Saturday, November 20, 2010

babai misery!

Hectic days has ended! wohooo! *wave wavee* It is really - the most frantic week ever since I got my arse here in UK. tssk. Now that missy Friday's here, HOWDY LOVELY WEEKEND!!! ;) Heck there are still workloads waiting, and assignments cramping but at least I'm done for this week, this bloodaaay week. phew. No you don't have any idea how much I've been waiting for this one to come - I missed lecture, running late to seminars, I smelled, skipped meals, mobile ghosting, lost track in time and to cut it short, everything I did, everything it sucked =.="

Enough said lets welcome a new week then lets hope we gonna have a better one shall we? tehee Had a feeling it will really. :))

Yeay tomorrow off to Chester with wondergirl Erna and catwoman Azil! ;DD
Pixels next post okay?


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