Tuesday, September 8, 2009

ha.ha.ha :DD

hi. hoo. haa.

No specific purpose of posting this entry. just wanted to spill out the saturated burden of the day.
tuesday; another tough-to-deal-with day. didn't get enough sleep last night due to l.dev assignment that should be presented this morning. a clumsy beginning when i woke up late for class had ruined everything, i suppose. headed to class in rush with dizzy head & heavy bags, oh nothing is worst than this. well not quite sure either today is my bad or lucky day but one thing that i assure is i got 3 presentations in a row, which technically i didn't even be given a chance to prepare at all. oh the draw luck thingy hell really gobsmacked my heart out. but with the help of the guys, we did quite well during presenting tho out of the blue our slideshows were all cumbersome & everything were misplaced. after all, i think it is a bad day tho. yeah, indeed :x

When i was about to taste the feel of freedom & alleviation after the all those bloody presentations, then came a news that Mr. Earnest will be taking ES double period in which i would say, it was succesfully elongating my agony. tahniah la kan. i couldn't take no more because all were cramped in a whole day! *otak terkejut suda ni.

During today's lessons;

Mr. Earnest says: Now class, could u tell me what have u gained when u were once involved in national service or plkn?
I say: weight. *dengan muka cam maw mintak kene lepok.

Sarah says: Ain, can u go back to your previous point?
Higuain says: Ohh, u want me to go back now? *ni pun mintak na kene sekeh gak.

Miss TJ: So class, have u done ur findings on reported speech when i was away last 2 weeks?
Class: Reported what ma'am..? *norma budak tesl; pura2 ta ingat homework ;p

oh enough. maw tido next. na qada tido semalammmmmm :))

p/s: thanks guys. love to higuain, arshad & abe long ^^


DoDu@HaHA said...

ngahah.. norma budak TESL..

but, if u can gain weight in NS, it's the most miraculous thing I've ever heard..


: nako : said...

gahaha..the weight thingy just a silly joke tho ;p
mmg tade org akn gain weight if pegi NS.

*tp tak taw la kalu anda cmtu kn..hahaha~~