Saturday, December 18, 2010

Winter break 1st week.

Glad that he comes back, the snow. It's been a fortnight since he left and pouring gets heavier than ever, with freezing temperature of course. Loathe the rain though everything just gets wettier and gloomy you should see Rootes and uni campus at night. Dead. I'd think twice before end up cooking in kitchen after midnight even if am effing hungry. I just don't dare. Empty hostels (or in this case uni hall) and ghost stories are forever inseparable, no? :O

Wareham was fun. I mean adventurous. For a moment I thought I was there for a hiking trip rather than staying with a foster British family cause twas just Josephine, Dilly and me. Dilly's a dog mind you LOL so technically it was just the two of us. Not much like a family but had good companion of Pam and Marion, Jo's neighbours who too are doing HOST program.

The tricky part was changing trains, I often have this pathological fear of missing trains you see, bet all of us do, or perhaps the nervous feeling on being on your own in new places. What more if you're dealing with British public transport, scary innit? Like what if I end up in the wrong train and get lost or missed my stop and don't know where the heck I am now? Really twas a definite nightmare but hey, get your arse a train ride to some places you don't know, travel all on your own, get stuck in between and you'll come back just alrightt trust me! After all it's the experience that matters most! I survived travelling to and fro and guess I'll fret no more :)

And yeah dealing with dogs? Well that's a different story. Never expect I'd handle dog upon my Host visit last weekend really. Read me, NEVER. Cause Jo said she doesn't have any but cats so I was okayy should be cool with just cats. The day I arrived at Swanage and saw Dilly ran towards me for a pat on her head I was totally freaked out. You should see my face haha! Marion was there too so she thought am scared of dogs that she suggested Jo to bring along Dilly for our beach and hiking explorations on the day after. You know like giving myself some get-to-know-your-bestfriend-time kinda type. Brilliant ain't she? :l So that was how I had my first doggie friend, bloody Dilly. LOL. Ayee good girl she is, though at times sorta annoying. You see we can't handle dogs when they're wet so this Dilly she just loves water and often got wet when we were in Studland beach swimming and she would want me to pat her still so yeah, there went my curses for I had to keep a distance from her while she kept approaching =.="

She looks like a boyfriend, doesn't she?

Jo's really into nature and against the idea of animal abusing. She runs her own Save Cats Welfare Home and does lotsa voluntering stuffs, like selling Christmas cards and fruits jams for stray cat funds. Sometimes she even makes flap jacks and shortbreads to be sold and the money gained are used for helping abused cats to get their new families. Amazing innit? :)

I posted my first dinner picture via Andriod on FB and when I got back in Coventry everybody kept asking had I been eating only veges while I was there. haha. Well yeah Jo's more into healthy eating habit, no sugar in drinks but milk; veges are our main course but she does turkey and salmon still. Surprise surprise am turning into another Jo when am back in here for I start taking brussel sprouts, boiled potatoes & carrots and I'll heat up my plates before dining time LOL. See how influential a foster mom could be? tehee.

Four hours by trains from Coventry, I'd suggest Swanage & Wareham for those who fancy hiking and nature walking if impressive scenery is what you treasure most :) No kidding it's worth travelling and surely you'll have an awesome trip seeing the breathtaking countryside view and crystal blue sea like these:

Cliff jumping gonna be tremendously awesome wohoo! :DD

and oh, don't do this to old people please LOL

Josephine, Dilly & I at Studland beach.

Jo taught me Mom's best turkey recipe and today I wanted to experiment it out so I bought a whole chicken from tesco. Thanks for the fabulous glueless briyani, mash potato with gravey and stir fry vege I had a splendid Christmassy-Eid like dinner tonight muehee. Heaven!

Breasts down and you'll get the best moist roasted turkey! :DD

Briyani tanpa gam (Erna), mash potato with gravey (Azil) and stir fry vege (Wawa)

Sleepover at Tocil tomorrow and shall off to London till Tuesday :)
A week of winter break just burnt doing no assignments tsk tssk.

Later lovelies, good day! ;DD


Din Hilmi said...

look delicious.. cook for me one ah.. :)

: nako : said...

haha boleh2. time raya buat turkey muahaa ;D

Charo Summer said...

apa la takut anjing! i love DILLLLLYYYYY!

: nako : said...

charo: haha cuak la wooh. first timer, ko laen la bha ;p