Thursday, January 6, 2011

santa must have been missing me :)

Jan 4th was dissapointing, so went the 5th (tho packages arrived in loads) and today finally it's here I've been hugging it ever since got collected from the post room this evening :DDDDD

Bet you know what thing am talking about ayee? :)
It's been everywhere in fb, all around twitter and up about skype; me bugging on the same thing over and over. Sorry bout that tho, can't resist LOL. Now that the thing is here, lets dig it out! Lets! Lets! *dancing*


That red squared mail box definetly sucked. So yeah nothing for me. Skip.


Woke up with a real good feeling. I just knew it's gonna be the day. Hit late morning shower and went down euphorically. Guess what? I got plenty!! HAHAHA.

See these:
Santa must have been missing me that bad hee, jackpott! XD

Little cards to big boxes. Can't just tellya how surprising the excitement was! :DD

What's in here? Throw me your best guess :)

Unwrapped the tiny one to biggy boxes, but but..nothing fancy my eyes I was expecting something more, something extra special. Just...none :(
Guess afterall, it wasn't my day huh? :l
Wednesday went dull after that. I hibernated till midnight.


Not hoping much, yesterday taught me a lesson - never let yourself attached to a thing, learn to let go *eceh* =.=" Woke up at 12 thanks to the noisy drills and hammering coming from Rootes construction area, I slept well yeh. Took a glance at the mobile twas 12.02pm. Should I or should not? What if it'll never arrive? Won't that be more dissapointing? Well trying is better than nothing so yeah straight from bed, with blanklet, I ran down. Was hoping there wasn't any but got 2 instead. Perhaps just perhaps, this time, with a brighter luck. Dragged ass to shower and walked myself to post room *finger crossed*

Something special worth waiting for, no? :)
Big hurray for the patience, and disenchanted no moreeee.!

Sugarcanes of the day! *waveee*

Abah's handwriting. He used to write me letters using anakanda ayahanda and those of archaic words when I was in Form 1. Back then I'd hide away upon reading em, but now am wanting those moments moree! Miss him, damn bad.

From Kay Tee all the way to UK, I'd die for these little diamonds:

Sikit punya besar 'Malaysia' tu kann? ahaa

Live stock for 2011. I won't die starving I suppose :)

and my fave sweater too! Weather's getting warmer and guess it's time for sweater's on, flauxy's down. Don't feel like buying new as yet so this one is so gonna be the best sweater ever.

So random but it's true, they don't have agar-agar in Tesco. They don't even know what agar-agar is, do they? :OO
So, Azil, amacam? :)

I drink this like running water, so yeah, they are so gonna tagging along :)
You have no any idea how happy I was to see theseeeee!! hahahaha. Summer you'll get yours soon! XD

Souveniers just in case I got another HOST call. Is that possible.? ahahaa
if nope then kasi Marcos, Thad and Carl. Savvy! :DDD

I skyped while opening those boxes, talked to Dad and sista tho too bad, Mom wasn't there :( It's just feel great to talk to em while rapping the brown wrapper, feels like you're mom's lil Bobbie got your first christmass pressie and they watched you smiling. You know the fact that you are thousand miles apart you can't get a hug but blimey seeing those faces you missed most just gonna make your day.


I got them something from here as well, something usual but hope they find it special :) Handbag for Mom, shirt & pyrites gold for Dad (grabbed this when I was at Wareham), more shirts for big bro and sistas, perfumes for elder sista, bits of chocolates and of course, pink tee and Blair's headbands for Cenna heartbeat. Others hafta wait am afraid, wait till I come back this coming July aye? :)

Accidentally dropped my heart in it, now all over falling from head to toe for home. hee
Boxes with loves.xx

Room all meesed up when I sorted out parcels last night. Wrapping was fun! :B

Eh? haha. Didn't mean to buy these on the first place tho. Only that one night when I was browsing thru some sites I saw the freakin awesome cut off discounts. You know better I can't handle this no? Forgive me but can't resist! Why yellow green not striking red? Easy, sebab tu ja offer! HAHA
Nancy it's your turn now you can curse me like tomorrow's the last day we'll ever met :l

What else could I say?

murid-murid, sapa mau balik angkat tangan.? *rolling*

Rindu mak,
rindu abah,
rindu big bro and sistas,
rindu Cenna,
rindu kembang (kuceng)
Rindu Malaysia


amila said...

wehhh.apehal korang asik jumpa dr marten sale nehhh? cittt. klau jumpa, habaq mai sini lahh. nak bagi free tu pn xpa.haha

: nako : said...

ahaha nooo ni bukan dr martens macam nancy but pattern sorta sama. hee :PP

kiwi said...

haha..kasut 2 comel :P

: nako : said...

kema: ahaaa tak tao tak taoo *lalala*

Abe said...

nak maggi dan sgala bnda yg bleh aku tlan...huhuhu

: nako : said...

agar-agar mau? :)

Din Hilmi said...

what a purpose of those malaysia souvenir things??

: nako : said...

din: for cute guys. HAHAHAHAHA

Azil said...

agar2! lmbat..

Dyana Hashim said...

bpe lme brg nk smpai ke mesia eh ? hehe!