Monday, March 28, 2011

Little heartbeat.

My luggages for summer might be fulled with just her stuffs gawd she wanted everything in pink! LOL
Miss you budak! :DD

Those partakes now and then.

Perhaps I’m a girl of my own world that I couldn’t care less of what others are doing but too soon than I realize, the ignorance in me kills them and build the barrier between us all. It’s like I’ve been living in a thick mirror that hides me from other people; I could see what they are doing out there but I just can’t scream and yell their names out to let them hear my voice. That pathetic. That terrible. It’s good to see they are happy, laughing and joking. But it’s saddening to see that I’m not longer a part of their happiness, the laughters. I once vowed to myself that I always wanted to be a good friend, the one that never fades as time passes by. The one that walks in when everybody walks out. The one that would be there when others would not. Years passed and now look at what had I done and what damages had I caused. I grew holes in their hearts myself, no one but me.

Frienship is nothing like a Coke. Nothing like an Oldtown. It’s not buyable, not sold anywhere but owned by hearts and fertiled with deeds and good thoughts. It’s something that we always cherish at. And I’m afraid that I’m soon, going to lose it.

Ask me why didn’t I try and save it from missing? Ask me why didn’t I do something about it instead of just whining? Ask me, ask me away dear friend.

I did. I DID do something about it.

But perhaps, they just didn’t work. They just didn’t seem to work. Never knew it took me double the effort to just maintain a friendship among us friends. It took a lot of courage to take care them. I tried, for months and months and I was once tired. Too much of people talks and issues with oneself they made me felt like it was worthless keeping them taken care of. I was dissapointed with them myself, for I thought I was the only one who was trying to make effort and patching things up between us while them.? I was disenchanted so I thought I might want to back off and took a rest. So I left my friendship tree which once I grew with the people I love. It could have grown well if I wasn't that keen to leave.

But told you, the ignorance is the silent murderer. I always wanted to come back, be there where I left and tried making things right but when I realize it was just too late. It’s now will never be the same as it was. I don’t blame the people around me for this to happen but I feel disgust with myself for letting it to happen. Where’s my vow that once I used to confess? Where were I when they needed me and others left? I lost my faith in them and now I guess karma is paying me price for being an ignorant as a friend.

I always wanted you to know, I might not gonna say anything when we bump onto each other one day, I deserve not, but deep down, I will always be there as friend and forever, I wish I could make up for all the wrong doings I’ve done. I learnt that taking care of many hearts is the hardest part in friendship for once it’s broken it’s hard to mend but I too learnt that by doing nothing is the worst out of all it builds barriers that only separate us all.

I’m sorry.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Keep calm-o-matic madness.

I was bored so I made these to kill the time.

My fave! :DD
Oldtown rules so I made this as my current FB profile picture.

This one is for Charo.
She prefers Latte so here you go :)

Awwwh! *print and paste on wall*

Too bad your name rhymed with these keep calm lines.
Wanted to put Nancy and Una in the 1st place but theirs just didn't fit in.
The picture? It was just randomly found LOL

I sorta love this one the most. Not bounded with the keep calm-o-matic madness.
And above all, LETS just GO HOME! haha

ttfn! xx

Byebye dorky eyes! :)

Shall be the end of the eyes redness and yeays! :D

Thursday, March 24, 2011

of duckies feeding.

Having a day out from your shell thinking you just wanted to run away from those of room mantainance and faulty lightbulb without hitting your shower first thing in the morning really, isn't such a wise idea. At least not in these 15C spring days. After duckies feeding and much walking up to Gibbet Hill road, I'm finally savouring myself scrathing my skin off (or peeling if you like) for almost an hour. Ugh. Must be the pollens I had a fight scene with Una with those. =.=" The feel that you get from excoriating, that when your thighs and arms go red it gives you endless satisfaction. I always scratch till I hear some scratching sounds - that's the art of peeling skin LOL. But mind you it'd be a major torment when you have yourself a shower later :O

Wed was a lovely day but them eyes ain't giving me no break. Wore contacts today and the lesson was paid. LOL it rhymed didn't mean it on purpose. Guess I hafta go see the NHS people tomorrow morning I don't want my easter vacation gets spoiled just because of some dorky red eyes infection. It's rather, um ... pathetic. People are on holiday and you are sick :l

But besides those aching eyes there's yet another thing that made me realize how changed I've been now. Something that if I look at it back I'll be forever down :"( I'm not getting any skinnier, in fact TUBBIER THAN USUAL. *coverfacewithpalms* Yeah truee I've been feeling it all this while but it's just, just not convincing enough that I'd go that stout X___X They say season comes and go and people never change well I guess Tinie Tempah is damn right for singing that out. Fock I hate it being me now but it's just hard not to stuff yourself even a single day. Perhaps cause I barely sweat so those fats remain safely untouched happily hanging onto my thighs, underarms and cheeks and whatever nots. >____<

So no coffee for tonight for I know by keeping my eyes up late till dawn will only better the idea of me becoming the next wifey Shrek. Period.

Johan lontar peluru dulu dia ni.

Rezeki ayam nampak dikaki, rezeki itik Azil yang bagi.

Lovely Wed :)

That pollens. grr...

Mommy my torso now needs your corset. hmph.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dear John.

Movie marathon after I got my arse back from Cryfield with hot coffee and muffins. Meant to watch Burke and Hare as my 2nd movie on the list (I'd always prefer British films) but I wasn't at ease after seeing the first 10 minutes of it. Cutting corpses and hanging bodies. Naay I just knew I gotta quit. At least that kind of movies should wait till the daylight comes. So I opted for Dear John I've been keeping that movie for almost a year but never feel like watching it. Blimey, if it wasn't Channing Tatum the Step Up Tyler being the hero, I'd have gone all the way straight under the duvet.

And after an hour and a half I found myself all teared up as if I was watching the Titanic for the 1st time. Damn I just love the ending. Yet I hate it much for being so effing saddening. I'd die for John to be my man if only such guys exist in the world I call reality. But anyhow I recommend the film really you girls outta watch it real quick. But please do get the title right; Dear John not the slutty Black Swan - it does make a massive difference.

Dear John,

It’s been almost 5 years since I wrote a letter with an actual pen and actual sheet of paper. But I thought maybe I could write you now and tell you all that happens since I saw you last.


Problem with time that I’ve learnt whether it was 2 weeks I got to spend with you or those final 2 months I got to spend with him, eventually time always runs out.

I have no idea where you are out there in the world John. But I understand that I’ve lost the right to know this thing long ago. No matter how many years go by, I know one thing to be as true as it ever was … I’ll see you soon then.


Monday, March 21, 2011


Tadi bosan lalu godek external usha gambar lame.
Senak perot tengok sorang-sorang mase pegi sabah and mase foundation kat Ipoh dulu.


Nak tengok? *rofl*

Friday, March 18, 2011

Fra fra friday.

Just a scramble for Friday, nothing much really.

Had a long sleep last night, effing headache that was. And woke up knowing it's already 1pm in Malaysia, my big bro must have gotten his belly nervous, it's his engagement day today. Happy for you brotha, you are now a matured man. Nak jadi laki orang dah LOL But yeah ... it's saddening me in a way that I'm no there to celebrate the moment with them. Kinda miss homey. Everybody's there for the big day.

Rindu Imannnn! :l

Qilah left UK on last Tuesday for Malaysia and the next day for Jakarta. Pretty hectic I'd say. She gotta travel for almost 20hours non-stop and ready for classes on the next day cause she had already skipped few days of lectures. Good girl. But anyway skipping classes for holiday is not a big deal really:P Glad to hear that you are safely arrived in Ukrida. Go get some rest this weekend, hit the hay till you can't. and thanks for the memories when you were here you really made my weekends! xx

So getting back to Friday, I have yet to have plan for my weekend. Apart from the proposal thingy, I might just want to stay indoor and treat myself with coffees and movies. It's weekend anyway, and EASTER BREAK for that matter. :) Oh wait, Warwick Games this week! Found one, gotta visit Kak Dell's warong I keen for some ROTI JALAAAAAA!! *drooling*

Uhm ... what else did I miss out? Did I just forget to mention that I got 3 assignments to be spent with for the 5 week break? Lovely innit? and final exam after the break ends.

Wonder where everybody's going for this break and for how long.

Till then. xx

Thursday, March 17, 2011

kisah rice cooker.

Rice cooker rosak.
Sedih melampau sampai mood nak makan pon effect sebab tak paham apsal rosak dan kenapa sekarang time nak saving berjalan easter pulak mau rosak.
Tak paham.
Rice cooker ape pasal kaw rosak hah?

Pastu tadi buat pertama kali masak nasi cara manual tak reti sukat air campo api kuat lalu hangit lah nasi tu jadi kaler coklat. Failed nak buat bini. Ranap dinner saya.

Kalau kawen dengan mat salleh dorang tak makan nasi :)))))

Bila check balik rice cooker (sebab musykil kenapa boleh rosak) barulah perasan ade dent dekat periuk dan calar balar macam kene hempap or ade jatuh.
Saya suspect akak cleaner. Sebab semalam jam 2am ok lagi saya panaskan nasi.
Dan hari ni kitchen kene kemas saya start masak lepas dorang siap bersihkan kitchen.
Jadi saya membuat anggapan mungkin rice cooker saya rosak sebab jatuh.
Sapa buat tu tak berani nak kate la, mungkin jatuh sniri. ye dok?

Takpe lah takde rice cooker kurang masak boleh diet. haha

Kalau ade rezeki saya cari periuk nasi baru, InsyaAllah. Nak menagih masak nasik ngan kawan memang mintak kaki la sebab lame lagi dok sini hahaha.
Lagi satu sebab kenapa saya tanak masak nasi manual (selain tak terer) is that saya rasa masak nasi guna pot makan beras yang banyak. Kalau masak 1 pot, 1/3 saje dah jadi kerak nasi. Kalau guna rice cooker mane ade kerak-kerak heeee. In a way, itu menjimatkan :P
Payah nak sental basoh pun satu masalah.

Jadi, saya kena kawen dengan mat salleh. *tiber* rofl

The End.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

pre easter vacation.

Finally the weekend is here! *waveee* :DD Kat luar hall mat minat salleh bising bertempik-tempik parti main tolak trolley Tesco, seronok next week dah Week 10 gamaknyee :) Then comes EASTER BREAK! yaww!! ;D Uni kami special sikit sebab term break often (I mean FOREVER ALWAYS) starts awal dari uni lain haha. Ikot system kuno katanye Peter but best apee cuti awal & the best part is cuti lama gilaaaaaaaaaa! 5 weeks for easter break, hah ce citee ape tableh buat mase easter nih; jual karipap? ternak lemak? kerje cleaner? semua bolehhhh.

But I'll reserve the easter stories for other posts now nak story pasal me being the tour guide and the host to macik Qilah who came all the way from Malaysia for her term break vacation last Friday, or spree retreat if you wish :)

Departed on 1st Mac from KLIA, arrival di Heathrow pukol 10.10pm di sambut oleh Dr. Idzni Dalila dengan tangan terbuka LOL. Saya tableh turun london ambik macik ni sebab lectures and seminars berderet-deret sampai friday. Budak baik tak ponteng class katenye Peter so yeah saya attend semua :)) So from wed till friday she stayed with Idzni, saja kasi bonding time between dr. UK and dr. Ukrida untuk catchup stories before friday dia datang Coventry. But tak sampai 3 hari di London catchup stories dah burnt 300quids dah eh Qilah Rozhan? haha. Sorok purse kangg. Memang kaki shopping macik ni fyi so Matrid cepat2 la jadi Dato' okay.? :P

Too bad she came when my easter break isn't yet started, or else I could have brought her further and show her around to nicer places. Been thinking for Bath as well as Scotland, and Amsterdam if it's Easter :( So basically her stay at my place sorta dull sikit cause I got classes to attend to and seminars to kill till friday. The weekends, yeap I brought her to Sheffield and Manchester and Warwick Castle & Cadbury World tomorrow and Sunday. Oxford kami pegi last Monday, I missed Oracy lecture at 2pm sebab nak pegi Oxford and well, twas worth skipping for! heee.

Di Sheffield kami stayed kat tempat Ana Azman, Opal ensuite hall mewah nice awesome santek tak hengatt. 100quids per week, nak compare ngan Lakeside hers is wayyy much better! *hmph Worik suka makan duet budak* but I don't live in ensuite hall for that matter so tak payah nak jeles ok nakiah *smackhead* For that 2 days, this baby bawak kitorang jalan-jalan Manchester & Sheffield city, all up and down walking! That wasn't a big thing really but twas for Qilah, tak biasa katanya hahaa. Just that what annoyed me most was the weather, Manchester sejok berganda-ganda kot. I mean isn't it it's the beginning of spring already so why la sejok macam ais batu lagi >______<

Manchester & Old Trafford
Old Trafford.

Wondergirls! xx

MU lawan team Malaysia pon masok record Old Trafford eh? LOL

Yeay dah graduate tour stadium :B

Lompatan saujana sebelom pulang! :)

Sheffield up & about!

Weston Park tempat itik Sheffiled makan sosej.

Spring is in the air! :)

A total beginner but I think, I kinda like it.

Lovely sunday we off for a walk xx

Sheffield! *one down more to come*

The next day saya heret Qilah masok lecture culture mainly sebab nak introduce her to my other friends, and or course purposely sebab mau dia experience having lecture with Lynette LOL. Right after the lecture ended we off to train station by 1pm we should already be in Oxford :) Oxford trip was awesome, 40 mins from Coventry, midway to London. Because the last trip to Sheffield we had experienced kena fine tak bawak railcard so this time around awal-awal lagi tayang railcard masa boarding. Banyak doww if one journey kena fine 35quids, darab dua for return pehh tu bole bikin licin kepale jugak la. Kot la pegi Oxford takde jumpa orang Malaysia macam di Manchester kann, but last-last ade jugak terserempak di kedai souvenier. Mane-mane pegi pon ade je Malaysians macam dok KL bukan UK dah haha.

And oh we took the hop on hop off bus cause if nak jalan cover satu city memang tak sempat, sampai saje dah kol 1 tourist attractions pulak sume tutup jam 5. Panjat tangga duduk atas topless bus konon-konon nak snap gambau banyak-banyak but on the second round, dua-dua lari carik tandas nak terkencing sejok sangat lalu decided nak duduk bawak jee. Macam hape. The tour covered semua tempat but we managed to explore Oxford Castle, Alice Shop and few places up close and personal *ecehh* by walking. Tapi sayang doww kami stop makan jam 4.15 di mcD sebab dah kebulor tahap gout tableh jalan and only realized that twas after 5 we reached Christ Church College. Sedih mak nak tempat tu dah tutup cannot pecah masok :( Sebab thats the setting for dining hall untuk Harry Potter films, punya la berkobar nak tangkap gambar banyak-banyak bile masok kan last-last bila dah sampai tempat tu pulak tutup. tssk. Kami salahkan perot sebab lapau dan nafsu sebab seru kami makan. hmph. So next time if any of you wanna come, make sure it's weekend or you grab something for lunch first before 5 ok?

Oxford and treats!

The Unlocked Castle tapi gate kunci jugak.?

View from the above castle hill.

One of the nicest building. Oxford fulls of it! :))

Seeeeee..! Closed to visitors! Damn youu perott >__<

Experimenting with Lumix.

Tuesday, Wed and Thurs we spent walking around uni and campus. Oh wait, Wed was for skating! :DD Went to Skydome with my other coursemates and spent 2 hours and half ice skating, tersengguk-sengguk macam parkinson tak reti skate LOL. Those blades inevitably got us kissing the white floor more than thrice, we (I) fell flat on the ground twisting legs and hands altogether yet we had so much fun. To those who wanna skate to kill the boredom, I'd suggest Wed or Thurs cause it offers the cheapest price, 7.20quids including skate hire and minus 1 quid if you are a student :)

Daffodils and spring are synonymous!

X chromosome and izzit the DNA.? :O

Leafless trees. Oh I love autumn most :l

Lets skate away ladies!

Well yeah I don't do skating that much so I let her won. LOL

Around campus:

I always love this place at night - the colours! :)

Difference doesn't mean you can't be same.

No pooping.

Elegant mode. Lovin the balance.

I rarely cooked real good dinner these days often masak meggi or instant soup with bread if malas mau masak but with Qilah staying with me mana la boleh kan kasi anak dara orang makan bende tak sehat so we had nasi ayam, nasi lemak and nasi tomato instead. Pasta for yesterday's lunch. Makan besoo punya especially nasi ayam. Nasi lemak memang paling terbaekkkkk pengubat duka lara rindu kampong halaman. 3 hari berturut-turut pegi tesco I bet if she stays abit longer she won't be any skinnier. Good thing innit? ;)

The saddest part is that I hafta scratch the All England event off from our weekend list cause I wanted to take her around to Warwick Castle and Cadbury World this weekend. Gotta refund the tickets back and truthfully I envy those who are going to NIA cheering up for Chong Wei LIVE starring staright at Taufik Hidayat or Pete Gade or Lin Dan (or tak kesah la sape-sape) for that matters. Tengok All England live was one of my dreams ever since in Year 6 tahuuuu? But no worries next year ada lagi, surely I gonna tag along. LIKE SUREEEEE-LY GONNA COME!! :DD Chong Wei you got me on your back next year ayee! ;P

So that's about it we spent our Friday night indoor at first mau hang out di Bar Fusion grab a cuppa but after dinner we both terbuntang kenyang makan nasi tomato lalu bermalas-malasan di bilik. Save up energy for tomorrow lah besok mau ke castle and DUNGEON! heeee. Looking forward for Warwick Castle Dungeon, last winter dah frust tak dapat ke London Dungeon. Updates comin up okayy? xx


Have a good weekend lovelies!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

bff's vacation

Can't wait to have Aqilah Rozhan in here!!! LOL
I'll update later! xx