro and sistas,
rindu Cenna,
rindu kembang (kuceng)
Rindu Malaysia

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

sape kate ganu dok rox? haha

Bosang nok mapuh. Dok tahu nok wak nape. Orang laeng ade gok hok wak esaimeng tapi malang ni aku tak dok muk nok nulih. Nok bace buku lagi lah. Rawr rawr. Wase ngatok mate pong ade gop, padahal baru puko 12.43 malang. Kalu kire awa lagi tuh *yawnn*

Arinie rama hok maeng poh status nombo kat fesbuk, best memang best tapi bile rama sangat hok beratur nunggu dalang inbox buleh kire saket jiwe jugok ah haha. Sek baek gera aku tutok doh, lege legee. Kepade sape-sape hok inbox nombo tu tenkiu deh sebak joing sekaki, kalu ade kesok ati dok leh nok wak nape sebak aku tuleh nape hok aku rase je :B

Doh la bosang lapo wase nok makang pulok. Sumbak la tobak pong. Nok GoGo kol 1 doh, delivery mesti tutop. Megi ade je tapi dok wase nok pulok. Perok mitok ayang goreng je, haih demang demang. Kalu buleh ayang grill Mike pong buleh kire puah ati doh ni haha.

Ni percubaang nok mapuh aku tuleh blog bahase ganu kali pertame. Wase tringin plok, sokmo aku kechek klatang je. Padahal aku ni pure anok jati ganu. Berak nanang goh lupe daratang bahase sniri. Dok ape lepah ni aku banyokkan entri dalang bahase ganu la plok, macang menarik. Dok pong klatang. Gilir-gilir la kot, take tung orang kate, baru adil. Tapi kalu wase dok pahang tu ambe mitok maah la dulu sebak memang kene translate sniri dok leh nok wak nape. Ni kire inisiatif sdiri nok blajo bahase ganu la ni :))

Ni latihang ujong minggu, hafal sapa mutoh ija. hahaha


malang ni aku lapo la tobak pung,
lepah makang megi aku makang kepuk lok.
aku makang ngan saeng.
makang megi kari.
lepah makang megi aku makang koktel pulok doh.
koktel expired date doh.
ini adelah percubaang katang aku.
naseb baik aku suruh saeng makang sekali.
kalu aku sakik peruk maknenye seang aku pung sakik peruk gok ah..
hebak dok aku?
sekarang ni aku puah doh online tapi dok leh tido lagi.
pulah doh duk kelih blog orang laing.
berase nok tulih kat blog sendiri la pulok.
menatang sungguh aku duduk pah lengoh kaki.
berase nok berlari pak kali pak seratuh

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

jangan ingat ko selamat disini

Jadi sebelom bukak buku buat assignments jadi budak nerd pakai spek tebal mari la kita mencarut sedas dua kat blogsepott nih.

Sukanya hati bukan kepalang bile tau Simon dah balik yehoo wehoo macam nak pegi gelek-gelek je depan dia semalam bila sembang di kitchen. Dah 2 hari (or was it 3?) hidop aku diselubungi misteri & ketakotan masuk midnight je rase seriau seriau tingkap kene tutup rapat, pintu kunci ketat-ketat pastu pasang lagu kuat-kuat. Ha ko jangan ingat dok obersea takde hantu macam kat Malaysia mane-mane ade je bende tu cume nampak tak nampak jee. Kalo yang rase dok Uni of Worik in campus aku kasi option untuk stop bace, gi basoh jamban or kentalkan hati sikit buat-buat berani macam Badang scroll sambong bace bawah.

*Misteri Nusantara*

Aku tak tao la ape sejarah International House ni tapi bile dok sorang jam 2pagi masak supper sebab lapau kin seram sejuk juga la. Macam driving lalu tepi kubur jam doblas malam lampu jalan padam. Gitu la lebih kurang. Cuma paling-paling pon sini kalo takot ko takkan kua bilik lepas midnight. Tapi kalo burung hantu cam aku ni jam 1-4am tulah waktu puncak nak buat kerje so nak tanak memang kena stay up juga la.

Satu malam....

Mase tu exactly jam 3am. Aku tengah buat essay sociolinguistics konon-konon berkobar la nak siapkan malam tu jugak. Usually aku akan pasang hitz sebab aku paling anti suasana sunyi sepi. Kalau bangun jam 4pm memang dari 4pm sampai the next day la aku akan pasang hitz even club hitz jackman memang sumpah macam haram annoying sakit telinga. Kalo ko pasang hitz online 6 hours nonstop akan ada satu tahap connection dia stop tiba-tiba, sebab frequency jauh I suppose? Tak tao la orang lain macam tu ke tak but it happens to me like few times, kira immune sudah la kalo sedang buat kerja then dengan tidak semena-mena sunyi sepi. Satu kali ni jam 3am hitz stucked tapi sorta lama dari biasa. Aku try refresh banyak kali, still, sepi ni. Ha masa itula aku terdengar bunyi yang orang kate tidak enak untuk diceritakan.

Mau cerita ke dok?


Tak mau?


Cerita je lee kan dah alang-alang. Dipendekkan aku try la buat muke slumber santai acting macam aku la orang paling cool di dunie bunyi pelik pon takde haal tak takott. Mak aku pesan kalo dengar bunyi pelik-pelik jangan tegor, apekan lagi layan. So berbekalkan nasihat ibu tersayang aku kentalkan hati menaip sambil hati memaki caci hitz sebab stuck waktu gitu. Kalo rate jantong bole diukur sumpah aku rase mau nak meletop kedeboom jantong ni hah cuak tahap gaban weyhhh. Last-last aku kasi close hitz terus bukak media player, FULL VOLUME.

Kot la lagi rasa secure kan tapinya bunyi tu makin kuat woohh seriously aku rasa cam nak lari masuk bawah katil. Pikir 2X tak jadi pulak takott ade bende lain bawah tuu sedang tunggu :OOOO Time tu kekentalan jiwa dah -100 memang kalo orang cakap hi pon sure-sure aku pengsan terus lalu tanpa berlengah aku godek henpon daun nokia call abah kat mesia.

Nak tunggu reaching Malaysia tu punya la azab rase macam nak maki hamun HOI APSAL LEBARA LEMBAP BANGANG SANGATT AKU NAK MATI DAH NI AAAARGHH mau dekat seminit jugak pastu abah angkat woohhhh lega sesungguh!! =.="" Pelik pulak abah aku anak dia call tibe-tibe pastu tanya buat ape. haha. Dok kat tempat kerje la weh nakiahh wehh. Mase tu Tganu tak bukak skolah lagi so aku suruh adek aku on skype video call sampai ke pagi matahari terpacak atas kepale.

Tadi masuk dapor jumpa Simon tengah masak dinner so catchup stories pasal winter hols dia. Then bila dia mau beransur ke bilik dia tanya aku;

Nako why did you knock on my door last night I was sleeping after 2am.

Eh? *muka bingung* I didn't.

No I thought it was you cause I heard woman's voice on the hallway well its alright then if it wasn't you perhaps I was just dreaming or something..."

Diam dia lalu jalan terus masuk bilik.

Aku harap dia mimpi je sumpah sumpah sumpah tuu bukan akuuuuuu.

Ever since malam tu kan lepas jam 2 am je mesti bunyi tu datang. Cuma kuat tak kuat ikot selere dia je. Masuk je jam 2am aku akan pastikan aku dah ready media player in case hitz cinabeng buat hal lagi. Sebelum ni tak pernah pulak nak seriau-seriau tapi lepas Ana Azman budak Sheffield datang sini pandangan aku terhadap bende-bende haloos ni serba sikit jadi membuak=buak pulak. Kawan dia pernah cakap hantu sini lagi scary than those in Malaysia sebab die bole nampak ade 6th sense so yeah kalo ade yang beranggapan bahawa tiada langsuir pontianak sini sila la fikir 2X ye kawan-kawan sekalian.

Well maybe takde kuntilanak sebab hantu sini di panggil banshee. Muahaaa :DD
Oh ya, dengar kata last-last year ada trajedi kematian di Claycroft ....

Monday, January 3, 2011

sing em your 2011 songs :D


#1 Compile all your song tracks (lagu raya, lagu tamil tibai ja masuk semua) in a playlist.

#2 Shuffle mode on

#3 For every name you have click next button and let the game starts! No matter how ridiculous the song is you can't violate the rule - be thruthful! :DD

1) Peter Brown:
Womanizer -Britney Spears

2) Abe Long:
Kiss Me - Sixpence None The Richer
*seriously? I don't mind really. HAHAHAHA*

3) Husna Muhammad:
Hysteria - Muse *cool wooh all time fave meh :D*

4) Faiz Arshad Abdullah:
When You're Gone - Avril Lavinge
*bha tak habes-habes emo hahaa!*

5) Noor Fadzillah:
Hanya Kau Yang Mampu - Aizat AF5
*gila layan juga ne*

6) Nurul Akmal:
Long Shot - Kate Perry

7) Ana Azman:
Last Resort - Papa Roach *rockin*

8) Huda Abdullah:
About A Girl - The Academy Is...
*eh? bukan korea?*

9) Mukul Saxena:
Mariam Ada Kambing - Lagu KBSR
*HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!* senak perot woohh

10) Rinn Asri:
I Hate This Part - Pussycat Doll *LOLL*

11) Charo Summer:
Suasana Hari Raya
*hahahahaa WTF?! puasa pun belum :B*

12) Amnie Nini:
Ketahuan - Matta
*amik kau Indon segala*

13) Seongsook Choi:
Mama - MCR
*pehh sikit boleh tahan jua ni*

14) Faiez Ali:
Love Story - Taylor Swift :OO
*oh boy :O*

15) Erna Ramli:
I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
*oh abe jason. HOST ok?*

16) Shahrilniza:
Izinkan Ku Pergi - Kaer AF5
*Mana mau pegi la der cuti winter suda habes class mau start da ni. HAHAHA*

17) Syzwani Nancy:
Takbir Raya
*omaigot ni kin menangis :l Syahdu wooh*

18) Mike Gamerholic:
Party in USA - Miley Cyrus

19) Sharifah Mahirah:
Over My Head - Sum 41

20) Norma Abdullah:
I Miss You - Blink 123
*ha sapa naa?*

21) Juek budak kerempeng: D
If I Were A Boy - Beyonce
*kalau awak jantan saya nak kawen ngan awak laah muehee :D*

22) Idzni Dalila:
Hello Hello - Paramore

23) Aqilah Rozhan:
That's Not My Name *abes apa nama kaw?*

24) Akbar Max Fathi:
Mannequin - Katty Perry
*LOL all this while you're dummy? :B*

25) Ahmad Higuain:
Keabadian Cinta -Anuar Zain
*cilakak kaw Ain. ini rupanya*

26) Priya Anbu:
Holiday - Green Day *yeahh!*

27) Andy Davidson:
I'm Lost Without You - Blink 123
*without me ah? tehee XD*

28) Aini Muhammad:
Andai Ku Tahu - Ungu

29) Katak Weng Weng:
Musafir Di Hari Raya - S. Jibeng
*hahaha kenapa S. Jibeng? Ngam bha tu LOL*

30) Najwa Roslan:
I Want To Hold Your Hands - The Beatles


Sunday, January 2, 2011


Tarikh arini semat gila kalah 12.12.12 tapi takde pulak orang nak kawen hari ni. Slalu artis nak glamer-glamer kawen tarikh pon kene repetitve. ceh. Nak kawen kawen jela tak payah la nak kasi aku jealous muahaa :D

Oh ya 2011 paling best sebab within those 356 days tu complete ada awesome college life, Ipoh JJ, Tesl family, travel-round-country, masa untuk met up ngan teman-teman lama, time untuk manja-manja ngan abah mak mintak ape je dapat heee sebab tak lama lepas tu nak fly & dalam 2010 jugak la impian nak study abroad termakbul. Alhamdulillah syukur banyak-banyak ;")

Hujan salji di negara omputih, hujan batu di negara sniri baik lagi negara sniri so yeah this 2011 antara hajat hati ialah nak balik rumah july 2011 lepas final nak puase raya kat rumah wehooo! tak sabau! :DD Dulu before fly punyalah muka kental hati nekad cakap kat abah tanak balik langsung sampai 3 tahun tapi tak sampai 1 minggu dok sini takdenye nak bajet kuat tak homesick muahaa tu semua tipu dusta belaka. Snow tak snow tu laen kira yang pasti nak balik jugak tahun depan yeahh! *ninja*

InsyaAllah umor panjang balik tanah air nak dating bebudak ni:

Yang ni dok UK same-same pon blom juga dating lagi LOL

notakaki: gah stress jugak la tunggu post room bukak. since 23rd dec lagi lama wooh. saya tunggu parcel dari Malaysia ni oh c'mon cepat la bukak mau collect parcel mak abah kasi tsk tssk.