Friday, September 4, 2009

counting the every minutes.

bored; got no internet connection.
*bosan ta dapat maen sorority*
end up browsing some pics; our pics.

smiling. :)
smiling lagy. :))
hoping to have more time together again.

calendar check.

now we are in september. then comes october, followed by november and disember.
*staring at the pics. and numb.
why time is moving like a flowing river? fear for new year to come. fear for the time i'll be left alone. 5 years we'll be apart, ain't a short period of time. *sad.sad.sad :(

wish i could freeze the time. when those pics were taken.

" once came into my life.and leaves me a mark.the mark of care & love.
that's the unfinished business between us. cause love is never finished..."

nothing lasts forever. but will this remain?

long distance relationship. does it really works?


DoDu@HaHA said...

agakk susah.... tp xpe.. i know u can do it..


nyet... said...

nako jiwang lagi.

sha sha =) said...

hehehe.. chill~

love will find its way..

: nako : said...

dodu hebat: saya taw anda pn mengalami dilemma yg sama..

syami: ni mslh org berchenta syami. nnt ko ade gewe ko phm la tu..haha

kak sha: yea, right. if he's mine, he'll be back kn? *cuba utk menyedapkan hati..haha