Monday, January 17, 2011


First week of the second term and there it went. Poof! and I, awesome-ly stucked in here doing nothing. Should have written up those to-do list for weekends anyway, no matter how a rememberer oneself could be, sometimes, at the end of the day there'll always a thing left out undone.

The worse is yet to come. How would I suppose to catch up with everything.? :OO Gah hectic days are coming soon, MNight practice etc. But at least I know it's gonna be fun, surely :DD

Just as I thought, first week and body clock is somehow made improvement. Not in a good way am afraid :l Well yeah albeit I managed to get my eyes shut after 1 or 2, often at 4 to 7 I'd wake up with no help of alarm. When clock stroke to 8, I'll fall asleep again. That answers why I was late for SLA. and moreee if it goes on continues >.<"

and oh speaking of which, I sorta loathe our seminar sessions for the entire week, don't really have exact reason but prolly cause the rooms for this term are somehow less spacious and ain't ideal for discussions.? Izzit just me who feel seminars are dead boring and more or less like a lecture.? hmm. First week and everything is being a bitch now, awesome huh? :OO Connection am talking about, freakin slow it almost made me cracked up. at least not just me. heh

I know sometimes people need humours and day off from something but why everything hafta be in facebook? Don't you think it's just too much dramas in one place.? You might wanna consider having twitter or blogspot if you haven't had any. AND MAKE IT PRIVATE.



Shahril said...

suke part last

: nako : said...

haha sikit2 nak cerita kat fb. aiseh.
ni blom kes post stats setiap 5 minit lagi. said...

i prefer twitter than fb. :))

kiwi said...

ak x leh cter kt fb..deactived sudh..haha..lg private

: nako : said...

mc just: yeah twitter's the best! :D

kema: hahaa paling la tuh :)

fadhillahbakren said...

lamaaanyaaa tak leave comment here. Bukan i tak baca you, i baca!

I felt the same way too, honey but what to do. some peeps are just like that. Kita?diam diam sajalah takut nanti kita buat jugak :O

See you tomorrow. Sayang you!xx