Wednesday, July 22, 2009

july 22.

July 22
- isn't an ordinary Wednesday we ever had in this whole year of 2009. The 2nd eclipse of the year which is visible in Asia will has its way around 8.23am to 9.48am, today. This total solar eclipse has the longest duration of the century which is about 6 minutes 39 seconds. However, Malaysians will only be able to observe this special phenomenon of about 3% to 18% of the eclipse process from main cities all around Malaysia.

The last time i experience observing the eclipse is when i was 10; together with my whole family. It was the clearest eclipse ever occured in Malaysia & i remember using the brownish film taken from my eldest sis's camera as my so called proper eye protection from the excessive ultraviolet rays..hohoo

new moon swing

Wish i have a chance observing or at least seeing this special eclipse from the window of my class today cuz if i miss it, i will need to wait for year 2132 to come for the next longest duration eclipse of the new century..arwah daa time tu kot :s

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