Saturday, December 25, 2010

my 25th dec.

While one whole world celebrates 25th with Christmassy dinner & Santa sneaking into houses leaving gifts, this year, it could be the biggest day for someone. The wedding.

Back when we were total nuisance, Christmas day was when we had a day out by ourselves, just us, had a ride on the bus, lunch at Pizza Hut, went to Hock Kee Seng, spent some money and got back by the evening. Twas fun, especially when you were 12 and you didn't know how to order a pan of a pizza in English. haha. It's always been a bonding time, often hang out with siblings and cuzzies. Every year, in Dec, I'd always been waiting for the 25th. Not for Christmas, but for our bus ride to town.

This year 25th might be a lil bit different, no bus ride, nor pan pizza, but a marriage. and I'm not there for my fave cuzzie's wedding. Saddening, yeah that is. But we skyped though. Home fulls with everyone! :") The chatters, the laughters. Aaah how I wish am the other side of the screen right now really.

Dear cuzzie, congratulations on your wedding wish you half of the beautiful things in the world, the heart that finally beats as a rythm. The another half, I'll leave for me. LOL


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