Thursday, June 25, 2009

a Thursday.

hmm..ok, what happen today eh?

1. woke up wif drowsy and dizzy head at 6.40am, went hit my morning shower and dressed up. and dozed off again after charo was ironing her baju kurung in my room at 7.10am.

2. not really feeling well today, last night i dwelled for sleep as early as 11pm after consuming some actifast. class started wif mr earnest's lesson. oh i don't like when he says, "last night mahatima text me and says she want the class to have a test..." which means there will be a test. on the dot! and he will expect you to answer all A to Z. ok skip!

3. i texted amer while i was in the class and he too caught a heavy flu and bad fever. no wonder i was feeling like demam too, he was trying to transmit me viruses all the way from intec to ipoh. oh poor my sayang you fall sick. lucky he had went to see doctor yesterday, get well soon yea :) and sayang, it's not funny when you said it wasn't H1N1 fever. i mean it ok?

4. no lecturers will be around for the next 2 days which is a total good news! and it's like the whole english dept won't be around wif us..hehe. oh excludes mr earnest and mr lim. damn. still got ss class then.

5. i dozed off all day long after class ended at 1.30pm. only woke up at 7.25pm and went straight for shower. headache really killin me man. thanks to actifast, it did help.

6. can't wait for the GDO! :)) girls day out tmrw wif BFFs, gonna hit cinema for transformers and drag me to hell. just can't wait! tehee..

7. no mood for revising. there will be a ss short test tmrw. and i prefer blogging instead. thank you.

8. bloody full stomach and heavy eyes; the best reasons to sleep. guess i'll be off to shut my eyes for the friday next after posting this entry, ss? ah, i don't give a damn on a simple test ;p

9. need sleep. need sleep. need sleep.

10. i really need to SLEEP.

wishing tmrw gonna be a better day. (tho it starts wif a f***ing assembly) good night world and stop get sick ya sayang.

*sorry for cursing too much :p

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