Tuesday, November 9, 2010

wet week.

Date: November 8th, 2010
Day: Monday
Temperature: 4°C

I like it here when it's sunny and breezey like this;

Not wet, windy and gloomy like these...

See, boots basah :X

I loathe wet days in here really, super cold and you just can't go out wandering around. Aye it's raining, but the feel is never the same; everytime it rains I'd look outside my window pane and sigh. It's unlike in Malaysia when it's pouring and you run out playing in the rain with laughter. It's just different from those days when you got back from grammar classes and got drenched all over you ran and giggled with your friends it was fun. Here, you hold an umbrella and it slips through your fingers everytime you try to lift it up you can't even feel what's in your hand. You make coffee when you got back from lectures it goes cold damn fast when you are about to drink it up. You think you're room is stuffy you open up your window and end up shivering under duvet in layers of coats with socks on it sucks.

Heating doesn't help much.

Smoking? perhaps. LOL


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