Wednesday, June 3, 2009

*hari ini dalam sejarah*

ni bukti nako bgn awal.(eh2, saye ade lam pic ni la..haha)

it's 8.14am. omg! what?! 8.14am..? mmg hari ini dlm sejarah. nako never woke up such early like this when she's on hols.NEVER.

but yes, it's shity true..saye bangon awal hari ini dunia! haks. bile dgr ayam berkokok at 7++, i woke up and headed straight for shower.giler sejokk dowh! ades.xmao bgn awal lagy.and then went down for a quick breakkie (and i spent like an hour eatg : but it's still a quick one :p) and went upstairs findg myself staring in front of the ckp kalu nk taw chantek o x kne tgk muke dpn cermin pagy2 kn.(eh, that one afta woke up la nako.dush2!)

so bosan nk tnggu my dad dtg pick me up, i decided to facebook-ing :) and guess what? keba da on9! KEBA okay! he buzzed me thru ym and i was like wth la mamat nie wakey awal gler.adoii.rupenye die kne tdo umah atok dye smlm and just went! a good son and a good gurls out there, keba is NOT TAKEN lagy.go get this 2 in 1 guy NOW! haha

well at fers i was purposely online fr facebook-ing ONLY but then i saw kak nabila (my senior tesl) posted her blog url at home and here it is; i end up postg a new post.hee
at 10, i'll take off to kb wif kema bolop (pis!) to go take our so clled sijil spm. plan mao stay 3 hari but then world war 1 wif si amer x abes lagy so i dcide mao stay smpai esok je kot.maximum.or unless if he suddenly appear in front of me roses and choc, well..hmm period of stayg maybe akan d pnjgkn..? but i knw it's not gonna hppn.he's off to besut today.huks.

so cukup ckp psl itu. and btw, ana thx alot ALOT cuz u be my fers follower! huhuk.terharu la ana.utk penghargaan, i'll try to mention ur name as much as i could whenever possible okie?hihik.ana, bring me back few TOKCHAs from sie ok? wish could meet u at kbmall tmrw larh.

p/s: next postS will be available afta im back frm mao heret lappy 5tan ini ke sana.

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