Tuesday, September 29, 2009


oh hi!
i'm back! FINALLY. afta being drowned by raya mood for almost a fortnight. and back in ipoh but had fallen sick. uhuk uhuk :(

oh yesterday was my someone's bestday.MISS TJ! woot woot! hepy birthday u sweet :) but i missed the whole bunch of choir tho; was resting in my room. they sang a happy birthday song twice in the staffroom. and yeah pressie will be given during tutorial hour next friday. stay cute ms tj! well perhaps with greater age, then comes marriage..? tehee

last year miss tj birthday celebration:
venue: pangkor
date: midnight; 28th sept 2009

surprise! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

the cake that she never eaten but we the crew finish it all..hahaha

BBQ blast before midnight.

that's it.
later, xoxo :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

esok raya! :)

Memandangkan aku bakal sibuk sepanjang hari ini, esok, lusa & seterusnya, jadi aku pikir elok benar lah kalu aku ambil kesempatan yang ade ni untuk mengucapkan selamat hari raya aidilfitri, maaf zahir & zahir kepada semua rakan2, senior2, pembaca2 blog aku yang terbaek & sesiapa saje yang mengenali diri ini. no batin okayh! haha..

Pesanan dari penaja;
1) Jgn gedik maen mercun, puase da nak abes
2) If sape2 yang dtg tganu raya kali ni, jemput la dtg umah aku kt manir, kuala tganu. sape maw alamat, mintak, nnt aku kasik. *duet raya utk bwh 12 shj.
3) Kueh raya umah aku sedap sebab sume beli thun ni..haha
4) Raya ke 2 aku masak spagethi utk open house. nak rase kne la datang :) *dtg makan, jgn komen sedap ke x..huahua
5) Utk sume ex students, guru2, lecturers mrsm pdrm kulim, mrsm pc, kmkn, ipgm campus ipoh & sume senior tesl yg chomel2 dan macho2, SELAMAT HARI RAYA! :D

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

PPSMI issue.

Revert teaching maths & science in English.

Do u agree? Do u want eTems be reverted?

Well, I say YES. Got nothing to do for being a Tesl student but personally I think teaching Maths & Science in English is far much better than using Malay as a medium of instruction in lessons. I wonder how certain people might think that by retaining Bahasa Malaysia in our curriculum, it helps to preserve our mother tougue & national identity. Does it mean that by speaking in English we are not patriotic enough? Over the years when eTems was successfully been implemented, reports showed that it brought about academic increases and now when out of no where the PPSMI issue is brought up, recently our present Minister of Education announced that statisctics has shown a steady decrease in our students' performances. I found this catastrophe is really confusing. What more for the poor students out there who are becoming the white mice by the politicians testers. Because I was once on the first batch where years ago, Math & Science were taught in English. I know how difficult it is to start everything with a different terms & terminologies. But in reality, it is about to happen again if the decision to scrap PPSMI is carried out. Tho they said it won't be scrapped overnight, I'm not convinced because what matters most is the children future for education.

What say u?

"You are playing around with our children's future." Mahathir-

Thursday, September 10, 2009


sorry my blog is getting uglier from day to day.
still couldn't find some nice templates for it.

soon ;)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

ha.ha.ha :DD

hi. hoo. haa.

No specific purpose of posting this entry. just wanted to spill out the saturated burden of the day.
tuesday; another tough-to-deal-with day. didn't get enough sleep last night due to l.dev assignment that should be presented this morning. a clumsy beginning when i woke up late for class had ruined everything, i suppose. headed to class in rush with dizzy head & heavy bags, oh nothing is worst than this. well not quite sure either today is my bad or lucky day but one thing that i assure is i got 3 presentations in a row, which technically i didn't even be given a chance to prepare at all. oh the draw luck thingy hell really gobsmacked my heart out. but with the help of the guys, we did quite well during presenting tho out of the blue our slideshows were all cumbersome & everything were misplaced. after all, i think it is a bad day tho. yeah, indeed :x

When i was about to taste the feel of freedom & alleviation after the all those bloody presentations, then came a news that Mr. Earnest will be taking ES double period in which i would say, it was succesfully elongating my agony. tahniah la kan. i couldn't take no more because all were cramped in a whole day! *otak terkejut suda ni.

During today's lessons;

Mr. Earnest says: Now class, could u tell me what have u gained when u were once involved in national service or plkn?
I say: weight. *dengan muka cam maw mintak kene lepok.

Sarah says: Ain, can u go back to your previous point?
Higuain says: Ohh, u want me to go back now? *ni pun mintak na kene sekeh gak.

Miss TJ: So class, have u done ur findings on reported speech when i was away last 2 weeks?
Class: Reported what ma'am..? *norma budak tesl; pura2 ta ingat homework ;p

oh enough. maw tido next. na qada tido semalammmmmm :))

p/s: thanks guys. love to higuain, arshad & abe long ^^

Sunday, September 6, 2009

hampa dek si ayam kenny.

Cuti 3 hari mmg sangat2 aku nantikan. sebab aku maw qada tido yang aku miss for the whole week, buat assignment and of course shopping raya bersama kawan2. tu la main objectives aku for this weekend and up till today, i've completed 2 out of 3, which i think something that should be proud of. berjaya accomplish kan 2 matlamat within 2days, hebat bukan? which were to shop and definitely to sleep..hahaha. teett~

Yesterday went to ipoh parade wif azil bambam & along wif wawa. because it is fasting month, we ended up pusing2 sampai kebas kaki and sampai nipis dompet sebab beli macam2. i was craving for kenny rogers since last week lagy and the other day when we were at jj, it was all fully reserved for breakfasting. so tanak the same thing happen again, as soon as we arrived at ipoh parade, trus attack kenny and made reservation, bayar siap2..muahaha. baru puas hati, tinggal maw makan je. then shopping2, bought 2 dresses and a pair of wedges, blacky one yang sangaaaat comfortable and chantek! :)) syiok sangat buang duet kat cold storage, tak sedar da na masuk waktu berbuka. so kami berlari-lari bapak ke kenny. tibe2 meja yang kami reserved tu da diduduki oleh orang laen & berlaku sedikit kekalutan di situ. da macam bengang da aku ni, kami bayar awal kowt. when da dapat new table, terus duduk and masing2 terlopong tengok ayam yang terhidang dalam plate. AYAM KE IKAN KERING NI??? hampeh. quater meal la sangat kunun. lepok baru taw.. aku sangat ta puas hati because it wasn't as what as i expected. i mean, usually kan quater meal saje da bole kasi kaw sendawa kuat2 but this one macam ape je. cyes memang ta kenyang langsung!! azil and wawa remained silent tanda mogok tapi aku makan sambil mengomel macam bertih jagung. we were the last to enter and yet we were the fers to stride out and serang marry brown for another real breakfasting. results; happy and sleepy :))

nah, bukti the ikan kering kenny. wekk!

ayam kering lekat celah gigi..heh *ta puas hati amat!

besar la ayam.besar la ayam.besar la ayam.besar la aym.. *chanting

more random pics;

suasana berbuka di kenny rogers ipoh parade. *india kt blakang tu terpakse tnggu waktu berbukak jugak..haha. 1malaysia kn? :p

penat jalan2, kami duduk cuci mata usha jejaka epo dulu..woot! woot!

azil bambam & wawa sayang :)

kes x tahan lapow ni. lagy sket mesti konpem tersemban muka dalam pinggan..haha

tho breakfasting part kinda ta best sangat but overall seronok la jalan2 & did lil spree sama budak2 ni 2 orang.

ttfn ;)

Friday, September 4, 2009

counting the every minutes.

bored; got no internet connection.
*bosan ta dapat maen sorority*
end up browsing some pics; our pics.

smiling. :)
smiling lagy. :))
hoping to have more time together again.

calendar check.

now we are in september. then comes october, followed by november and disember.
*staring at the pics. and numb.
why time is moving like a flowing river? fear for new year to come. fear for the time i'll be left alone. 5 years we'll be apart, ain't a short period of time. *sad.sad.sad :(

wish i could freeze the time. when those pics were taken.

"...you once came into my life.and leaves me a mark.the mark of care & love.
that's the unfinished business between us. cause love is never finished..."

nothing lasts forever. but will this remain?

long distance relationship. does it really works?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

aku mental.

life is meant to be sweet. or at least it suppose to be colourful enough to be explored. happiness is all that m..........#$%!@~?!^

warghh..bukan ni yang aku maw cakap actually. haish~

breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out lagik. *cuba utk tidak bertambah serabot.*

OKAY. lets get back to business.

what i was trying to say is; life is F. life is bitch and life is sick. because currently in mode of choking and almost died due to mountains of works and packed schedule. and sick of people behavior too. oit, macam la org tak sick ngan ko..heh. WHATEVER. waaaaaarghh. lemao. lemao la. tersangat lemao. lapar jugak. maaf, ni bulan puasa.


kenapa? kenapa? setan mana yang hasut aku jadi serabot ni? huahh~