Wednesday, March 24, 2010

of the guys.

Wednesday updates;

24 march 2010; 10.05am
-nothing's up. all are crashing down. all as in ALL. *sigh
-is gaining weight, very.
-currently working on assignments. ok skip!
-craving for pizza. sangatttt! *see, food lagy.
-horizontally challenged. mentally.? oh YES!
-longing for some outing, day out, half-day break or of any sort. Life is choking enough..ergh.


here's the wishlist of the week, tadaa!

-last night you made me mad I wish I could just slap slap slap you thrice on face! pfft.
-want to cut out fats. sangat.sangat.sangat! ada sapa nak.?
-wish I could be there right in front of you
-proper time management. oh I really need this!
-wishing the worst for you and YOU! heh.
-want love-charming-spell and happy-magic-chants so that I could turn every single sorrow faces in this world into this; =)
I want people all around me to be happy, really.

Macam ini:

Tapi bukan itu:

wanna be HAWT? easy; wear a full black clothes to class.
I've learnt the lesson >.<"

ttfn, good day people :D



erna bt. ramli said...

want to cut out fats?saye NAK!:D

owhh pathetic gilaa muka2 pulun assignments.ahahaha

: nako : said...

plis la amek, ko nak brapa kilo.?

syahmi said...

chill la babe :)

: nako : said...

haha..tgh chill la ni syahmni ;)

Charo said...

lek bha kau.. apa jua tu ss?
buang longkang. hahaha.

: nako : said...

dah selamat lam recycle bin dah.
gahaha! abes la kaw berjaga malam ni..

Din Hilmi said...

gambar mcm conference businessman jekk.. :D