Friday, March 18, 2011

Fra fra friday.

Just a scramble for Friday, nothing much really.

Had a long sleep last night, effing headache that was. And woke up knowing it's already 1pm in Malaysia, my big bro must have gotten his belly nervous, it's his engagement day today. Happy for you brotha, you are now a matured man. Nak jadi laki orang dah LOL But yeah ... it's saddening me in a way that I'm no there to celebrate the moment with them. Kinda miss homey. Everybody's there for the big day.

Rindu Imannnn! :l

Qilah left UK on last Tuesday for Malaysia and the next day for Jakarta. Pretty hectic I'd say. She gotta travel for almost 20hours non-stop and ready for classes on the next day cause she had already skipped few days of lectures. Good girl. But anyway skipping classes for holiday is not a big deal really:P Glad to hear that you are safely arrived in Ukrida. Go get some rest this weekend, hit the hay till you can't. and thanks for the memories when you were here you really made my weekends! xx

So getting back to Friday, I have yet to have plan for my weekend. Apart from the proposal thingy, I might just want to stay indoor and treat myself with coffees and movies. It's weekend anyway, and EASTER BREAK for that matter. :) Oh wait, Warwick Games this week! Found one, gotta visit Kak Dell's warong I keen for some ROTI JALAAAAAA!! *drooling*

Uhm ... what else did I miss out? Did I just forget to mention that I got 3 assignments to be spent with for the 5 week break? Lovely innit? and final exam after the break ends.

Wonder where everybody's going for this break and for how long.

Till then. xx


WANKRAI said...

have a nice weekend yeah!

: nako : said...

u too abe! :DD