Wednesday, July 8, 2009

don't know.

we can't be able to feed people satisfaction at all the times. and yeah, we too can't expect people fulfilling all our needs by doing things just the way we want it to be done. but at least, make an effort for not letting people to hate u.

1. stop being bossy. u know we never like it.
2. show at least a little commitment. we dont want much from u, just do your part and u are done.
3. we give and take to one another. but u; u take others but never give yours. oh hello, plis stop being selfish. u are not living alone in this earth.
.respect others' view. u and i are not identical homosapeins. we differ in what we think and how we handle certain things. if others can respect what u do, then why can't u?


later. really not in mood.

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