Thursday, July 9, 2009

boy talking time.

i'm going insane. yes. yes. yes. but i love it. oh it's weird. i think i'm falling in love. AGAIN! woot woot! hahaha. girls, it's a boy talking time!! :)

this time is different. it's like a fairy tale u know. when i was a little kiddo, it so happen that i met this guy named ahmad najib suhaimi. we went to the same school and became bestfriend. he got the charm of possessing any girls to turn them crazy over him. undeniable, he's a major cutie! but after dad has been transferred in 1998, i changed school. that was the last time i saw this little najib. and the last time we heard from each other.
12 years later, i found him. thanks to facebook. jejak kasih woo..sobsob (nangis2 sikit; touched :p) and he is currently in um and has moved to subang after spm. soooo happy to find u najib. and of course, he has turned out to be a very prince charming!

btw najib, i expect u to be taller..hahaha

dun get me wrong, love for him is a platonic one

long lost najib :D

p/s: miss to catchup your 12-years-missing memories.

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