Tuesday, September 15, 2009

PPSMI issue.

Revert teaching maths & science in English.

Do u agree? Do u want eTems be reverted?

Well, I say YES. Got nothing to do for being a Tesl student but personally I think teaching Maths & Science in English is far much better than using Malay as a medium of instruction in lessons. I wonder how certain people might think that by retaining Bahasa Malaysia in our curriculum, it helps to preserve our mother tougue & national identity. Does it mean that by speaking in English we are not patriotic enough? Over the years when eTems was successfully been implemented, reports showed that it brought about academic increases and now when out of no where the PPSMI issue is brought up, recently our present Minister of Education announced that statisctics has shown a steady decrease in our students' performances. I found this catastrophe is really confusing. What more for the poor students out there who are becoming the white mice by the politicians testers. Because I was once on the first batch where years ago, Math & Science were taught in English. I know how difficult it is to start everything with a different terms & terminologies. But in reality, it is about to happen again if the decision to scrap PPSMI is carried out. Tho they said it won't be scrapped overnight, I'm not convinced because what matters most is the children future for education.

What say u?

"You are playing around with our children's future." Mahathir-


DoDu@HaHA said...

Yea!!! once the issue is being politicized, it's like jeopardizing the future of our nation... whether we have something better, or we lose something good.

Healthy politic is needed to create a better future.. And no doubt politicians had polluted this issue too much, and now.. we are reversing back the system..

We will never improve if we keep undoing things..

~nAbieyLa yuSoF~ said...

selamat ari raya

maaf zahir batin

anonymous said...

well dat's fine 4 u..but wat bout students at skola kg. do u know how eager they want to understand science? but juz bcoz diz lang prob..

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