Tuesday, September 29, 2009


oh hi!
i'm back! FINALLY. afta being drowned by raya mood for almost a fortnight. and back in ipoh but had fallen sick. uhuk uhuk :(

oh yesterday was my someone's bestday.MISS TJ! woot woot! hepy birthday u sweet :) but i missed the whole bunch of choir tho; was resting in my room. they sang a happy birthday song twice in the staffroom. and yeah pressie will be given during tutorial hour next friday. stay cute ms tj! well perhaps with greater age, then comes marriage..? tehee

last year miss tj birthday celebration:
venue: pangkor
date: midnight; 28th sept 2009

surprise! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

the cake that she never eaten but we the crew finish it all..hahaha

BBQ blast before midnight.

that's it.
later, xoxo :)


DoDu@HaHA said...

huuu?? bestnyeee.. dapat pegi pangkor...

pegi laa manukan kat sabah..

nako said...

itu last year, tym g trip klas..but mmg best la :)

manukan..? ahah, if ader chance next week ktorg g sabah kne drop by sana! hahaha