Monday, November 1, 2010

Why homeworks exist?

It's Sunday. Cepat betol. Like, cepat gilaaaaaaaaaaaaa. =.="

Revising SLA, but then ended up confused again :l
  1. What's the difference between voiceless lateral /l/ and voiced one? I didn't see any difference between clear, please and slow, slim. Aren't they just same? :OO
  2. What about liquid l and dark l that we learnt in the previous seminar, are they included in diacritics too?
  3. And does liquid l is the same as voiced l (lateral) or similar to voiceless l? *confuse*

See. Much confusions kan? :(

Now that it's getting dark earlier in here time seems to fly by even faster, which is, for me, very much depressing really T_____T (Wakey jam 2, pukol 5.30 dah malam mana la tak sekejap siangggg haaa len kali bangun la lambatt lagiii.)

Gah suddenly it feels like I have so many things to do within so little time that left. Macam ini...


  • Culture & Citizenship
  1. Portfolio W1,2,3 (cool even 1 pun belum siap sokay malam last before W10 still adeeee ;DD)
  2. Reading for W5
  3. Lynette Andy
  4. Andy
  5. Andy

  • Sociolinguistics *headbanging*
  1. Reading from W1 -W4 (2.5% ja masuk otak yang laen jadi hablur)
  2. Bilinguilism family tree (if only I have French Spanish granpa baru la semangat mau tulis. hmmph)
  3. Reading for W5 *Are you with me?*

  • Oracy
  1. Reading W5 (sayang Peterrrrr)

  • SLA *swoonnnn*
  1. Phonetics right-up handwritten essay.
  2. Readingggggsss.

  • EAP *oh Ollie =.="
  1. Diagnostic test (essay & mcQs)
  2. Paraprashing questions
  3. Why Ollie whyyy? that testt, tanak buat boleeehhh? *smooch*

Oh autumn you shall be missed.

SIGHHHH. yok nako mari bekerja!


Charo Summer said...

uhmm.. sla tu apa? haha.............

: nako : said...

charooo oh charoooooooooooooooooo...