Friday, July 17, 2009

the hike.


Starting from Aug 1, Malaysians will have to dig deeper into their pockets for the fare hike; which is understandably the most unhappy change for permanent public transport users, including ME. Really don't understand why government should do this. nonsense. Economic climate now is unstable & why the government want to kill us? Blame the bus operators for they can't manage properly which answer why they are making a loss. duhh. If the rumour does happen for real, i think BPG should increase the our allowance too..baru la fair kn? and now my new bus ticket will be something around what, rm67 ++? die.die DIE. better naek flight balek KT. huh.

So people, do u really agree with this new unscrupulous hike? such a burden definetely for those who rely on cabs & buses. wonder how much kinta taxi will cost me to JJ afta this.


p/s: mak, bole x nak jadi driver taxi je? kaye jugak kan?

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