Monday, November 22, 2010

Chester ;D

Woke up knowing that I've wasted half 3/4 of my day for just sleeping. :O Yeah didn't get to see the Sunday sunshine I really should stay all night long after the long nap. pfft. Took a shower and felt real hungry went to kitchen they said they didn't see me for a week! One of them went on saying "Oh my Nako I almost wanted to post on your wall have you been to another hall you were missing for the entire week!" HAHA. That's why I love my flatmates - they are bunch of crazey people ;DDD

Wanted to tellya bout Chester trip guess you've seen the pixels in facebook, no? Nevermind. I insist on telling you what I found and learnt yesterday anyway LOL

Chester (fancy the name of Chester itself it kinda give me sort of good feeling haha) is basically situated in Chesire, close to border of Wales and the city is actually lying on a river called River Deel it's among the oldest historic cities rich in medieval buildings. It takes roughly 3 hours by bus, and faster by trains (I think) but you'll need to change trains twice, which, to me is rather troublesome you might end up in Isle instead LOL :)

Coventry - Chester on map :)
See dekat gila dengan Liverpool and Manchester kan? We only knew this when we had lunch in there bila belek-belek maps while waiting for food =.="

The journey was pretty boring though all you'd see were grass, country farms and barns and twas a foggy morning so we utilized the three hours to the fullest for sleeping before reaching Chesire. I found a "Tiredness can kill; Take a break" signboard along the highway but the bus was moving fast I couldn't snap one think that would be useful for my reading in room later haha.

Country barns.

Snapped another signboard instead - this was after 1 1/2 hour.

Twas cold in Chester, colder than Coventry in daytime guess it's due to its geographical location in western of England. Then the arrival time, photography-ing started! tehee

Rodee Car Park. See the bridge? That's the Gosvernor famous Bridge :)

We didn't really study the map to where and which places to go so everytime we walked passed by some interesting places we'd just drop in and see what's in there.

Gosvernor Museum

Sherlock Holmes family version LOL

Alaa sayang jangan la merajuk ngan I, sorry okay janji I tak buat lagy dah.
Ape sory sory? You naik lorry la!

Gemok kan pompuan tuu? :O

How I met your father's head.

Guess what Nemesis is! ;D

Back in 75 AD, Chester was ruled by Romanians and they built a fort called Deva across River Dee - the city of the Chesire itself. It's fasinating to ponder on how Roman people in those days could build up a vast fort (the biggest in 4th century) with just wooden and bricks without having any special arch in partiuclar. The fort, however, which was named after the goddess of Dee, was then suffered outbreaks of fire in late 1125 and 1278.

Some gothic architecture and Victorian medievals:

That's about it (tiba-tiba malas pulak mau sambung tulis connection macam slow lampi-lampi sikit tssk) If you're searching for a place away from hustle and bustle, Chester's the one :) Go for river trips you'd see the sceneric views across River Dee and the three famous bridges. and of course, you could always extend your trip from Chesire to Liverpool and Manchester; it's worth travelling there really muehee!

more pixels in here.

ttfn ;D

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