Monday, November 29, 2010

Snowing again tmrw, innit? :)

SLA's due tomorrow! hooyeah no more barfing over O'Grady green book and sleeping with phonetics papers under the sink. Culture and citizenship porfolios can always wait, can't youu? heheeee. Another week to go and there goes Term 1! Heck yeah time flies freakin fast I've been here for almost 10 weeks! :)

I've experienced my first snow last weekend - waited all night long from 12am and gave in at 3am, it only snowed at 4am =.=" Screw you snowy flakes but I had fun though despite the chillness. For tomorrow, I gonna believe in the weather forecast, it gonna snow for the entire dayyyyyyyyyyyy!!! hahahaha.

Had fun in Oracy and Culture class today. Reading homeworks? Well yeah scratch that off please fun here means watching movie, getting pink coloured handouts and making noices in lecture room. While others had 2 hours of lectures on Monday, I had 3 today. Woke up at 8.50am thinking I was dead late for Lynette's class. Arrived, nobody was there. It took me awhile to digest what had happened and only that I realized lecture only starts at 10am. @____@

Coming an hour early is better than not coming at all, innit? LOLL Good job nako!

Twas a light snow last Sat, hoping tomorrow's heavier I wanna build my own snowmannnn! XD

ttfn, eyes on SLA!


Din Hilmi said...

ape tu SLA?

kiwi said...


: nako : said...

din: SLA tu one of the subjects here. Secomd Language Acquisition - killer subject =.="

kema: haha. bila sejuk sangat pun tak best ohh. semua benda jadi malas & cepat lapoo :(

Anonymous said...

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