Sunday, November 7, 2010

Notthingham Games

Sorry been busy with practices and stuff I played netball for Warwick in Notts Games 2010, which just ended up an hour ago or so. We lose to Manchester though, twas a real killing match between king and queen, we won the first place last year but guess we shall wait for Warwick Games this february to grab the league trophy back. Go Red Warriors! ^^

Notts Games is the biggest Malaysian sports meeting in UK, like ever! ;D I could tell how grand this meeting is by just looking at the people waiting outside the sports centre, let alone in Port Land Food Court! Friends from different uni meeting up; that's the best part besides getting to stomach lotsa Malaysian foods like murtabak, paprik, nasi lemak and stuff ;) Met Ana and Idzni in there, been searching for them since morning only later at 6pm in football field we found each other haha. Notts's a real BIG uni, no kidding bout that :O

We didn't win, that's fine though. There's always be another time next year, but the experience and excitement meeting up friends and cendol? Awhh that what matters most. :)

It's good that reading week is here. Finally. woot woott! Recovering phase baby. Got few bloody wounds and bruises from the match and surely whole body will ache when I wake up tomorrow. :( These legs, I've been streching them way too hard than they could flexibilize. Sorry lovely, am totally worn out I need a real rest, and reading week comes just PERFECT in time! ;D

Till then, hello lazy week! LOL


Din Hilmi said...

picture pls.. :D

: nako : said...

pixels in fb, sorry i lupa bawak camera cause rushing T__T