Thursday, March 24, 2011

of duckies feeding.

Having a day out from your shell thinking you just wanted to run away from those of room mantainance and faulty lightbulb without hitting your shower first thing in the morning really, isn't such a wise idea. At least not in these 15C spring days. After duckies feeding and much walking up to Gibbet Hill road, I'm finally savouring myself scrathing my skin off (or peeling if you like) for almost an hour. Ugh. Must be the pollens I had a fight scene with Una with those. =.=" The feel that you get from excoriating, that when your thighs and arms go red it gives you endless satisfaction. I always scratch till I hear some scratching sounds - that's the art of peeling skin LOL. But mind you it'd be a major torment when you have yourself a shower later :O

Wed was a lovely day but them eyes ain't giving me no break. Wore contacts today and the lesson was paid. LOL it rhymed didn't mean it on purpose. Guess I hafta go see the NHS people tomorrow morning I don't want my easter vacation gets spoiled just because of some dorky red eyes infection. It's rather, um ... pathetic. People are on holiday and you are sick :l

But besides those aching eyes there's yet another thing that made me realize how changed I've been now. Something that if I look at it back I'll be forever down :"( I'm not getting any skinnier, in fact TUBBIER THAN USUAL. *coverfacewithpalms* Yeah truee I've been feeling it all this while but it's just, just not convincing enough that I'd go that stout X___X They say season comes and go and people never change well I guess Tinie Tempah is damn right for singing that out. Fock I hate it being me now but it's just hard not to stuff yourself even a single day. Perhaps cause I barely sweat so those fats remain safely untouched happily hanging onto my thighs, underarms and cheeks and whatever nots. >____<

So no coffee for tonight for I know by keeping my eyes up late till dawn will only better the idea of me becoming the next wifey Shrek. Period.

Johan lontar peluru dulu dia ni.

Rezeki ayam nampak dikaki, rezeki itik Azil yang bagi.

Lovely Wed :)

That pollens. grr...

Mommy my torso now needs your corset. hmph.

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